Looking for a safe and fun way to keep your toddler safe in the pool? Swim Floaties are the perfect solution. Most floaties are made of durable and soft materials, so they’re gentle on your child’s skin. Plus, they come in a variety of fun designs that will make your child happy. With floaties, you can relax by the pool knowing your child is safe and having a great time. They provide security and buoyancy so toddlers can enjoy swimming without fear of sinking.

What to Consider Before Purchasing

Keeping your toddler safe in and around the pool is of paramount importance. To ensure they have a fun time while being safe, consider investing in a floatie. But before buying, pay attention to some of our crucial recommendations; such as the suitability for a particular age group, or proper safety features like straps and buckles. Don't let all that hard-earned money go down the drain - stay up to date with important information about floaties so your toddlers can enjoy their summer days safely!


There is an endless amount of pool floats to pick from, given the variety of products on the market. What is the most appropriate option for your child? For that, you need to think about their age first. The youngest swimmers, such as infants and toddlers, require the most care and supervision from a parent or another adult.

By selecting a full-support float, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are swimming as safely as possible. Children in the early grades who are active and playful require a wider range of free movements. Choose a floatie that lets their arms swing freely. Additionally, the demands of older children may vary.


Next, think about your child’s swimming ability. Have you got a baby who needs assistance for their entire body? If so, a baby boat with a seat and sunshade would be ideal.

Many of them include strengthened supports to keep your kid secure while you are nearby. Or maybe you have a young diver who wants to have a bit more independence this year.

Depending on their weight, arm floaties or a puddle jumper are excellent choices. Full arm and leg motion enable your youngster to swim on their stomach rather than upright as they would with a life jacket.

Depth of the Water

A tube float is another fantastic alternative for sensible tiny and medium divers who need care if your pool isn’t too deep. Ensure that the inside opening is manageable for them to pass through easily.

Around the float’s curves, their arms must sit comfortably but without extending too far. On the other hand, a kick board is a terrific option when you have a youngster that has had swimming lessons and can reach the wall safely on their own. It will give children a sense of safety and help them practice their strokes, especially in deeper water where little toes can’t reach.

Consider Your Options

Your head might be spinning with all the different types of floaties available. Basically, they have four categories: arm floats, life jackets, pre-swim aids, and kickboards.

Pre-swim aids, which come in various forms and offer the most support, are often worn up until 12 or 18 months.

Life jackets allow you to move about while also providing much support. Flotation swimsuits, belts, vests, and jackets are some of the varieties of life jackets available.

Once your youngster has mastered the basics, they will likely be prepared to move on to arm floaties for a bit. Your child can move on to kickboards after they can swim independently.

Pool noodles and other items would also be included in kickboards. Children may find them helpful if they get weary, but unskilled swimmers may not find them to be a trustworthy float.

Find out what your child likes

When selecting a pool floaties, it also helps to be aware of your child’s preferences. Due to sensory issues, some kids would rather not have objects on their arms or in contact with their skin.

Other kids struggle to maintain their balance in a standard life jacket and must get one of the numerous choices. Knowing your child’s preferences will help you choose the proper flotation device the first time because it won’t work if your youngster won’t wear it.

Regarding your pool, safety is your main priority. Providing your child with a suitable flotation device will increase their comfort level in the water.

How We Chose the Best Swim Floatie

How do you know which floatie is best for your child? Not only do you have to worry about keeping your child safe in the pool, but you also want them to have fun and enjoy themselves. It's important to find a floatie that will make them feel comfortable and safe. After reading dozens of reviews on Amazon, we've narrowed down this list that can help you find the floatie best for your child. All of these products are made with safety in mind and have been approved by parents just like you.

🏅 Chriffer Kids Swim Vest Life Jacket

Chriffer Kids Swim Vest Life Jacket

🏅 medal

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❤️ why we love this floatie

This life jacket comes with double childproof buckle straps that give beginners more freedom and confidence to go ahead. The U-shaped design hugs your body with enough grip and still gives you all the comfort you need.

💦 features

The Chriffer brand produces these swim floaties in small sizes. These floaties are available in different colors. The weight and dimensions of the package are 0.22 KG and 11.85 x 6.89 x 6.22 inches, respectively.

Additionally, it is made of woven polyester and soft nylon fibers, which provides the appropriate level of comfort that we were referring to. It provides you with a gorgeous, vibrant look that makes you happier. Moving on, it is ideal for those who weigh 22 to 66 pounds.

🥈 Boglia Floaties for Toddlers

Boglia Floaties for Toddlers

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❤️ why we love this floatie

It is a toddler swimsuit that you can use in various settings. This swim float is available in different colors and small, medium, and large sizes.

💦 features

This swim jacket is made from EPE foam inner and a neoprene outer. The float jacket is also portable, lightweight, and strong, making it perfect for travel.

This swim vest is secured to the toddler’s body with adjustable safety straps under the child’s crotch. You won’t need to worry about the release buckles being easily damaged because they are very sturdy. This float vest is suitable for children to wear on the beach, in the pool, in a water park, on a boat, etc.

🥉 Relaxing Baby Float

Relaxing Baby Float

🥉 Podium Pick

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❤️ why we love this floatie

The Relaxing baby brand produces these floaties for toddlers. These are available in small, large, and x-large sizes. The item has 0.84 pounds weight.

💦 features

The entire baby pool float consists of environmentally friendly PVC materials and non-toxic ink printing. This infant swimming float has a plush cushion that promotes the best swimming posture with style and protection.

There are five separate airbags in it. For this baby ring, it is also relatively simple to inflate and deflate. It has a double-decked air chamber design for the primary air chambers, providing additional baby protection. Furthermore, it has all the qualities of being waterproof, non-toxic, and long-lasting.

Swim Floaties FAQs

You want to take your toddler swimming but you're not sure if they're ready for the pool? Even the best swimmers can get a little anxious about being in a pool for the first time. And if your child is like most toddlers, they probably aren't too keen on getting their hair wet.

Swim floaties are the perfect way to introduce your child to swimming. Made of durable and soft neoprene, these floaties will keep your child's head above water and provide a sense of security in the pool. The following are some Frequently Asked Questions about Floaties.

How Do Kids Floaties Work?

Baby swim floats let kids have fun in the water while keeping secure. The styles of floaties range from kickboards to pool floats. Baby swim floats allow kids to have fun in the water while keeping them safe. There are many different styles of floaties, such as pool floats and kickboards.

Will Arm Floats Fit a two-year-old?

The armbands are the best for kids between the ages of 2 and 12, but we found that most kids over the age of 7 find them too small, and most 2-year-olds need more time to be ready for them. They can support kids up to 110 pounds in weight.

What Should My Three-Year-Old Wear to the Pool?

To answer, all children between 0 to 18 months of age must have a swim diaper, either reusable or disposable. 

Any child who isn’t potty trained and needs to wear a swim diaper in a pool should invest in swim nappies. The Happy Nappy is needed in 99% of swim schools and offers superior fecal leakage protection.

Swim Floaties for Your Toddlers

And that's it! Now you are fully equipped with the knowledge of choosing the perfect swim floaties for your toddlers. We hope you found this guide helpful and please check out our reviews above. We wish you and your little ones happy and safe swimming!

Good Luck!

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