A mouthguard is a dental device that protects your teeth from various types of damage. When you grind your teeth or get injured playing sports, you are putting your teeth, tongue, gums, and cheeks at risk of harm. You can prevent them with a mouthguard.

Nowadays, mouthguards are widely used by athletes of all ages and in all sports. However, it may be really tough to find the best mouthguard for braces if you wear one. No worries! We have brought you the best mouthguard guide for braces. Read the whole article to get a clear idea about how to choose the required mouthguard for your braces.

How we choose the best mouthguards for Braces

Choosing the right mouthguards for braces can be difficult. There are a lot of different brands and types out there, and it can be hard to know which one is the best for you. These mouth devices can protect your gums and teeth from injury. Our top selected mouthguards offer superior comfort and protection for your teeth compared to stock mouthguards.

After reading a huge number of reviews, the following are our three top picks to help you decide which is the best fit for you.

Best for Braces

Shock Doctor double braces

🏅 our Gold Medalist

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❤️ why we love this mouthguard

Looking for a mouth guard that will protect your braces and keep you comfortable during your favorite sports? Look no further than the Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard! This mouth guard covers both your upper and lower teeth, and has holes around the edges so you can breathe easily while you're running around on the field. Plus, it's easy to keep clean - just pop it in the dishwasher after use. Whether you're a boxer, football player, soccer player, or a hockey player, or just looking for extra protection for your teeth, the Shock Doctor Double Braces is the perfect choice for those with braces top and bottom.

🥊 features

This mouthguard is specially made for athletes with orthodontics (braces).  This mouthguard can cover both the top and lower teeth which is ideal for braces. This mouthguard has medical-grade silicone in its construction.

Because of this, it can get molded to fit your mouth as it changes during the course of your orthodontic treatment. Because increased circulation is especially important for athletes who wear braces, they also added ventilation channels to the mouthguard's central area.

The Double Braces mouthguard can fit snugly over both upper and lower brace brackets, offering instant comfort and safeguarding against cuts. It is 100% medical-grade silicone, so it molds to your teeth as they shift. Straps or no straps, your choice

  • adjusts to the shifting position of teeth caused by braces
  • Free of latex, BPA, and phthalates

Runner up

SAFEJAWZ Ortho Series

🥈 Silver Medal

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❤️ why we love this mouthguard

It is essential for a quality mouthguard to be able to remold several times, and the Ortho Series can help you achieve and maintain a perfect fit. It helps to lessen the possibility of jaw and TMJ problems when the mouth is prone to lateral or vertical impacts.

Furthermore, the prefabricated mouthpiece has numerous beneficial constructs. It becomes incredibly pliable when heated. This allows it to adjust to all the contours of the teeth, ensuring the most suitable fit and level of safety.

🥊 features

This Ortho Series remolds numerous times to maintain a custom fit, which is essential for a mouthguard. It can reduce the risk of jaw and TMJ injury from lateral and vertical impacts because of a pre-contoured base that promotes proper lower tooth occlusion.

This mouthguard has a soft, flexible material that molds perfectly to your teeth when heated. This mouthguard will keep your teeth safe from injury.

  • protects you while wearing braces
  • lip and inner cheek protection from the bottom bracket
  • FLUID FIT technology for a great feel and a snug fit

Budget Pick for upper braces

Shock Doctor braces mouthguard

🥉 on the podium

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❤️ why we love this mouthguard

Fits comfortably over orthodontic brackets and provides maximum protection during sports activities. The mouthguard can provide an instant and protective fit straight from the packaging, with no molding necessary. It responds to the shifting of your teeth as your braces tightened.

🥊 features

The Shock Doctor braces mouthguard is a vital piece of protective gear for athletes wearing a mouthguard who has braces. It is because they fit snugly over the upper brace brackets to eliminate discomfort and the risk of lacerations. It is 100% medical-grade silicone, so it molds to your teeth as they shift.

High-quality medical-grade silicone provides protection and comfort without irritating ingredients like latex, phthalates, and BPA. Protective gear is also tested by athletes for use in every sport, from football to roller derby. You don't have to look any further to safeguard your teeth and dental investment with products that offer both superior protection and a snug fit.

  • made of 100% medical-grade silicone
  • safety for those who have orthodontic devices on their upper teeth
  • adjusts to the shifting position of teeth caused by braces
  • free of latex, BPA, and phthalates

Types of Mouth Guards

There are three types of sports mouthguards:

Stock mouthguards

These mouthguards are already made and shipped in a wearable state. They are inexpensive and available in the sporting goods section of most department stores and other retail establishments. However, there is not much to do to adjust and properly fit you. In addition, they are cumbersome, which makes it difficult to breathe and talk. Dentists do not advocate the use of these products.

