Do your swim goggles fog up when you're in the pool? We have some solutions for you! We'll share our top 3 picks that have comfortable fits that won't slip off and will keep water out, plus they provide clear vision. We can also share secret tips to help keep those goggles fog-free! Investing in these amazing selection of swim goggles will help you perform at your highest level without any distractions. Stop struggling with foggy lenses and start swimming with better visibility.

How to Prevent Swim Goggles from Fogging

If you're not a stranger to how irritating it is when your goggles fog up during a swim session, making it difficult to see properly in the water. This problem is so common that it has become a normal occurrence for many. But did you know that there are several ways to prevent your goggles from fogging up:

Rubbing Alcohol
One of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent your swim goggles from fogging up is to use rubbing alcohol. Before every swim, apply a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the inside of your goggles, spread it evenly, and then rinse with water. This technique will reduce the surface tension in the goggles, making it difficult for water droplets to stick to them, resulting in no fogging.

Baby Shampoo
If you are in search of a more organic solution to prevent fogging, try baby shampoo. The cleansing agents in baby shampoo work as a surfactant that reduces surface tension, just like rubbing alcohol, resulting in clear vision underwater. Before you swim, wear goggles, and add one drop of baby shampoo into each lens. Then, rinse the goggles in water to remove any excess shampoo.

Anti-fog Spray
If you don't want to go through the hassle of adding something to your goggles each time you go for a swim, try anti-fog spray. Anti-fog spray is widely available and can be quickly applied to the inside of the goggles without disturbing your swim session. Before you head to the pool, spray the solution inside your goggles and then rinse with water.

If all else fails, there's always spit! As gross as it may sound, using your saliva to clean your goggles can be an effective method to prevent fogging. Simply spit into the inside of the goggles, rub it around, and then rinse with water. The enzymes in your saliva work as a surfactant, just like rubbing alcohol and baby shampoo, which results in a no-fog lens.

Proper Storage
Preventing your swim goggles from fogging up doesn't end with applying specific substances or products. Proper storage can also help significantly. After each swim, make sure to rinse your goggles thoroughly with clean water, allowing no residue to be left behind. Allow them to dry in the open air, so no moisture is left trapped inside the goggles, leading to fogging in the future.

Guide for Goggles to See Clearly, Swim Safely

If you want to dive into the pool and see what's happening around you, you need a good pair of swim goggles. But how do you choose the best pair for you? Here are some factors to consider:

Before you make any purchase, set a budget. This keeps you from overspending and helps you make informed decisions. Remember: you're here to have fun, not to break the bank.

Don't get swamped by all the options on the market. Check for reviews online to help you narrow down your choices. Look for products with more positive reviews and fewer negative ones. If you see swim goggles with more than 15% negative reviews, steer clear.

The material and features of your swim goggles matter. Polycarbonate swim glasses are strong and durable, while UV resistance helps protect your eyes from the sun's harsh rays. And let's talk about anti-fog: it's crucial! Nobody wants a foggy view while swimming. So choose goggles with excellent anti-fog protection.

Lens Color
Different lenses are designed for different lighting conditions. Mirrored lenses are great for sunny days, clear lenses ideal for cloudy ones, and polarized lenses offer the best sun protection. And for those who swim in different lighting conditions, choose tinted lenses or transition lenses, which adjust to changing light conditions.

Head Straps
Your swim goggles will stay securely on your head and over your eyes with the right head strap. Choose split straps for comfort and a more secure fit. This way, you can swim longer without experiencing discomfort or constantly adjusting the straps.

There are two types of swimming goggles: recreational and professional. If you want comfort and a longer wear time, recreational goggles are an excellent option. But if you're a professional swimmer who regularly competes in races, professional goggles offer superior protection against water and foggy lenses.

How We Chose the Best Swimming Goggles

It can be hard to find the perfect fit for you and your swimming needs. More often than not, swimmers end up with an ill-fitting pair that either leak or fog up, or worse - cause uncomfortable suction around your eyes. Not ideal! But don't worry - we’ve done the hard work for you. We've read hundreds of reviews and narrowed it down to the top 3 swim goggles that may be the best fit for indoors. Check out our list to find your perfect match and dive in.

