Skiing is a fun physical activity that can provide a great sense of excitement for both kids and adults. With the right ski equipment, children of all ages can experience the thrill of skiing on the slopes.

How to Choose Kids Skis

There are so many options out there. With different sizes, shapes, materials and bindings to try, it's important to do some research. The good news is that no matter what their difficulty level, you can find something that will suit your kid's needs.

Hopefully we can help you make sure your little ones are ready to take on any challenge for the winter season. It’s important to remember that kids are smaller, lighter, and less experienced than adults. So their needs will differ.

When selecting skis for kids, there are a few key tips to look for:


Look for skis with good build quality, as they will last longer and perform better on the slopes.


Kids’ ski flex is critical for helping young ones develop proper technique and balance while skiing safely down the mountain or across the terrain park. Start by selecting kids' skis with medium soft flex that allow flexibility while still maintaining strong response when leaning into turns.


Kids’ skis should generally be shorter than adult beginner skis because they will help them learn faster and make turning easier. For most children under 10 years old, start with skis that extend from their chin to their forehead when standing straight up on them. As children get older and more experienced, a longer ski length may be suitable since they provide better stability at high speeds.

With all these elements considered, they'll be more than ready to go skiing this winter season.

How we choose the Best Kids Skis

The selection of the best skis is a combination of science and art. We look at several factors to ensure we’re picking the right gear for each individual child.

First, we consider the age group, skill level, and confidence level of your child. If you’re buying for a beginner, for instance, then you’ll want something with a wide turning radius and forgiving flex pattern to make it easier to learn.

For more mature skiers, you can choose from skis with additional features like a narrower turning radius or harder flex pattern for greater speed, control and performance.

Secondly, we evaluate construction materials such as the core material and sidewalls, which all need to be of good quality in order to perform well on the slopes.

Finally, we take into account other factors such as length and weight. Length will affect how maneuverable the ski is while weight affects its overall performance. With all these aspects taken into consideration, our team can confidently share our picks for the best kids skis.

🏅 Fischer Kids RC4 Race SLR Alpine Piste Skis

Fischer Kids RC4 Race SLR Alpine Piste Skis

🏅 Best Overall

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❤️ why we love this ski

The Fischer Kids RC4 Race SLR Alpine Piste Skis are designed with kids in mind. They offer maximum fun through the incorporation of Air Power and Fiber Tech, making them both maneuverable and lightweight. With easy-to-steer capabilities, this highly responsive ski is perfect for budding young champions who need best-in-class equipment to hone their skills on. Fischer takes its responsibility seriously when it comes to providing outstanding kit for children, and the RC4 Race SLR skis are the ultimate choice for smaller skiers looking to take their performance to the next level.

⛷ features

The Fischer Kids RC4 Race SLR Alpine Piste Skis are an excellent choice for a pair of skis for kids. Featuring the FIBER TECH, a unique glass fiber network which provides excellent turning action, and an Extruded base material making it very hard-wearing and durable, this ski is sure to last any kid a long time. Best of all, these skis come with the Air Power Core, made with less density that allows the ski to flex easily even for lighter weight skiers. On top of all this, its ON-PISTE ROCKER makes starting turns easier giving more stability and power to run through bumps and terrain easily recording your best times on the piste. With the perfect pairing of race-ready downhill performance and ease of handling you simply cannot go wrong with the Fischer Kids RC4 Race SLR Alpine Piste Skis - the best kids skis in town.

🥈 SOLA ski Set for Kids

SOLA skis

🥈 medal

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❤️ why we love this ski

The Sola ski set for kids is the perfect way to get your little ones on the slopes. These pair are the best value. These plastic skis arrive with pre-mounted bindings and poles, allowing your children to start skiing straight away. The bindings fit most snow boots and shoes, making them ideal for novice skiers getting started. Although not suited for use on professional runs, they are stable enough to inspire confidence in the little ones on smaller hills. Sola is a great ski for those who want to join their parents and learn how to carve the slopes!

