Ever tried wrestling without a mouthguard? It's like going into the ring with a bear, armed with nothing but a feather duster! It's clear that the best defense in wrestling isn't just your quick moves or brute strength — it's the mouthguard protecting those pearly whites.

In this post, we'll help you wrestle through the wild world of mouthguards. We've scoured the internet, wrestled with countless reviews, and emerged victorious with some top contenders.

But why should you stick around? Well, because not all mouthguards are created equal. We're going to dive deep into what makes these mouthguards the best in their class, from comfort to protection, and even options for those with braces. So, whether you're a seasoned wrestler or a newbie looking to make a mark in the sport, this guide will help you find the perfect protector for your smile.

So, buckle up and get ready to bite down on some hard facts about mouthguards. Don't worry, we promise it won't hurt!

Knockout Your Opponents, Not Your Teeth

Hey, fellow wrestlers! You might be thinking that the sport is all about physique and stamina, but let me tell you: protecting your lovely set of teeth is just as important as any other attribute. Wrestling can be intense, rough, and downright brutal, so the proper safety gear is essential from head to toe (or in this case, mouth). In this blog post, we'll delve deep into the importance of using a mouthguard when grappling it out on the mat. So listen up, champs!

'Better safe than sorry' is the way to go:
Sure, wrestling might not be a contact sport like basketball or football, but the risk of dental injuries is still high. With all that headgear, neck braces, and knee pads, it's easy to overlook your mouth. Picture this: You take a bad fall on your face, and all you're left with is a bloody or, God forbid, missing tooth. Now, not only are you in pain, but you're potentially out of the game for a long time while you heal from the injury. That's a terrible situation to be in, and it's entirely preventable if you just use a mouthguard.

Protection from impact:
Mouthguards are designed to impact absorption to the jaw and teeth. Without the guard, your teeth may collide with each other or hit the jawbone, leading to chipped, cracked, or knocked-out teeth. Plus, the impact can cause damage to the jaw joints or result in a concussion. You don't want to risk any of this, do you? So, invest in a good, well-fitted mouthguard that can protect you from these kinds of accidents.

Comfort during matches:
The mouthguard is not only for protection but also serves another essential function - comfort. Custom-fitted mouth guards significantly reduce the chances of having discomfort or irritation in the mouth as it fits snugly in place. They also don't slip or slide around. You won't have to spend time and energy adjusting it while playing, and can entirely focus on your moves instead.

Promoting good dental hygiene:
Mouthguards can also promote good dental hygiene habits in wrestlers. Most wrestlers tend to eat, chew gum, or drink sugary drinks while practicing. These habits expose their teeth to decay, cavities, and damage. Using a mouthguard makes it a hassle to eat, drink or chew gum, which means wrestlers will be less likely to indulge in these harmful practices. By using the mouthguard, wrestlers will promote good hygiene because their teeth can't be exposed to bad habits.

Restful and peaceful nights:
Besides protecting your teeth during wrestling practice, using the mouthguard has another bonus - preventing teeth grinding at night. Grinding your teeth at night can lead to various dental issues, including headaches, jaw pain, and tooth damage. In turn, using a mouthguard can prevent all of that and provide players a restful, peaceful night's sleep.

How We Chose Wrestling Mouthguards

Finding the perfect mouthguard is like trying to pin down a slippery opponent. Online reviews are scattered, and it's hard to separate the chumps from the champs. You've probably wasted precious time and money on mouth guards that didn't quite live up to the hype. Your wrestling performance suffered, and your pearly whites were at risk. So we've done the grunt work and sifted through countless reviews to bring you our 3 favorites. Say goodbye to unreliable mouthguards and hello to championship-worthy protection!

🏅 Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard

🏅 medal

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❤️ why we love this mouth guard

The Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard offers top-notch protection for your teeth and mouth with its multi-layer construction and shock-absorbing front bumper. Notably, it’s compatible with braces, safeguarding your orthodontic investment during physical activities. Its custom-fit feature allows for easy molding to your mouth, making it comfortable and adaptable. 

🤼‍♀️ features

This versatile mouthguard suits a variety of contact sports, like lacrosse, basketball, football, and more, setting its reputation as a trusted choice among both pro and youth athletes.

🥈 Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard

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❤️ why we love this mouth guard

The Gel Max Mouth Guard from Shock Doctor excels in providing a custom, comfortable mouthguard and fit through its Gel-fit Liner Technology, which molds precisely to your teeth and gums. Its integrated breathing channels enhance breathability during use, ensuring optimal performance. Offering professional dental protection with an Exoskeletal Shock Frame, this mouthguard shields against hard impacts and teeth grinding and secures teeth firmly in place. 

🤼‍♀️ features

Crafted with durability in mind, it features a triple-layer design. It’s a recommended choice for playing sports like football, wrestling, boxing, and more, even including a detachable helmet strap for football players.

🥉 Champs Breathable Mouthguard

Champs Breathable Mouthguard

🥉 Podium pick

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❤️ why we love this mouth guard

The Champs MMA mouthguard is designed for combat sports enthusiasts. Its next-gen gel technology provides a snug and comfortable fit, ensuring both protection and comfort during intense matches. Its armored outer layer can withstand the hardest blows, while the soft-gel inner layer offers a cushioned feel. The mouthguard’s standout feature is its excellent breathability, thanks to three central air holes that maximize oxygen flow, contributing to top-tier athletic performance. 

🤼‍♀️ features

Whether you’re into boxing, jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA, or wrestling, this mouthguard fits like a glove and offers top-notch protection for your mouth during combat sports.

Wrestling Mouthguard FAQs

You don’t want to worry about cuts, abrasions on the sides of your mouth, chipped teeth - all the things that can ruin an awesome match. Please browse through our Frequently Asked Questions sections to learn more about a better protection during matches.

What is a mouthguard?

To protect teeth and gums, we use a soft plastic-coated gadget which is called a mouthguard.

If you don’t use the mouthguard, then you may face some dental injuries like cracked or broken teeth, lip and cheek injuries, and fractured jaws. Not wearing the mouthguard may lead you to a risk of oral injury.

Why Should I Use a Mouthguard For Wrestling? 

Traumatic dental injuries account for 40% of all injuries. Furthermore, wrestling is a full-contact sport, which increases your chance of injury. Dental injuries resulting from sports can happen in many different ways.

For instance, if you wear braces, you run the risk of getting cuts on your lips, mouth, and cheeks in addition to brace damage. When you wrestle, problems like crown and root fractures can happen even if you are not wearing braces.

Dental injuries can be expensive to treat; each year, close to $500 million is spent on this purpose. Because of this, you should use the top mouthguard for both athletes wearing braces and those without them who wrestle. 

How long can I use my mouthguard?

Changing the sports mouthguard after every season is a good practice. A mouthguard’s life depends on two components: its care and usage.

Mostly, the mouthguards, which are not protected appropriately, wear out about 2 times more rapidly as compared to those that are protected in the best way.

What sports require a mouthguard?

Traditionally, it is believed that a mouthguard is only necessary for combat sports, where repeated and constant contact with the face is involved.

However, according to new research, non-contact sports such as basketball and soccer and recreational sports like skiing and mountain biking also have the same risk of damaging teeth due to physical demands.

Best Wrestling Mouthguard for You

You want to be a champ in wrestling, not a champ of bad dental experiences! So, it's essential to have a mouth guard. It provides protection, comfort, promotes good dental hygiene, gives restful nights, and prevents prolonged absences from the sport. Don't underestimate the importance of this small piece of equipment because it's an essential part of your wrestling gear. Hope this post convinced you to grab one if you haven't already!

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