Ready to hit the soccer field but don’t have enough air in your soccer ball? Don’t let an ill-prepared ball ruin your game. With a soccer ball pump set, you can always be sure that your ball is ready before kick off. Make sure your match day runs smoothly by using easy to use pumps and never worry about running out of air again!

Whether for practice or playing a match - make sure you always have a perfect round ball and get ready for the thrill of just playing out in the field. With its deep pebble grain PVC surface and rubber bladder core – it’s designed to provide an optimal play time, giving softer touches on the foot. Easily check the air pressure so you know when your next fill will be necessary – making prepping for any competition easier than ever before. So let us provide you with our picks for your soccer set needs so you can enjoy every moment spent on the pitch.

Your Guide to Shopping for Soccer Balls

Whether you’re a novice soccer player or an experienced one, having the right soccer equipment is essential. So if you’re looking to buy soccer balls, you need to check out some of its important features. Here are some tips that will ensure you get your hands on what you need to for a soccer ball.


Soccer balls come in different panels like 32, 26, 18 and so on. Choose the one suitable for you but if you want our advice, go for the 32-panel soccer ball – it offers great performance.


The bladder is the most important part of a soccer ball and needs to be chosen carefully. There are many types available in the market like latex, polyester and rubber bladders and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Do your research before deciding which one to go for!


The casings or outer coating of a soccer ball can be made from various materials like PVC, synthetic leather, PU leather etc., all of which have different benefits and drawbacks depending on what kind of playing surface you have. Make sure to choose a material that suits your needs best.


It goes without saying that size matters when it comes to selecting a soccer ball! If it isn’t appropriate for your age group or skill level then all your practice will go down the drain! Similarly, choosing a lightweight or heavyweight model also depends on personal preference as well as the type of surface it will be played on (grass or artificial turf).

As long as you keep these factors in mind while looking for a soccer ball, making an informed decision should be easy peasy. And don’t forget to compare prices before buying – this could save you some serious bucks in the long run. So may the odds be ever in your favor!

How we choose the Soccer Ball with Pump Set

So you want to buy a soccer ball, but you don't know which one. With so many different ones on the market, it can be hard to decide the one right for you. Do you go with a classic ball or try something new? What about size and weight? We've done the hard work for you and found the best Soccer Ball Sets on the market. Whether you're looking for an affordable option or a top-of-the-line ball, check out some of these sets:

🏅 Senston Soccer Ball with Pump

Senston Soccer Ball official size with Pump

🏅 Gold Medal

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Why we ❤️ this set

If you're looking for an unbeatable soccer ball set, check out the Senston Soccer Ball with Pump. From pros to amateurs, this durable PU-made ball can handle anything - and its soft surface will make sure your practice time is as comfortable as possible. Plus it's waterproof leather material means that rain or shine won't stand in between you and perfecting those passes. So don't hesitate: get ready to show off some serious moves with Senston's official size 5 soccer ball.

⚽️ features

  • PU waterproof leather
  • Extended air retention technology
  • Wear-resistant
  • long-lasting

With Senston Soccer Ball, you'll have a trusted sidekick for all your soccer needs. This reliable ball has been keeping customers satisfied with its quality craftsmanship and design since day one! Easily transport it to the next game by deflating in seconds - no time wasted here! When inflated, the 32-panel system allows players of any skill level to enjoy their match with an extended air retention system keeps it at peak performance levels. So put away that old worn out soccer ball and get ready — this is going be fun as sports balls.

🥈 GoSports Classic Soccer Ball with Premium Pump

GoSports Classic Soccer Ball with Premium Pump

🥈 Value Pick

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Why we ❤️ this set

Get ready to enjoy a great soccer session with GoSports' incredible ball! It comes complete with a hand pump, fill hose and inflation needle so you can easily inflate or deflate it anytime - plus its lightweight design makes storing and transporting easy. Plus the composite PVC exterior surface is resistant to both water and scratches, keeping that beautiful shine intact wherever you go (no matter what weather!). And don't forget: this high-quality yet affordable ball will bring endless joy for all levels of play.

