Advanced players need a racket that suits their playing style and matches their skill level. These rackets typically have more power, control, stability, and spin potential than those designed for beginners or intermediate players. The right racket can help a player stay competitive in matches, as having the correct equipment is essential to maximizing your game's potential.

To help you find the perfect racket for your needs, we've compiled a list of the 3 best tennis racquets. All of these rackets are made with top-quality materials and craftsmanship to give you the best possible play on the court. From lightweights to heavier models with control features, there's something here for everyone.

What you need to know

Tennis is a great sport filled with competitive players. It requires physical agility, strategy, and quick reflexes to win the game. No matter how experienced you are at playing tennis, having the right equipment can make all the difference. One of the most important pieces of equipment needed for playing your 'A' game tennis is a quality racket.

For advanced players, finding just the right racket can be tricky as you'll need one that matches your high skill level and style of play.

Advanced player rackets typically feature a smaller head size to give you more control and accuracy on your shots. 

They also tend to be lighter than other rackets to allow for more agile play. But it really it depends on your personal preference and strength. Additionally, they often feature a more flexible frame which helps for better control and helps reduce shock and vibration upon impact.

In addition to finding the right racket for your skillset, it is also important to find one that fits your body size and shape. To get the most out of your tennis game, make sure you choose a racket that suits your individual needs. With the right tennis racket in hand, you can start working on improving your game and take it to the pro level!

How we choose the Best Tennis Rackets for Advanced Players

When it comes to choosing tennis rackets, it is important to consider factors such as your skill level and playing style. We take these considerations into account when selecting our collection of tennis rackets. We carefully look at the racket's size, weight distribution, string pattern, material technology and more in order to bring you the highest quality selection of tennis equipment that will give you an edge on the court.

For instance, some of our best tennis rackets feature lightweight materials like graphite and titanium that provide optimal power and control. The rackets also have improved string patterns and thicker frames that are designed to provide maximum stability. Furthermore, the grip size of our rackets is carefully chosen to help you find the perfect fit for your hand and playing style.

Ultimately, we aim to provide advanced players with quality tennis rackets available to maximize their performance on court. With our selection of high-quality tennis rackets, we are confident you will find what you need to perform at your best!

🏅 Best Overall

HEAD Graphene XT Speed MP Tennis Racket

🏅 Medalist

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Why we ❤️ this racket

For tennis players looking for a frame that offers excellent power and control, the HEAD Graphene XT Speed MP Tennis Racket is an ideal choice. It's been upgraded with new technology and updated specs that have been designed to optimize your performance on the court. This racket provides versatile playability and is perfect for advanced players who need a dependable tool to take their game to the next level. Smoother than ever before, it gives you confidence in every move you make on your way to victory. With this top-tier Tennis Racket from HEAD, you'll be ready to compete against any opponent.

🎾 Features

The Graphene XT Speed MP Tennis Racket from HEAD is ideal for intermediate to advanced players looking for a slightly more forgiving and spin-friendly racquet. Featuring Head's exclusive Graphene XT Technology, this is the best advanced tennis racquet and has the necessary power to up your game. With a headsize of 100 square inches and 645 cm2, and a weight of 11.1 ounces (strung)/ 10.6 ounces (unstrung), it’s perfect for maximum control and proficiency. The strings also have 16 Mains x 19 Crosses which adds to the professional dynamics that this Tennis Racket provides. Make sure your Tennis game experiences new heights with the Graphene XT Speed MP Tennis Racket from HEAD today!

🥈 Budget Pick

OPPUM Adult 27" Graphite Tennis Racket

🥈 Medalist

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Why we ❤️ this racket

The OPPUM Adult 27" Tennis Racket is great for advanced players who are looking for a budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality and performance. This graphite racket is incredibly lightweight, making it perfect to use during games thanks to its enhanced maneuverability. Despite its light weight, however, it does not lack in durability; this racket is built to stand up against wear and tear and can endure many matches with precision. Tennis players of all levels should definitely consider the benefits this racket offers. With its combination of affordability, lightweight design, and long-term durability, it's the best budget choice for any advanced player.

