If you're new to badminton, you may have heard people talk about the birdie and wondered what they're talking about.

The birdie is simply another name for the shuttlecock, or shuttle, which is the projectile that you hit back and forth over the net in badminton

We're here to give you a brief overview of all things shuttlecock so that you can be an expert the next time someone asks you about the birdie.


A shuttlecock is a small, cone-shaped projectile with feathers attached to one end. It is typically made of 16 goose or duck feathers that are placed evenly around a small piece of cork. Feather shuttlecocks are used in the game of badminton and are hit back and forth over a net by players using rackets


Did you know that there are couple types of shuttlecocks? There is the synthetic type made of plastic, and the natural type made of 16 goose feathers. The natural type is considered to be superior by most badminton players because it is more stable in flight than the synthetic type. However, both types are widely used in competition.

We hope this helped clear up any confusion you may have had about the badminton shuttlecock (aka the badminton birdie). Shuttlecocks are an essential part of playing badminton and now you know all there is to know about them!

Happy playing!

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