Do you hate when the other team scores on you? Of course, we all do. But you're a goalie and you can't be perfect. But to help you on your way, proper equipment is essential to keep you on the field. Ensure you protect your legs with a nice pair of pants. Soccer goalkeepers need to protect their legs from flying balls all the time.

Sure, your pants may not help keep all those goals from happening, but you'll be able to stick around longer on the field and look good doing it. Not only will you be able to have more opportunities to save the day, but you'll also don't have to worry about getting injured with nice padded pants.

Goalkeeper pants are designed to keep you safe and comfortable so you can focus on making saves.

Buying Guide

Most goalkeepers don't know what to look for when purchasing goalkeeper pants. They can be expensive, so it's important to make sure you're getting the right pair. We have gathered all the necessary information that will help you make a decision. Before making your particular purchase, check out some factors for you to consider.


Material is what ensures almost everything from comfort to grip. Ensure the pants or leggings are comprised of microfibers like polyester or nylon. These fabrics can prevent moisture accumulation more effectively.

As a result, it will contribute significantly to your lower body part to keep it sweat-free. So you can continue your training, practicing, or game. The aforementioned fabrics can deliver a greater level of longevity and durability as well.


It's important to pick goalie pants that offer maximum protection - especially in all the critical areas like knee, thigh, tailbone and hip! But also watch out for padding systems that might limit your range of motion; otherwise you won't be able to perform those quick dives when needed. So don't forget: Protect yourself AND stay agile!


Know your actual size and before you make the purchase. Consider your waist size, and length.


Protect your lower body with a well-fitted pair of goalkeeping pants. The right fit will keep you comfortable and supported during any intense match, while too tight or loose pants can drastically hinder motion. Don't let the perfect protection become an obstacle - strike that balance between snugness and free movement for optimal mobility on the field.

How We Chose Goalie Pants

So keep your pants on! We've read through hundreds of reviews on Amazon and we'll share our pick of the 3 best goalie pants. These pants are styled to make a name for yourself on the field. We hope you'll feel confident in your abilities when wearing one of these bad boys. Although these pants aren't going to stop every shot, we hope they will keep you warm, comfortable, and protected.

🏅 Storelli BodyShield pants

Storelli BodyShield pants

🏅 Best Overall

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❤️ why we love these pants

Standing between the posts as a goalkeeper requires some serious skill and fortitude. But with these Storelli BodyShield legging, you don't just have skills, you have style too. These remarkable pants boast tough and rugged abrasion-resistant patches on the knees and make use of hip pads for added protection. You can even slide in a cup protector into one of the pockets for extra security. Plus, the breathable fabric ensures your performance won’t be hindered by stuffiness or sweat! Not only that, but Storelli BodyShield was built with long-term turf-burn prevention in mind – so you can keep running around the goal for longer than ever before. Be stylish, be safe – be a goalkeeper with nice pants.

👖 features

  • Robust materials with 18% spandex and 82% Nylon
  • It’s air-dry recommended
  • UV-Resistant
  • Pull on closure type

Goalkeepers, check out the Storelli's BodyShield pants if you're looking for the protection. A breakthrough in soccer-protection technology, they are made with 100% latex and anti-bacterial treatment to keep germs and odors at bay. Plus, the innovative hip padding and turf burn resistant panels will have you ready to defend your goal with confidence. And if that wasn't enough, the pants also feature a unique UV-resistant material that guards against harmful rays and can make all the difference after a whole day of practice in the blazing sun. Goalkeeper extraordinaires, get game-ready with these hot pants!

🥈 Medalist

Goalkeeper Pants Pro

🥈 Medalist

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❤️ why we love these pants

Have you ever wished you could be your favorite goalkeeper while playing? With the Kelme Goalkeeper pants, you can live out that dream. These ultra-comfy and well-padded pants have enough leg room to carry all your equipment – so much that you'll feel invincible! Furthermore, the super-duper quality fabric guarantees long-lasting durability no matter how many shots come at it. Love these goalie pants so much that once you put them on, people will be asking where you got them! So step up your game and get ready to look sharp in some Kelme pants.

👖 features

With the Kelme Pro Goalkeeper Pants, you can be sure that you're getting the best quality. These pants have multiple protection pads to protect your lower body while also featuring K-AIR technology, which produces breathable material that keeps you cool and dry during the game. From their easy purchasing process on Amazon to hassle-free returns and exchanges, buying Goalkeeper Pants has never been easier - but it's even better when you know that the product is designed with comfort and confidence in mind. What's more, these pants are so resilient that they can be washed in a machine without any worries about damage! So when you  take position on the pitch, you can look your best with these Kelme pants.