🎾 Features

The OPPUM Adult 27" Tennis Racket is designed for advanced players who demand power and control from their equipment. Its unique material – Graphene Carbon Fiber – is both lightweight and strong, giving it great stability as well as a powerful trampoline effect upon impact. The 16/19 string pattern allows for enhanced spin during fast rallies and combined with the spin grommets enable more string movement for more power. In addition to its enhanced performance features, PRO-2000 provides extreme spin and power to the aggressive playing tournament player. It is ideal for professional players as well as advanced club players or even intermediate ones looking to improve their strength and control while also enjoying improved ball speed.

🥉 Podium Pick

HEAD Speed Pro Tennis Racquet

🥉 Podium Pick

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Why we ❤️ this racket

The HEAD Speed Pro Tennis Racquet offers advanced players a superb combination of power, control and precision. The racket is made with the latest technologies to ensure increased power, manipulable spin potential and optimized feel on every stroke. Its enlarged hinging square head shape provides maximum flexibility, as well as adds a wide sweet spot for more forgiving strokes. Additionally, its dampening system helps dampen shock to avoid impact-related vibration for players who on occasions have imprecise timing at ball contact. With this racquet you can experience new levels of performance and take your tennis game to the next level!

🎾 Features

Tennis enthusiasts, be on the lookout for HEAD's Speed Pro Tennis Racquet! It is engineered for advanced tournament players seeking optimal control for their fast-paced games. The racquet's refresh includes a subtle yet stylish asymmetric design completes with a matte and glossy finish as well as chrome details. This club also impresses with its sensational feel and unstrung weight of 310g / 10.9 oz, along with an 18/20 string pattern. Tennis athletes can now enjoy an elevated performance to conquer their competitions with the perfect combination of speed and precision delivered by this Tennis Racket for Advanced Players.

Tennis Rackets for Advanced Players FAQs

For the advanced tennis player, finding the right racquet can sometimes be a challenge. Here are Frequently Asked Questions to consider when shopping for the best tennis racquet for your skill level:

Do sizes matter for advanced players?

Yes! The size of your racket head influences how much power or spin you can generate in each shot. Smaller frames require more precision but offer greater control over shots while larger frames offer more power but less control.

Which weight class should you choose?

The weight class of your racket will affect the speed and control of shots, so it's important to choose a frame that fits your skill level. Generally speaking, lighter racquets are better suited for beginners while heavier frames can provide advanced players with greater power and accuracy.

Are there different types of strings that offer unique benefits?

Yes - different string materials can have an impact on playability and durability. Polyester strings tend to produce more spin while multi-filament strings create a softer feel and great resilience against shock. Natural gut strings offer excellent tension maintenance but are very expensive. Ultimately, the type of string you choose depends on your preference and playing style.

Do string tensions affect playability?

Yes - the tension level of your strings can also influence playability. Lower tensions increase power but reduce control, while higher tensions offer greater accuracy and control but less power. By adjusting the tension, you can find a balance that works for your game.

How do frames affect power and accuracy?

The frame of your racket has a major impact on power and accuracy. Stiffer frames provide more control over shots, but can be difficult to use for beginners. Softer frames generate higher power output with less effort but require more skill and accuracy due to their lower control level.

What is the difference between beginner and advanced tennis racket?

Beginner tennis rackets are designed with a larger sweet spot and lighter weight for easier maneuverability. Advanced players require more power and control from their racket so they tend to look for frames that are stiffer and heavier, with a smaller sweet spot for greater accuracy.

Do any pro tennis players use oversize racquets?

Yes, some professional players prefer larger frames for a variety of reasons. Larger heads generate more power but reduce control, which can be beneficial to advanced players looking for an extra edge in their game. 

Best Tennis Rackets for Advanced Players

Tennis is a game of finesse, skill and strategic power. Advanced players need high-quality racquets that helps them perform at their best on the court. The right tennis racket can make all the difference when it comes to playing at an advanced level. Our selection of top-rated tennis rackets are designed specifically for experienced players who want to take their game to the next level. From lightweight materials to perfectly balanced head designs, we have something for every player who wants more control over their shots and better accuracy in their returns. If you're looking for a competitive edge in your match, then look no further than our picks for superior quality tennis racquets for advanced players.

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