Boil and Bite / mouth forming mouthguards

These protectors are another type of mouth guard that you can find at a wide variety of sports goods retailers. They may provide a better fit than standard stock mouthguards. Thermoplastic is the material used in most of the construction of the "boil and bites" mouth guard. It is first soaked in hot water to soften it, after that it gets inserted into the mouth and molded around the teeth by applying pressure with the finger and the tongue.

Custom mouthguards

Your dentist will provide you with specific instructions that will indicate the manufacturer during the design and construction of this kind of mouth guard. Your dentist will take an imprint of your teeth and then shape a mouth guard over the impression using specialized material.

Since it is not ready-made but custom, it will cost more than store-bought options. However, it offers the highest level of comfort and protection of any of the mouth guards available.

Best Mouthguards for Braces: Buying Guide

Sometimes it is very hard for people to choose what type of mouthguard they require. If you choose the wrong mouthguard, it may cause various problems for your mouth. So, choosing a proper mouthguard is really important. Below, we have a complete guide for buying a suitable mouthguard for you.


Which do you value more, having your teeth protected by a mouthguard or being able to talk normally while wearing one? It's a trick question since the correct response is "both." Custom mouthguards offer the highest level of protection and comfort possible, although this is ultimately a matter of taste.

For example, in boxing and mixed martial arts, a larger, thicker mouthguard may be a choice for a fighter who lacks confidence in his or her talents. A more experienced and capable fighter may care less about appearance and more about ease of use. It is by making a lighter and more streamlined version that still offers adequate protection a better choice.

Custom Mouthguard

Nowadays, you can personalize most mouthguards to some extent. The highest quality options are available from dentists or orthodontists for several hundred dollars. Your dentist will need to produce a mold of your mouth to send to a lab where they are custom-made for you. However, if you'd rather save some cash, there are other options that provide the same level of safety.

Most mouthguards call for the tried-and-true "boil-and-bite" method of making a custom mold. The general idea is to put the mouthguard into a saucepan of hot water and then bite down on it to set the mold. In a nutshell, this is a hassle-free and inexpensive method of maximizing your safety and comfort.

Contact Sports

Whether you wear a full cage or a shield is often the deciding factor when it comes to which mouth guard is best for your sport (hockey in particular).

For maximum protection against upper and lower jaw collisions in the event of body contact or falls when wearing a complete cage or shield, choose a mouth guard with a lower frontal profile. More frontal protection from sticks and pucks is desirable in a mouth guard if you're only wearing a half shield or none at all.


The ability to express yourself through your mouthguard is possible with all the different styles available. Prints in full color with your company's name and phone number if you like, and make it as big as you like... A transparent mouthguard is also an option for those who want a more understated look. How much customization you opt for depends only on your tastes.


Since orthodontic treatment can be costly, a mouthguard designed specifically for use with braces is a must to preserve health. same for the appearance of your teeth throughout treatment and thereafter. For optimal safety, you can choose from a variety of mouthguards designed to fit over braces, each of which offers protection for either the upper or lower jaw. They prevent the braces from hurting your teeth and help prevent cuts within your mouth.

Boxing Mouthguard FAQ’s

Any sport where you risk getting smashed in the mouth can cause serious dental injuries. So you may need a mouthguard to protect your teeth from impact and cushion your jaw from shocks.

That's why it's important to wear a good quality mouthguard whenever you play any sport. But mouthguards for braces are designed specifically for players with orthodontic devices.

Do you need to wear a sports mouthguard with braces?

If you wear braces, you should wear a mouthguard with braces. This is because upon a hit to the mouth area, the braces can cause injury to your teeth and gums if you are not careful. The mouthguard will protect your teeth and gums from injury.

What are some reasons to wear a mouth guard?

There are many reasons to wear a mouth guard, especially if you play contact sports. Mouth guards can help protect your teeth from being knocked out or chipped, and they can also help prevent concussions by absorbing some of the impact from a hit to the jaw.

Can mouth guards damage braces?

Mouth guards can damage braces if they are not the right size or if they are not fitted correctly. Mouth guards that are too big can cause the braces to rub against the gums and mouth, which can lead to irritation and pain. Mouth guards that are too small can fall off easily and will not provide adequate protection. It's important to get the right fit.

How long does a mouth guard last?

Mouth guards typically last about a year or more. However, it is important to replace them sooner if they become worn out or no longer fit properly.

Can you talk with a mouth guard?

Yes, you can talk with a mouth guard. However, it may be difficult to be understood by others since your speech will be muffled.

To Wrap Up

Finally, we are at the end of the article, and we hope you are now sufficiently informed about the term best mouthguards for braces. Before we end, we'd like to summarize some tips. You have to keep in mind that using a mouthguard is only one step in preventing damage to your braces and mouth.

It's typical to experience some soreness when trying on a mouthguard designed for use with braces for the first time, but you'll need to do some careful observation to determine whether or not it's the right choice for you.

However, if the pain lasts for more than a few days, you should probably look for an alternative.

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