🥉 Podium pick

Reusch Alex Pants

🥉 Podium pick

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❤️ why we love these pants

The Reusch Alex are great pants designed to provide unparalleled comfort, protection and maneuverability, giving you the edge in those crucial one-on-one situations. Lightweight fabric is paired with durable padding technology, providing enhanced protection without compromising agility. From quick saves to swift reflexes zones, these amazing goalkeeper pants keep up with your every move. They’ve been proven more than capable of remaining tough and sturdy on even the toughest surfaces - so don’t let a tough playground stand in your way! With their custom fit and adjustable interior drawcord for a personalized feel, you will remain comfortable even on prolonged goalkeeping duties. So give yourself the unbeatable advantage that comes with the Reusch Alex.

👖 features

  • Polyester materials
  • Elastic well-fit waist
  • Well-padded knee protection
  • Extensive padding is included on the knee & hips

Goalkeeping just got a whole lot better with the Reusch Alex Goalkeeper Pants. This awesome pair is made of 100% polyester knit and features an elastic waist with an inside draw cord for a more comfortable and secure fit. Plus, it's also padded on the hips and knees for extra protection while you're on the field. But wait, there's more! It has a strap/stirrup at the bottom of the leg which goes around your foot - this helps to prevent the pant from riding up during use. Goalkeepers will love this high-performance pant suited just for them!

Best Goalkeeper Pants FAQs

Goalkeepers are often the unsung heroes of a soccer team. They make spectacular saves that keep their team in the game, but they don't always get the glory. It's hard to be a goalkeeper. You're always at risk of getting scored on, and you never know when you're going to make a mistake that costs your team the game. In the following section, we'll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about goalkeeper pants below.

What are the benefits of wearing pants as a goalkeeper?

Goalie pants are thicker and provide more padding than regular pants, making them ideal for protecting the goalkeeper's legs from shots. They also have a tighter fit than regular pants, which helps to keep the goalkeeper's legs in place and prevent them from being pulled out of position.

Do all goalkeepers wear pants?

Goalkeeper pants are not essential, but they can provide some benefits. They can help protect your legs from bruising if you take a hard hit, and they also can help keep you warmer in cold weather. If you're playing in a recreational league and don't have goalie pants, you can probably get away with wearing regular soccer shorts. But if you're playing in a competitive league, it might be worth investing in a pair of goalie pants so that you have the best protection possible.

What is the difference between goalkeeper pants and regular pants?

Goalkeeper pants are designed specifically for goalkeepers. They are made of heavier fabric than regular pants so that they can protect the goalkeeper from getting injured if they make a save. Goalkeeper pants also have extra padding on the front and sides to further protect the goalkeeper.

Are long pants or short pants important for a goalie?

It depends on the goalkeeper’s choice. The log pants offer more protection in the lower body parts, especially in the practice field and hard and rocky competition. It helps the players from getting unwanted scratches or injuries on their skin.

But players sometimes prefer to wear shorts over long pants. In this case, it doesn’t create any difference as it depends on the goalie’s comfort. We strongly recommend the goalkeeper wear long pants if the game is on artificial turf. Because long pants are always designed with an extra padding system in the lower body parts, it will ensure high security and save the goalie from injury.

How to choose goalie pants?

When it comes to choosing goalie pants, there are a few things to take into consideration. First, you'll want to make sure the pants fit well and are comfortable. Next, you'll need to decide on the level of protection you want. Some goalkeeper pants offer more protection than others, so it's important to choose the right type for your needs. Finally, consider the weather conditions and choose a pair of pants that will keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

The Goalie Pants for You

There are many great goalkeeper pants available for anyone in search of comfortable and stylish protection for their legs. Our picks above combine long-lasting quality with a sleek, contemporary design. Whether you're looking for the best overall keeper pants, something with extra padding, or something that just looks good; the reviews above can help you find the perfect pair to fit your criteria.

When it comes to enjoying playing while also protecting your legs, don't settle for anything less than what meets your needs. So take a look at the reviews above and pick out a pair of the goalie pants that fits your style.

you can’t save goals without having proper protection on your legs

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