🏅Speedo Unisex-child Swim Goggles Hydrospex

Speedo Unisex-child Swim Goggles Hydrospex

🏅 medal

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Why we ❤️ these goggles

The goggles’ frame is made of soft, flexible silicone that is comfortable to wear for extended periods. The one-piece design of the frame ensures a secure fit, and the split silicone head strap helps to keep the goggles in place while swimming.

🥽 features

The lenses of the Speedo goggles are made of plastic and are designed to provide clear vision even in wet conditions. They also feature UV protection to shield your eyes from harmful rays and an anti-fog coating to prevent fogging during use.

The Speedo goggles are available in one size, and the Speedo Blue/Clear color scheme gives them a sleek, sporty look.

The Speedo goggles are designed with the GO FIT system, which features an outer eye-fit design to expand your comfort level while swimming. The gasket shape of the goggles offers a universal fit outside the eye socket.

🥈 Seago Swimming Goggles Anti Fog

Seago Swim Goggles

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Why we ❤️ these goggles

They come with three interchangeable nose pieces for a comfortable fit, and the soft silicone material ensures a leak-free and snug fit on different face shapes. The goggles also come in a fashionable color, which makes them a stylish accessory for any swimmer.

🥽 features

Overall, the Seago adult swimming goggles are a high-quality, comfortable, and stylish option for swimmers of all levels. The goggles also provide UV protection and a stylish appearance.

Other than that, customer service is available for a satisfactory solution if there are any quality issues within 365 days.

The Seago adult swimming goggles offer 180-degree peripheral vision with anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses, which protect from irritants, chlorine, and UV radiation.

🥉 Arena Python Racing Goggles

Arena Python

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Why we ❤️ these goggles

The sleek, snake-eye-shaped lens offers optimal hydrodynamic performance while providing a wide, clear view of the competitive elements. The mirrored lens offers the best protection from UV rays and minimizes glare from the sun and well-lit pools.

🥽 features

The polycarbonate hardened lens provides ultimate durability and clarity, while a special coating eliminates vapor to prevent fogging for clear vision. Also, they have three interchangeable nose bridges for a customized fit.

These comfortable mirrored goggles are made of 60% silicone and 40% polycarbonate, making them durable and reliable. They are designed for competitive swimmers who want maximum comfort and advanced hydrodynamics to perform their best.

Swim Goggles FAQs

Finding that perfect pair of goggles can make a difference in your swimming experience. From fogging to discomfort, there are many common issues that swimmers face when it comes to goggles. We hope you can learn more with our list of the most frequently asked questions about swim goggles. We hope the answers provide information for you to be able to find the perfect pair of goggles to enhance your indoor swimming activities.

How do you clean swimming goggles?

After swimming, rinse your goggles with warm water and use a soft cloth made of cotton or microfiber to clean them. You can wash the straps with soap and water but rinse them well to remove any soap residue. To avoid mold, leave the goggles to air dry in a well-ventilated area.

How do you keep swim goggles from fogging?

Prevent your swim goggles from fogging by using an anti-fog solution. Simply apply a few drops to your goggles and rinse them before use. 

You can also use products like shaving cream, baby shampoo, or saliva to prevent fog, but be sure to clean them thoroughly afterward.

How do you remove scratches from swim goggles?

If your swim goggles have scratches, you may be able to remove them with an abrasive paste or fine sandpaper found at a hardware store or with toothpaste for very light scratches. 

However, be cautious, as any method you use to remove scratches may cause further damage. As a preventive measure, store your goggles inside a soft protective case to avoid scratches.

The Best Swim Goggles for Indoor Swimming

Swimming is an excellent exercise once you figure out which pair of goggles fits you best. Use our guide to have at least have a starting point. Use our tips and tricks to maximize your experience. Don't let foggy goggles get you down, instead focus on having fun. And please check out our reviews above for the best goggles for indoors.

Get out there and get swimming!

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