Are you looking for soccer cleats that can finally fit your duck feet? Look no further. Soccer is a sport that millions of people love and play all around the world. And if you’re one of the many people who have trouble finding soccer cleats that fit, we’ve got you covered. We know how important it is to have the right equipment when playing any sport, especially soccer. That’s why we’ve gathered the top 3 soccer cleats for you so you can find the perfect pair for you.

Buying Guide

There are some factors to consider if you want to get a good fit for soccer cleats. In this section, we will introduce you to some factors that will help you buy the best cleats considering comfort, grip, and other factors:

Stud Pattern for the right Pitch

You should think about more than just comfort and grip. The kind of stud pattern that your shoes have is especially important since the various types of pitches can require different patterns - a hard or soft surface might need different kinds of cleats for safe play. Wearing the wrong stud or pattern of shoes can even be dangerous and cause injuries.


Selecting your shoes based on the position is important. For example, your main target is to strike the ball if you are playing forward. In that case, you need your cleats with proper strike zone so that connecting with the ball will be easier.  Check out the shoe's upper part to determine whether they have a vamp or strike zone. Also, your cleats should be of a lightweight design to allow you to make explosive movements.

But if you play as a midfielder, make sure your shoes are comfortable enough to pass for 90 minutes. Playing defense, on the other hand, requires cleats with strong outsole.


Soccer cleats are usually made of synthetic or real leather. In that case, the leather materials is the top choice for professionals.

Choose shoes made of mesh because these are lightweight. But mesh shoes aren’t suitable for playing on wet surfaces. Therefore, choose the materials based on your preference.


You must decide how much you can spend to purchase the cleats. The top-tire cleats are required for pros. They usually use a new pair of top-tier cleats for each match.


The upper parts work to get you a secure fit. So, ensure the upper part is suitable to meet the high-impact performance, wet surface, and maximum durability. It’s better if you get the upper part made of synthetic leather. It will then last longer.


The midsole of cleats is designed to provide maximum cushioning and padding and ensure comfort. At this point, what you have to ensure is the foam position. Ensure the midsole's foam is placed properly to support your foot.


Like other regular shoes, cleats offer different collar lengths; and sits on your ankle. If the collar is made of high-cut and can provide adequate firmness to support the ankles will be the right fit because these cleats can offer more control over each of your movements.

How We Chose Soccer Cleats for Wide  Feet

You have wide feet. You've probably tried a million different shoes, and nothing seems to fit right. You're not alone, many people have wide feet. So we've found the some soccer cleats for wide feet that will actually fit your feet properly and make you look good on the field.

🏅 Best Overall

Adidas Copa Mundial Cleats for Soccer

🏅 Best Overall

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❤️ Why we love these soccer cleats

The Adidas cleats are usable in any type of ground traction and allow you to move with super explosive speed on dry natural grass in terms of its firm ground outsole. Its die-cut midsole makes it lightweight for a long-time wearing comfortably. On the other hand, soft, synthetic, and durable lining added another advantage to buying these cleats.

👟 features

  • 100% Leather coating
  • All-weather compatible
  • Perfect for all levels of players

Adidas Copa cleats have been the name of confidence and reliability for decades for soccer players.  The Adidas Copa can be ideal for soccer players with wide feet. And it can assist you in controlling your ball with ease. These shoes are the most popular gear for players of all time. A premium leather upper is featured to provide incredible fit and touch. The dual-density rubber outsole ensures the standard for comfort while playing on the field.

You’ll get an assurance of excellence from the Adidas Copa for soccer and all other sports. You can wear these shoes for football as well. It came with a perfect measurement of shaft length designed to be around 6 to 12 inches from the arch. And the platform and boot opening of the cleats are measured from 0 to 3 inches. So it will provide stability and flexibility in your movements.  

🥈 medalist

MFSH UnisexCleats Soccer Shoes

🥈 medalist

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❤️ Why we love these soccer cleats

It is designed for multi-purpose usage so that you can use it for different purposes, for example, competition, training session, practice, etc. You can choose if you want to use them, even for hiking, running, or walking. The  MFSH cleats fit any type of field, like a firm, soft, hard, rubber, natural, or artificial grass.  Most importantly, these shoes are suitable to match different age levels, from teenagers to men. Also, these are a perfect fit for lady players.

