Summer is just around the corner, and that means it's time to get yourself a fresh pair of swim shorts. Not only will you stay cool splashing about in the water but they are also an essential way to express your personal style. Of course, choosing from such a wide variety can be daunting. Luckily there's this helpful guide which covers all must-know facts for selecting top quality men’s swimming shorts. Plus here we introduce 3 amazing pairs so you don't have to take too much trouble finding them on your own - ready?

Let's dive right in!

What To Consider Before Buying Swim Shorts

Ready to take the plunge into buying a new pair of swim shorts? You'll have plenty to factor in before deciding on the best fit for you.

Purchasing basic swim shorts is simple, but a durable pair that will endure for years is far more difficult to find. So, let’s begin now with the factors to consider for the best men’s swim trunks!

  • Waistband

When it comes down to waistband choices like elastic or regular, it all depends on your preferences and comfort. Swimwear with an elastic waist and greater flexibility may be more appealing to people with fuller middles.

  • Material

Materials-wise, polyester is often king due its softness while remaining wrinkle resistant plus providing sun protection. However lycra and nylon are also great options if longevity and mobility matter more than anything else when you're out in the pool swimming laps.

  • Length

There are several lengths available for swim trunks. Height plays an important role when selecting your ideal length. Go for something two inches above the knee if you want that universally flattering look. Be sure to consider your height and the point at which you want the shorts to hit your legs. Most important thing is to pick a length that makes you feel secure and comfortable.

  • Liner

And don't forget about liners to keep everything in place while also reducing chafing. Whether or not to wear one really comes down personal preference... but who doesn't like added comfort?

How To Choose Swim Shorts for Your Body Type

With so many types of swim shorts to choose from, it can be difficult for men to select the perfect pair. To make this decision easier, let's break down two major factors: height and body type!


If you're looking for the perfect swim shorts to accentuate your body type, then pay attention. For those with a thinner frame - steer clear of baggy styles and opt for prints that provide more volume.

On the other hand, if you’re blessed with bulkier proportions – mesh-lined or tapered fits can even up your look. Regardless of physique size: choose a polyester blend material that is elastic enough to ensure an all-day comfortable fit!


When choosing a style of swim trunks that flatter your frame, finding ones with an appropriate inseam is essential. A tall gentlemen should go one size longer than average at 7-8 inches while shorter fellows will look great in mid-thigh styles or those with a smaller distance between waistband and cuffs.

Additionally, if you don't want elongated legs opt outta wearing solid colors or vertical stripes as these tend to draw attention downward - instead try prints & patterns which give off more proportionate vibes.

These are just some tips to keep in mind while choosing swim shorts. With ample choice available at retailers near you, finding something suitable won't be hard at all :)

How we Chose the best Men’s Swim Shorts

Swimming in public can be intimidating, but with the right swim shorts it doesn't have to be. Let's face it, swimming in public is kind of embarrassing. You're wearing a swimsuit that shows off way more than you intended, and you're constantly worried about someone seeing your bits and pieces. With our picks for swim shorts, you'll never have to worry about being embarrassed again. These selected shorts are designed to keep everything covered up while you're out at the beach or the pool, so you can focus on having fun.

🏅 Kanu Surf Barracuda Swim Trunks

Kanu Surf Barracuda Swim Trunks

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❤️ why we love these shorts

You got a few cargo pockets at the side, making it look cool and safe for keeping any stuff you may have. This swimwear is available in different sizes and color combinations. It consists of 100% polyester material. I don’t think there would be any doubt about its quality, as the name says it out loud.

🩳 features

This swim trunk features an elasticized waistband with a drawstring and contrast side stripe. It's machine washable. It has a drawstring closure which you will not see in many swim trunks. The weight and dimensions of the package are 8.64 Ounces and 12.8 x 8 x 1.1 inches, respectively.

🥈 Amazon Essentials 9" Quick-Dry Swim Trunk

Amazon Essentials 9" Quick-Dry Swim Trunk

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❤️ why we love these shorts

Do I need to tell you the reason for the selection? No, I mean being an Amazon brand, it has got you all covered from all aspects, be it quality or customer service. You can get these swim shorts in different sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL).

Above everything, this swimwear has a range of colors and excellent quality. Moreover, it is a quick-dry knit fabric with UPF 50 for sun protection.

🩳 features

This amazon brand has a trunk-style swimsuit bottom which appeals to a wide range of audiences since not many brands have this. Other than that, it also has a 9-inch inseam and is machine washable. The dimensions and weight of the package are 10.98 x1 0.16 x 2.17 inches and 7.05 ounces, respectively.

