Are you a triathlete ready to conquer your next race? Don't settle for just any old goggles - get swim goggles designed specifically for swimming a race in the open waters. You need goggles that can take your performance to the next level! A nice pair of comfortable goggles are your secret weapon for dominating in the water. With adjustable straps and nosepieces, you'll feel secure and comfortable as you power through each stroke. So next time you're diving in the race, put on goggles that can help you crush the competition.

Things to Consider when Looking for Goggles

Diving into the water with the wrong goggles can make you the laughingstock of the race. So, before you make a splash, consider some key factors to find your perfect pair. We don't want you floundering in the deep because of blurry vision. Let's make a splash, not a spectacle.

Size & Fit

When it comes to swimming goggles, getting the right size and fit are everything. If you have a tiny noggin, don't go for the bigger goggles, as they may end up leaking or just looking like a hot mess. Try on smaller goggles to see if they fit snugly first.

Don't overdo it on the strap tightness unless you're diving off that spring board. It shouldn't be strapped to the point where it leaves marks around your eyes.

Luckily, many companies now offer women's goggles tailored for smaller heads. Finding the right size and fit will make your swimming experience enjoyable sans leakages and discomfort.


Make sure to try on several pairs before making your final decision. Fit is key when it comes to comfort, so don't be afraid to test out different sizes and styles until you find something that works best for YOU.

Look for an adjustable nose bridge piece so you can get the most snug fit possible without feeling restricted or uncomfortable around your eyes and forehead area. Plus it'll make sure your vision stays clear underwater.

Don't be shy about spending extra money on high-quality materials like silicone moulds – not only are they designed for maximum comfort but they also provide better durability, which means no more replacing broken goggles every month.


Tinted goggles block out some of the UV rays and glare from the reflecting surface of the water that can be harmful for your eyes. They also help regulate light levels for outdoor swimming so that swimmers don't have to deal with extreme brightness or darkness depending on their location, which can cause eyestrain and fatigue.

Additionally, having a tint on your lenses will help improve visibility underwater and make it easier for swimmers to see objects at different depths in open water environments.

Finally, by providing maximum protection against UV rays, tints have been shown to reduce incidents of macular degeneration and cataracts among frequent swimmers compared to those who use non-tinted lenses.

Photochromic, Polarized, and Mirrored

With respect to the weather, swimming goggles are quite similar to sunglasses. Most likely, the swimming goggles, even having clear lenses, come with UV protection. Obviously, prior to buying the goggles, it will be good to check.

Moreover, the polarized and mirrored surfaces of the swimming goggles reduce glare and brightness. The photochromic goggles can be the best choice as they darken in bright conditions to react to sunlight.


Goggles come in various sizes, shapes, and colors to cater to individual preferences. Some people may prefer larger goggles for wide vision, while others may opt for smaller, more streamlined goggles for a sleeker look. Indeed, personal preferences play a crucial role in selecting the best swimming goggles.

Difference between open-water and pool goggles

The main difference between open-water goggles and pool goggles is really the environment in which they are used.

Open-water goggles are typically designed for longer distances, rougher waters, and varying light conditions. They often have a wider field of vision, UV protection, anti-fog technology, tight seals to help prevent leakages from water entering the lenses, and adjustable strap lengths for secure fitment on various sizes of heads.

Pool goggles usually have smaller frames but with very wide lens fields that provide excellent peripheral vision underwater. They also typically come with prescription lenses if needed. The sealant around this type of goggle is usually softer than open-water models to provide extra comfort while swimming laps in a pool or nonopen body of water.

Swimmers must take into consideration their environment when deciding on what type of goggle is best for them - an open-water swimmer may prefer larger and more durable lenses while a lap swimmer might opt for enhanced comfort as well as clear visibility in the chlorinated pool.

How We Chose the Best Triathlon Swim Goggles

Staying afloat during the swim portion of a triathlon while wearing a pair of ill-fitting and uncomfortable swim goggles can be a real struggle. You don't want to be that person, who spends half their time underwater and falls behind the pack during the race. And you don't have time to read hundreds of reviews to find the perfect pair of goggles. But never fear, our team has already done that hard work for you. We've searched through hundreds of reviews and come away with our top 3 picks for the best triathlon swim goggles. Just get yourself ready to hit the water in comfort and confidence.