⚽️ features

  • Latex air retention
  • Robust polyester liner
  • 32 individual panels
  • needle storing system inside the handle

The GoSports soccer ball is the go-to choice for players looking to hone their skills and stamina. With premium materials, machine stitching and air retention technology, this ball can keep up with even the most intense plays. Show off your best moves knowing that it won't wear down on you; every size is available (3, 4, or 5) comes with a 6-ball pack so there's no need to worry about missing any action!

🥉 Franklin Sports MLS Soccer Ball with Air Pump

Franklin Sports MLS Soccer Ball with Air Pump

🥉 podium pick

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Why we ❤️ this set

Let your kid’s imaginations run wild with Franklin Sports MLS Soccer Ball! Its intricate, spiraling graphics and aerodynamic design encourage a thrilling soccer experience, while the included air pump ensures it's ready to go whenever they are. Easy-to-assemble inflation needles mean there is no fussing around – just attach and get kicking right away!

⚽️ features

  • High-Quality PVC materials
  • Exciting and attractive green color
  • Convenient handle storage
  • Ready for anytime soccer practice

Looking for a ball that performs like Messi? Look no further than the Franklin Sports MLS Soccer Ball with Air Pump. It's designed to handle all your training, tournament and scrimmage needs - not to mention its abrasion resistance construction can stand up against even the toughest defenders! While it comes in three sizes perfect for players ranging from toddlers through adults, this soccer sports ball was specially crafted with youth in mind. Get ready to take control of any field you step onto thanks to superior soft feel and high-gloss TPU cover on every kickoff.

Soccer Ball Set FAQs

You just bought a soccer ball, but you don't have a pump. Now what? Soccer balls are useless without it being properly inflated. If you're like most people, you probably don't have a pump lying around your house. A soccer ball set with a pump is the solution. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more answers.

How do I know if my soccer ball is properly inflated?

The best way to know if your soccer ball is properly inflated is to use a pressure gauge. Soccer balls are typically inflated to 8.5-15.0 psi (pounds per square inch) and should have a unique label outlining the required air pressure for optimal performance on each individual ball. 

To measure air pressure using a pressure gauge, you'll need to remove the valve cap from the valve of your soccer ball first. Then, insert the end of the pressure gauge into the hole left behind by removing the valve cap until it makes contact with an inner wall of the ball's bladder. Now, pump up or release air as necessary in order to reach your desired psi reading that should be indicated on a label somewhere on your soccer ball—it may either be printed directly onto it or affixed using special adhesive tape strips featuring written instructions like "inflate/deflate etc." Once you've reached this psi reading, replace the valve cap firmly and leave no opening from which air could escape; otherwise you're likely going to have difficulty maintaining whatever level of inflation has been set for optimal performance during playtime!

What are the consequences of playing with an improperly inflated soccer ball?

Playing with an improperly inflated soccer ball can have a number of negative consequences. One is that it can cause greater fatigue in the players due to heavier weight and lack of rebound when kicked. Poor ball control can disrupt the overall flow of play, leading to frustration from players who are unable to make crucial passes or shots. Playing with an incorrectly inflated ball for too long can also bring about physical problems such as tendonitis, a condition caused by overuse and strain on joints and tendons. Other problems that may be linked to playing with an improperly inflated soccer ball include stress fractures in the foot, shin splints, ankle sprains and knee injuries due to increased impacts on muscles and ligaments when making contact with the ball.

It is therefore important for anyone using a soccer ball during gameplay regularly check that it is correctly inflated according to manufacturer instructions before each session in order ensure optimal performance levels as well as decreasing risk of injury among players by ensuring they are not exposed to any undue strain or pressure while playing with the incorrect size or shape of ball!

What if I pump excessively?

Too much pumping of your soccer ball can cause serious issues for both the ball and your body. Overpumping can lead to excessive pressure on the bladder that causes it to lose shape, reducing its flight performance. It will also reduce air pressure inside the ball which reduces bounce, rebound and speed from kicks. Additionally, overpumping could damage the bladder valve and increase air leakage from it, resulting in loss of air pressure overall.