🥉 Kanu Surf Flex Swim Trunks

Kanu Surf Flex Swim Trunks

🥉 Podium Pick

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❤️ why we love these shorts

Kanu Surf swimwear fits true to size, and there is no denying it. If you are struggling with sizing, you should go for this. Furthermore, it has a cargo pockets to carry your small belongings. The Kanu swim trunk is made for comfort with it's polyester material alongside the comfortable mesh lining.

Meanwhile, it also has a full elastic waist and drawstring closure. This men’s swimwear is available in different sizes and color combinations.

🩳 features

Among the highest quality swimwear and bathing suits you will own are Kanu Surf swim shorts due to their triple needle side seams and rises. For the durable and lightest pair of swim shorts you’ve ever worn, it comprises lightweight, quick-drying microfiber with UPF 50+ protection. The dimensions and weight of this product are 13.5 x 10.9 x 4.7 inches and 9.12 ounces, respectively.

Men’s Swim Shorts FAQs

So you don't want to wear your old, ratty swim shorts. It's summertime and you're ready to hit the pool or beach, but you don't have any swim shorts. Why not buy a pair of men’s swim shorts that will last for years? Learn more about swim shorts from our Frequently Asked Questions.

How should mens swim shorts fit?

When it comes to mens swim shorts, fit is key. A perfect pair should be snug but comfortable around the waist and hips. The shorts should be slightly loose around the legs so there's a bit of room for breathing. 

Depending on your preference, you could opt for more trim cut styles or classic looser cuts that hit mid thigh length or just below the knee. 

Generally, between 8-10 inches inseam is ideal for swimming and beach activities as it provides adequate coverage for every activity you may take part in while also allowing ample freedom of movement in the water. 

It’s best to stay away from overly baggy styles as they can easily become weighed down with pool water and sand which is uncomfortable and cause drag when swimming—effectively slowing you down! 

Additionally, when shopping for mens swim shorts always look out for features like UPF sun protection rating (a must have!), quick-drying fabric, strong stitching along hems to prevent fraying at seams, drawstring closure or adjustable elastic waistbands depending on your comfort preferences, side pockets (bonus points if they're zippered) etc which are all essential elements of a well-fitting pair that'll last through summer after summer!

How to choose swimming shorts?

Choosing the right swimming shorts for you can be a tricky task. Mens swim shorts come in all sorts of styles and shapes, so it’s important to consider your needs when selecting the best pair for you. Here are some things to consider when shopping for mens swim shorts:

Comfort - It’s important that the swimming shorts fit properly so that they won't restrict any movements or chafe your skin while swimming laps. Try on different pairs and find one which is comfortable and does not sag or bunch up when moving around in the water.

Fabric - The fabric should be lightweight, quick drying, and chlorine resistant so it doesn't fade away quickly after each use. Avoid thick fabrics as they make it harder to move in the water and add unnecessary weight to your body while floating on the surface of water.

Style & Design - Different swim short styles offer different benefits like elastic waistbands or drawstrings which allow secure fitment during exercise; mesh liners provide additional comfort; pockets offer storage for small items during activity; longer leg lengths give greater protection from sun exposure if needed; compression-style designs increase mobility with reducing drag during movement; board-style designs look incredibly stylish but offer less flexibility than traditional loose fitting beachwear..

Colors & Prints – Consider colors that complement other clothing pieces in order to create a coordinated style statement of its own! Prints like tropical florals, stripes nautical themes also add on extra funkiness!

What’s the difference between swim trunks, swimsuits, bathing suits, and board shorts?

Board shorts differ slightly from men’s swim trunks, swimsuits, and swimwear, which are all similar. They are typically longer, lack a liner, are designed for surfing, and have little to no waist elasticity.

What material works best for swimming trunks?

For the lining of swim trunks, a compression lining made of a spandex and polyester blend is preferable to a typical polyester blend.

Are nettings present on all swim trunks?

Not at all, no. Some short fashions don’t have netting or other liners, like compression lining. Instead of netting, compression lining works best for swim trunks.

Best Swim Shorts for Men

Choosing the swim shorts is difficult because the market is full of different types, designs, colors, and much more. In order to enable you to get the best swim shorts, we shared a few factors you may want to consider before purchasing. So dive in and pick one that you consider more appropriate for you.

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you will be able to get swim shorts, which will make your swimming time more enjoyable.

Good Luck!

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