👟 features

  • High-grip rubber sole
  • Durable patch design
  • Comfortable upper
  • Strong body construction

Playing well with your Soccer cleats cannot be your only wish if you are fashion concerned. You must want a pair of cleats that will enhance your appearance into a smart look when you are in the field. Well, in that case, the MESH Unisex soccer cleats can be your best option because these cleats are designed with the most attractive look. So, wearing the MESH cleats will allow you to make a good performance as well as to get a stylish look.

The soft calfskin leather provides plenty of the comforts you can expect from a pair of cleats. Calfskin leather is also used in these boots to offer more control over the soccer ball. So, you can play on the field, whether it’s on artificial or natural grass.  They will be the perfect shoes for you.

It has a shock-proof and non-slip outsole with a soft and well-breathable PU matte on the upper part of the soccer cleat to provide stability and durability. You will find stability in the firm natural ground because it has the excellent abrasion-resistant ability.

You’ll get amazing efficient circulation through the outer and inner layers of the cleats. So your feet will remain dry and cool all the time. Its high design provides enough support for players’ ankles. So your ankle will remain protected from unexpected injuries.

🥉 Podium Pick

DREAM PAIRS Soccer Cleats for Men

🥉 Podium Pick

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❤️ Why we love these soccer cleats

The Dream Paris cleats are manufactured with all the advanced features. It has a perforated foam insole, so you get excellent breathability through its cushioning and soft traction. Its smooth and soft collar with traditional lace-up design is ready to make your shoe's opening and closure as easy as you wish. Therefore, wearing or opening the cleats anytime will be under your control.

👟 features

  • all season
  • Ultra-Advance materials
  • Long-lasting
  • Provide utmost stability and flexibility

Dream Pairs cleats are the perfect soccer gear for players with wide feet. For those who suffer from their wide feet and get it tough managing high-quality shoes for soccer, the Dream Paris soccer cleats are for them. These shoes will ensure the top comfort for your all-day practice session. It will deliver a high-speed turn, outstanding grip, and supportive acceleration. So, you can make your soccer practice time more precise.

The polyurethane and thermoplastic sole come to ensure top flexibility in any situation. It’s not that heavy-weight like other ordinary cleats.  You'll get extra traction on a dry or hard surface. Also, it provides plenty of stability and comfort in terms of its TPU outsole. So, you’ll feel a great feel under your foot. A size chart is included with the Dream Cleats to choose the right size for your feet.

Wide Feet Soccer Cleat FAQs

You're a wide-footed soccer player, and you're having trouble finding cleats that fit. All of the other players seem to have no problem finding cleats that fit them well, but for some reason every pair of cleats you try on feels too tight and constricting. We've got the perfect solution for you. Our picks for soccer cleats for wide feet are designed with your needs in mind. The following are frequently asked questions that may help you more on your decision.

Are there any rules for wearing soccer cleats?

Some restrictions on wearing soccer cleats, such as metal-tipped cleats are forbidden on the field. You have to wear molded-sole legal soccer cleats. Also, shoes that are designed with toe cleats are strictly forbidden.

What type of injuries can my soccer cleats prevent?

You can be in danger in different positions on the soccer field. Bending your knee frequently is a common scenario in soccer games. But, if you cannot get total control, you cannot limit your sliding while forwarding the tibia. In that case, wearing cleats will help you control frequent movements while changing directions. Also, it can save the ligament from being injured.

How can I recognize my Soccer cleats fit my feet?

Usually, the cleats for soccer come with sufficient snugness and provide a sock-like fit. Also, they have sufficient room to get the top comfortability to wiggle your toes. You will understand your cleats are a perfect fit if you feel the liberty to move, control the ball easily, get stability for ankles and feet, and get an enhanced touch.

How long will my soccer cleats last?

If you’re a pro player and play regularly, your cleats will last 8 to 10 months. But, if you are not a regular player, it will last even more than 10 months. Also, some types ensure the longevity of cleats, like mid-tire and low-tire cleats, designed for long-lasting use. But top-tire cleats won’t last that long time.

Can all the cleats on the market make the same level of traction?

Quite absurd! Different cleats come with different features and qualities. So, it won’t provide the same traction. Therefore, you have to choose a good brand and high-quality materials.

Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

Most of the cleats are designed with high-quality features and materials. So, all levels of players prefer wearing cleats, from professionals to beginners, to get better control over the ball.

Also, wearing soccer cleats ensure various high-impact movement for superior performance. And prevent injury risk is another significant issue that comes beyond all questions. Although, problems come with players who have wide feet. Therefore, check out our top list to get the best soccer cleats for wide feet.

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