The biggest concern though is potential injury stemming from overpumping a soccer ball; pumping excessively places strain on muscles, joints and tendons in your arms as well as making you prone to back problems due to bad posture or movements during pumping. Visible signs of poor technique that accompany over-inflation include a bent arm when inflating or pushing hard with one hand instead of two when putting in effort into inflating the ball with a pump.

To avoid these issues related to over-inflation it’s important to ensure that you check manufacturer guidelines for what psi level should be used for each type of soccer ball - typically around 4-7 lbs per square inch (psi) - and use this guideline along with good pumping technique each time you inflate your soccer ball properly.

How do I pump up a soccer ball without a pump?

It is possible to pump up a soccer ball without a pump, but it will take some ingenuity! The most popular method involves using your own breath. First, remove all the air from the ball by squeezing and pushing it out. Then, roll the ball around on its side to make sure that you’ve taken out as much air as possible. Next, hold the ball in one hand and wrap your other hand around the opening of the valve – this will help create an airtight seal. Finally, blow into the valve for about 10 seconds or until you can feel that the pressure in your lungs has filled up with air and pushed against your hand holding onto the valve. At this point you should have successfully pumped up a soccer ball without using a pump!

This method may not be ideal if you are pumping up multiple balls at once; however, depending on how many balls need to be inflated it might still be viable option. You could also try using an inflation device such as a bicycle tire inflator or electric inflator (available online). These devices use compressed gas cartridges which attach to their nozzle and allow for rapid filling of balls in just minutes – no pumping required!

Whichever method you choose – manual or mechanical – don’t forget to readjust any interior components before play begins so that your inflated soccer ball is safe for use during practice or match time!

What are different soccer ball bladders?

Soccer ball bladders are the inner material of a soccer ball, used to contain air and maintain its shape. The four most common types of soccer ball bladder materials are latex, polyurethane (PU), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and butyl rubber.

Latex is considered one of the best choices for bladders due to its superior responsiveness and durability; however, it can be costly and punctures easily. PU is known for being durable and water-resistant, but it has poor air retention capabilities. PVC balls do not last as long as other material options, but they provide good rebound properties at a more economical price point than latex or PU options. Lastly, Butyl rubber provides excellent air retention characteristics while still being durable enough to withstand regular use on field surfaces such as grass or artificial turf.

It’s important to note that some manufacturers may offer variations in terms of bladder materials which require special treatment in regards to temperature sensitivity when inflating or deflating prior to play. Additionally, high-end match balls often feature multiple layers with varying densities — sometimes up to 6 layers — which help protect the bladder from abrasion during play and increase control by providing a cushioning effect for passes and shots alike!

What is a Soccer Bladder?

The bladder is called the heart of the soccer ball. It is placed in the middle of the ball. The bladder is where the ball holds the air to inflate itself. There are a 2 main types of soccer bladders.

Butyl Bladder

Butyl bladder is designed to retain air for up to 3 months constant and also for durability. But it’s a bit bulky compared to the Latex bladder type. It’s highly appreciated for keeping the shapes better and also perfect for training sessions. However, the Butyl bladder is less likely to offer a nice feel as the Latex bladders.

Latex Bladder

The Latex bladder, on the other hand, is more likely to offer a soft feel and is also lighter in its weight. Soccer balls with latex bladder come with much high-quality and are suitable for matches.

Latex is considered one of the best choices for bladders due to its superior responsiveness and durability

Importance of Soccer Ball Bladder

The bladder in a soccer ball is important to hold the air. It is also significant for maintaining its shape and providing a positive effect from the air pressure in many different ways. In a word, the soccer ball bladder is important for the shape, bounce, flight, and weight of the ball.

To Wrap Up

Looking for the perfect soccer ball? End your search here. We've scoured high and low to curate our top picks of quality Soccer Ball Sets — we guarantee one is out there that you'll love! With these sets it's a breeze inflating or deflating them when needed - no fuss necessary. So don't wait another minute: get your game on.

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