This is a debate that never gets old. Some people argue that soccer is a contact sport because players do use physical force to gain control of the ball and push off potential opponents. Others say that soccer isn’t a contact sport because there are rules in place which limit physical contact between players. So who's right? Let’s dive into this age-old debate!

The Rules of Soccer

When it comes to whether or not soccer is a contact sport, much of the argument comes down to how you define “contact sport” and what rules dictate how players interact with each other on the field. In most sports, including football, rugby, and hockey, physical contact between opponents is allowed as long as it falls within certain guidelines set by the governing body of each sport. Soccer, however, enforces more stringent rules regarding contact between players—so much so that even incidental contact can be punished with a foul call or even ejection from the game.

What About Tackling?

When discussing whether or not soccer is a contact sport, another point that often comes up is tackling. In some sports like football and rugby, tackling an opponent is considered to be an essential part of the game. But in soccer? Not so much. The vast majority of tackles performed in professional matches are made illegally and can result in either yellow or red cards being issued to offending players—so you wouldn't really call it “contact” if one player stands to get punished for making it.

Is there Such Thing as "Good" Contact in Soccer?

But while most forms of physical contact are discouraged in soccer (to put it mildly), there still exists certain situations where players do make physical contact with each other without getting penalized by referees. Players commonly use their bodies to block shots from opponents or hold them off when competing for possession of the ball. While these types of moves don't technically qualify as “tackles” per se, they do involve some degree of physicality—which brings us back to our original question: Is soccer a contact sport?

At the end of the day, whether or not you consider soccer a contact sport largely depends on your definition of “contact” and which rules you choose to abide by when viewing games. Some may argue that since intentional physical contact between players isn't allowed (nor encouraged) then no; it's not really a contact sport at all. Others might say that since there are certain scenarios where players do make bodily contact with each other without getting penalized then yes; it absolutely qualifies as such! What side do you stand on? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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