🏅 TYR Special Ops 2.0 Polarized Goggle

TYR Special Ops 2.0

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Why we ❤️ these goggles

These are adjustable goggles that you can adjust according to your size. They are quite helpful for the open water swimmers and triathlon in all their activities.

🥽 features

These are the best triathlon goggles with a secure release button that enables you to quickly and easily adjust the straps. The frame of these goggles is made with silicone material. They have polarized and anti-fog lenses, providing users with optical precision, comfort, and clarity. Moreover, they are durable and have an appropriate fit for your eyes.

Theses TYR goggles can be the best goggles for both recreational and professional swimmers (men and women) of ages 16 or above. You can get these goggles in black and white/purple colors.

🥈 Arena Unisex Adult Cobra Tri Swimming Goggles

Arena Unisex Cobra Tri Goggles

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Why we ❤️ these goggles

These swim goggles for triathlon come with anti-fog protection, which can last more than ten times. Moreover, you can also swipe the lens with your fingers to reactivate it.

🥽 features

These swim goggles consist of polycarbonate (45%), polypropylene (5%), silicone (15%), polyoxymethylene (5%), and Thermoplastic Elastomer (15%) materials. These are the light-mirrored triathlon goggles of recent times.

They come with hard and mirrored lenses, which provide UV protection. Besides, you will get three nose bridges that you change whenever you want. These goggles also come with dual straps.

These Arena goggles comes in different color combinations. These swipe anti-fog goggles can be the best choice for adult users.

🥉 TYR Special Ops 2.0 with Transition, Anti-Fog

TYR Special Ops 2.0 Swim Goggles with Transition, Anti-Fog Lenses

🥉 Podium pick

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Why we ❤️ these goggles

The Special Ops 2.0 Swim Goggles come with an anti-fog coating. They are helpful for open water swimmers and triathlons in all their swimming activities.

🥽 features

These swim goggles are made up of silicone material. They have polycarbonate lenses. Moreover, they are durable and feature comfortable cushioning, a watertight seal, and the best fit.

The TYR brand manufactures these swim goggles. Their weight and dimensions are 1.41 ounces and 6.69x2.76x2.76 inches, respectively. They can be the best choice for both men & women of ages 16 or above.

Triathlon Swimming Goggles FAQs

Swimming is hard enough without worrying about your goggles fogging up and redirecting your vision mid-race. Having the wrong swimming gear can single-handedly ruin your triathlon experience. You don’t want to be stuck with uncomfortable and inadequate swim goggles, trying to make it through the swim portion of the race in a disorienting blur. Learn more about goggles with our following section of frequently Asked Questions.

Are you looking to get the special goggles for open water swimming and triathlon?

Open-water swimming requires specialized goggles known as open-water or triathlon goggles. These goggles are larger than regular goggles and provide UV protection for the eyes from bright sunlight. 

Their design also allows for a wider field of vision, making it easier for swimmers to see other swimmers and guide boats in the water. These goggles are ideal for open-water swimming, providing swimmers with maximum vision, comfort, and protection.

Can mirrored goggles be the best choice for open-water swimming and triathlon?

Generally, the mirrored goggles are recommended for open water swimming and triathlon, as they give the best visibility and protection. The reflective coating on the outside of the lenses helps to reduce glare and bright light from the sun, allowing for clearer vision. 

Polarized lenses can also be beneficial for reducing glare in bright sunlight, making them a popular choice for open water swimming and triathlon.

What can be the best color of goggles for open water swimming and triathlon?

The color of the lenses in swimming goggles can significantly enhance visibility and reduce eye fatigue. For low-light conditions, gold, yellow, or orange lenses are recommended, while black or gray lenses can help reduce eye fatigue in sunny conditions. 

Moreover, blue lenses help reduce glare and improve color perception during sea or ocean swims. When choosing lens colors, it is essential to consider variables like time of day, light, water visibility, buoy markers, and surrounding environment.

These factors can help you determine which color will work best for your particular swimming conditions.

Best Swim Goggles for Triathlon

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to swim goggles. Each person's needs differ from the next and you need to ensure that whichever goggles you choose are comfortable, properly fitting and easy to use. So make sure to check our reviews above for the recommended swim goggles for triathletes if you want to make your race memorable. Not only do they offer unparalleled performance and comfort, but they are also stylish accessories that will keep up with your fast moving pace!

Good Luck!

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