Pickleball is an exciting game that requires more than just paddles and balls. One of the most essential pieces of equipment you need when playing pickleball is a net.

A pickleball net separates you and your opponent's side of the court.

Don't get tangled up in the wrong equipment - let us guide you on the best net for your needs. We'll break down all the factors you should consider, so you can keep your eye on the prize - winning!


One of the most critical factors when choosing a pickleball net is getting the correct height. According to the USA Pickleball association, a standard pickleball net should be 36" high on the sides of the court and 34" at the center, where it sags due to the weight of the net. Keeping this measurement in mind is crucial if you’re looking for a net that complies with regulations.


Another essential specification to check is the width of the net. Ideally, a pickleball net should be about 22' wide from each post.


Pickleball nets are made of different materials such as nylon, cotton, or vinyl. While nylon is the most commonly used material, it’s essential to check the quality of the net before making a purchase. Look for nets with reinforced seams and bindings, as they tend to last longer than those without them.


The sturdiness of a pickleball net depends on its frame. Most nets come with a metal frame, which provides the needed support and stability. It's crucial to examine the frame's construction to ensure that it's sturdy enough to support the net's weight for a long time.


Unless you want a permanent net, it's essential to consider the net's portability, especially if you intend to use it at different locations. You don't want to invest in a bulky or complicated net to assemble. Instead, look for one that is easy to assemble and dissemble; and comes with a carrying case for easy transportation.

How We Chose the Best Pickleball Net

In our quest to find the best pickleball net, we embarked on an internet research adventure, leaving no stone unturned. We examined countless reviews with expert opinions to confirm, and product specifications, all while sifting through the vast sea of available options. Through blood, sweat, and virtual tears, we narrowed down our search to the top 3 pickleball nets that truly stand out from the rest.

🏅 ZENY Portable Pickleball Net

ZENY Portable Pickleball Net

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why we ❤️ this pickleball net

If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced pickleball net that seems to meet all your needs, look no further than the ZENY Portable Pickleball Nets. This net was so easy to assemble - the diagrammed instructions were clear and all pieces were labeled, and in just a few minutes we had it ready for practice at home or heading out to the courts. We liked this net so much that we left it attached to its poles for storage and re-assembly took less than 5 minutes! After using this net around 25 times, I can attest to its durability - no issues at all! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this piece of equipment is perfectly suited. Get your ZENY Portable Pickleball Net today and enjoy hours of fun on the court!


For any pickleball player, having the option to play anywhere and anytime is a must. Unfortunately, not all tennis courts are always available, which is why portable options like the Zeny can make for the perfect solution. The ZENY Portable Pickleball Net set is made of sturdy powder-coated steel and is regulation-size. Its easy-insert locking connection frame makes it easy to set up and take down, meaning that you can play anywhere from your backyard to the beach. The net has a strong metal base to prevent it from being blown over by the breeze, and its carrying bag makes it easy to transport. Its 22ft width makes it the perfect size for serious players to enjoy a game, no matter where they are.

🥈 Onix Pickleball Net

Onix Pickleball Net

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The Onix Pickleball Net is highly portable and easy to assemble, this net system can make your pickleball dreams a reality. Assemble it as a full size net, or repurpose it into your very own 10-foot practice net. And don't be fooled by its lightweight construction: this bad boy means business. Love the idea of spontaneous pickleball games but don't want something too bulky? Don’t worry! The bag that comes with this set makes for easy transport so you can take your games wherever you please. And when you're done, everything packs away super easily again - ready for next time!


The Onix Portable Pickleball Net is a game changer for anyone looking for versatility and convenience. With net systems that can have two nets in one, players can easily switch between the standard USAPA regulation-size net and the smaller 10' practice net. The inter-locking steel tubes make assembly a breeze, while the wide steel base and quality net materials ensure a sturdy construction. The adjustable straps and center post allow for perfect net tension and height control, making for a consistently optimal playing experience. Plus, with the included wheeled carrying case, transporting the Onix Pickleball Net is a breeze. Whether you're an experienced pro or just starting out, the Onix Portable Pickleball Net is the perfect addition to your gear collection.

🥉 Franklin Sports Pickleball Net

Franklin Sports Pickleball Net

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why we ❤️ this pickleball net

The Franklin Sports Pickleball Net is a must-have for any pickleball lover. It was a snap to assemble. The construction is sturdy, so it stands up beautifully against windy days and lots of games! With its easy setup and takedown, you can be sure that taking it along to your favorite court or keeping it at home will be a breeze.


The Franklin Sports Pickleball Net is a regulation size net, measuring 22 feet long with 12 inches on either side to cover the length of the court. Standing at 3 feet high, it adheres to official USA Pickleball (USAPA) net standards for competitive and tournament play. This easy-to-assemble net is perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, made with powdered steel posts and heavy-duty nylon netting to ensure premium quality. The net is designed for a tool-free installation, making for quick set up and pack up. A premium travel bag is included, allowing for easy transportation and storage of the net and paddles. Whether you’re playing in your backyard or at a tournament, the Franklin Sports Pickleball Net is a reliable choice for a great game.

Pickleball Net FAQs

As we venture further into the world of pickleball, we know you may have some more burning questions about nets. That's why we've put together a most frequently asked questions section just for you! Get ready to quench your curiosity and as we tackle the most common concerns surrounding these specialized nets.

What is pickleball?

Pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Pickleball is typically played on a court 20 x 44 feet with a net that stands 34 inches high at the center. It can be played as both singles or doubles. The game uses a hard plastic paddle to hit a polymer wiffle ball over the net.

How high is a pickleball net?

The official height of a pickleball net is 36 in (91 cm) at the sidelines and 34 inches (86 cm) in the center. All pickleball nets must hang securely so that the top of the net is 34 inches from the ground or court surface.

Are pickleball and tennis nets the same height?

No, pickleball and tennis nets do not have the same height. A pickleball net has a lower height than that of a tennis net.

What is the pickleball net used for?

The pickleball net is an essential piece of equipment for playing the popular sport of pickleball. It's a smaller-scale tennis court used to play a fast-paced game that can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels. The net sets the boundaries for each player’s side, provides support for volleys, and help keeps determine if the ball is in play.

How do I set up a Pickleball net?

Find a flat spot to set up the net so that your shots have clear trajectories. Ensure that the area has enough space for both teams to move around comfortably without any obstruction. Make sure that it comes with all of the pieces to setup; including poles, screws, washers, rope, straps. Then attach either end of your net to overhand hooks connected securely at these points before fastening tight with their internal bungee cord along both sides. Test out stability of net with a light tap.

Is it easy to replace a pickleball net?

A replacement net is typically quite easy and can be done in just a few steps. You'll just need to measure your existing net and ensure the replacement net is the right size.

Best Pickleball Nets

Choosing the right pickleball net can make all the difference in your game. When looking for a net, take into consideration the height, width, material, sturdiness, and portability. By considering these factors, you're sure to choose a net that fits your needs and lasts for a long time. Now that you've armed yourself with all the information you need, go ahead, and make that pick!

Happy hitting!

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