⛷ features

For a budget-friendly option, the SOLA ski set is ideal for young skiers. Constructed with lightweight plastic materials with no metal edges and round tips, these kids skis are safe to use and guaranteed to provide an enjoyable skiing experience. The size of 27.25 x 3.5 inches, coupled with two 26.25-inch poles make this set suitable for safe skiing by kids of all ages and sizes. Additionally, the low-resistant design provides superior agility while keeping their speeds in check and avoiding any unexpected falls due to speedy runs on slopes or hills. For an affordable yet dependable option, try out the SOLA skis.

🥉 Rossignol Hero Athlete SL Skis

Rossignol Hero Athlete SL Skis

🥉 Podium Pick

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❤️ why we love this ski

The Rossignol Hero Athlete SL Skis represent the pinnacle of excellence in winter sports equipment. Utilizing Line Control Technology, this ski is designed to give kids an extra edge on the slopes, helping them carve up narrow turns with precision and agility. Best of all, this cutting-edge gear has been developed by a company with over a century's worth of experience: Rossignol. For best performance out of your young skier, trust in Rossignol's reputation of providing quality gear that facilitates enjoyable and inspiring skiing experiences.

⛷ features

Rossignol's Hero Athlete SL Skis are quickly becoming the top choice for ski adventurers of all levels. With its unique blend of technologies coupled with a selection of tailored sidecuts and Line Control Technology, each skier can customize their ski experience to suit their skillset and desired skiing trajectory. Moreover, the Titanal construction increases dampness and stability which allows the maximum power to be directed down the mountain with precision. The rectangular sidewall pairs up harmoniously with the Poplar wood core to provide lightweight durability, easier control and increased resistance to chipping. When it comes to finding that perfect match between fun and safety in skiing, look no further than these mountain skis from Rossignol.

Kids Skis FAQs

So are you wondering what are the right skis for your kids? Our Frequently Asked Questions provide answers to your questions about essential factors such as length, construction materials, flex pattern and safety features. We can help you choose the best skis that suit your children's age, skill level and confidence level. With our assistance, you can be sure that you are selecting a safe and appropriate ski for them this winter season. The following are the Frequently Asked Questions regarding a pair of skis for your kids:

What type of ski is best for my kid?

The best ski for your kid depends on their age, skill level and intended use of the ski. An all mountain ski is great for beginners and kids who just want to have fun out in the snow, while carver skis are more suitable for a child who wants to do some racing or more advanced maneuvers.

Should kids wear helmets when skiing?

Yes, it's important that children wear helmets while skiing or snowboarding. Helmets provide an important layer of protection to help prevent head injuries. A helmet should fit snugly and be replaced at least every other season.

What is the most important factor when choosing kids' skis?

Length is typically the most important factor when choosing kids' skis, as it affects how well they maneuver and perform on different terrain types. However, other factors such as construction materials, flex pattern and safety features should also be considered when selecting the best pair of skis for your child.

How do I know if a ski is too long or too short for my child?

Generally speaking, if the tip of the ski touches above your child’s chin when held vertically in front of them then it's too long– conversely, if it doesn't reach past their collarbone then it's too short. It’s also important to consider their weight when selecting a length so that they can control the ski properly during turns and stops.

Are there any age restrictions on which types of skis children can use?

Most manufacturers suggest that children under five years old stick with shorter junior/children's skis that are specifically designed to provide better stability and easier control while learning basic skills such as turning and stopping.

Is there a maximum weight limit for kids' skis?

Although there isn’t usually an explicit maximum weight restriction listed on junior skis, most manufacturers recommend keeping an eye on their growing strength; as heavier kids may need different skis than lighter ones in order to get proper response from their ski gear (ie longer and stiffer for heavier kids).

Do I need special bindings for Junior/kids' skis?

Yes, you will likely require appropriate bindings tailored exclusively towards junior/kids' ski models which features adjustable binding mount points depending on your child's size or skier type.

Best Kids Skis

When choosing the best skis for a child, many factors must be taken into consideration. Look for a ski that is the right length and weight according to the age, skill level and confidence of your kid. Be sure to look for features such as adjustable bindings, shock-absorbent sidewalls and other reliable seals of quality. The most important thing is to make sure they have a safe and enjoyable time out on the slopes!

Enjoy and be Safe!

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