Snorkeling is fun for kids of all age groups. But it is necessary to prepare yourself with the appropriate gear so you can have more fun reducing risks. Everyone wants to prepare their children with a good snorkeling set.

There are different types of snorkel sets available. Choosing the best snorkel gear is necessary in order to enable them to enjoy their time in the water. You have to consider several significant factors before buying a set.

No worries, if you don’t know what to consider, we will discuss all the factors you need to take into consideration. Moreover, we will also discuss the three best snorkel gear for kids.

What to Consider when Looking for Snorkel Sets for Kids

It's summertime and your kid is begging you to get them a snorkel set so they can explore the underwater world. You want to make sure you get the right set for them. Fortunately, we’ve got your back. Let’s dive into some of the things you should consider when looking for snorkel sets.

Size Matters

When it comes to snorkel sets, size really does matter—especially when buying for kids. It might seem tempting to buy a larger set with more features for your child, thinking that they can grow into it; however, this could be hazardous if the mask is too big or uncomfortable for them. The most important factor in choosing the right size is making sure that the mask fits properly and snugly around their face without being too tight. Additionally, if you are planning on your child using fins, make sure that they fit properly and aren't too big or small; otherwise, they won't be able to swim as efficiently and may become frustrated with the experience.

Fitting masks

Snorkel sets for children are available in different sizes. One size snorkel set is not necessarily best for a 3-year-old or an 8-year-old.

The risk of leakage may increase if the mask is too large or too small. Everyone knows that snorkeling with a leaky mask is no fun. So to get the best size, refer to each brand’s size chart.

They may eventually grow out of it, but in the meantime, they won’t be able to enjoy using the mask. A kids snorkel mask is a smaller version of an adult mask but usually have a tighter-fitting silicone skirt.

The first step in determining the mask’s fit is ensuring the skirt covers the hairline completely. During diving, hair between the mask and the skin can cause leakage. Instruct the child to remove the hair, put the snorkel mask on their face, and take a few deep breaths.

Fitting swim fins

Some swimming fins for children are about the size of a shoe. Size is more important for closed-pocket fins than open-heel fins. Fins that are too short, in particular, can cause foot pain while snorkeling.

When using closed-pocket fins, it is recommended that you wear socks, or neoprene socks are available. The wrong size can cause blisters on the toes. Open-heel wedge sizes are forgiving and allow little ones to “grow” out of them.

They are more comfortable when worn with water shoes or children’s diving shoes. These swim fins are not intended to be used without shoes.


Depending on the child’s age, choosing the color can be significant. I don’t know why, but snorkeling kits for kids are less gendered. This is especially true for full-face masks.


Of course, you should choose a snorkel set that will last a long time. Children like to play in the sand, and only a sturdy snorkel can handle this type of situation.

Review customer ratings to determine the durability of any kids snorkel set you are considering. Tempered glass lenses made of high-grade silicone are an important feature to look for. Cheap plastic scratches easily and won’t hold up to much impact.

Easy of use

All elements of snorkeling gear should be easy to use so your child does not have to worry about the face mask or snorkel fins coming off. Fin clips are something that most parents overlook.

The significant thing is to make sure your child is comfortable with the process and can handle it. Before shopping for kids snorkeling gear, we spent hours researching the internet and finally concluded that open heel fins are popular with teenagers.

They are more comfortable and provide more space as your child grows. The straps are adjustable and can be loosened or tightened to provide comfort as needed.


Children can easily become frustrated if uncomfortable, so checking the snorkeling gear carefully before entering the water is important.

It is also important that the mask is closed tightly. The mask should be tightly closed to prevent water leakage. It varies from person to person, but “It’s too tight!” Some people say.

For children with long hair, you may help tie them before wearing the mask to avoid pulling or pinching their hair.

Safety First!

When it comes to water sports like snorkeling, safety should always come first.

After all, nothing ruins a fun day out like an accident or injury! Make sure that any gear you purchase meets safety standards and is made from durable materials that won’t easily break or malfunction while in use.

Also check that there are no sharp edges or points on any of the equipment your child will be using as this could result in scrapes and cuts while snorkeling.

Ensure that your child has a life jacket on at all times while out in open water. 

Snorkeling can be an incredibly rewarding outdoor activity for kids; however, finding the right snorkel set can be tricky if you don't know what you're looking for. When shopping for a snorkel set for your child make sure you pay attention to size, safety standards, and quality materials. By following these tips you'll have peace of mind knowing that your kid is having fun while staying safe!

How we chose Snorkel Gear for Kids

Your kids have been begging you to take them snorkeling, but you're not sure if the gear you have is good enough. You don't want to buy a bunch of gear and have your kids disappointed when they can't use it because it's not the right type or size. We've done all the research for you and we're excited to share our top picks for your kids. Our picks are based on safety, comfort, and durability.

🏅 QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask

QingSong Full Face Snorkel Mask

🏅 medal

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The QingSong brand produces a full-face snorkel mask. This full-face snorkel mask consists of silicone material. Moreover, it has a single lens and float valve type. It is available in different colors.

❤️ Why we love this snorkel

QingSong is the best snorkel mask that comes with three separate air channels to stop the exhaled CO2 re-inhalation, ensuring that you inhale the fresh air every time. Snorkeling keeps you safe from dizziness and suffocation because you inhale a mixture of CO2 and air, increasing safety and providing you with a happy and safe experience.

🤿 features

This snorkel mask has an anti-leak and anti-fog design. It has exhaling and inhaling channels that stop the snorkel mask from the anti-fog coating and fogging up on the lens. This snorkel mask stops salty water from getting into the mask.

The latest version of the full-face snorkel masks are quite easy to wear as it has (two) quick-release buttons. Moreover, this mask has a perfect fit with your face and adjustable shoulder straps. This will be the best choice for you, particularly if you are a beginner.

🥈 DIPUKI Snorkeling Gear

DIPUKI Snorkeling Gear

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The DIPUKI brand produces this snorkeling gear for kids. It consists of tempered glass and silicone materials and a single lens. It is available in blue/white and pink/white colors.

❤️ Why we love this snorkel

The dry snorkel comes with a water stop valve. When it is submerged, it closes to lock in the water and re-intakes air by getting re-opened when it gets into the water. It keeps seawater out of your mouth to avoid suffocation.

🤿 features

The snorkel mask has an adjustable silicone strap and a buckle that you can adjust according to your head shape. It is wide enough to easily see the corals, fishes, and other underwater creatures, which enables you to have the best underwater experience. Furthermore, the explosion-proof and scratch-resistant make sure safety in the water.

🥉 U.S. Divers Dorado Snorkeling Set

U.S. Divers Dorado Snorkeling Set

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The U.S. Divers brand produces this snorkeling set. It is available in different color combinations. This snorkeling set consists of plastic material and comes with a dual lens.

❤️ Why we love this snorkel

This latest snorkel mask is a perfect fit for the faces of the kids (6 and up age group). This mask has a shatter-resistant anti-fog PC lens, which ensures ultra-clear vision and long life. The medium size has a perfect kid’s shoe size 1-4.

🤿 features

This snorkel set is very comfortable. You can adjust it easily as it comes with the 3-way buckle system to make sure comfort, and it is easy to use. The mouthpiece has a purge valve that removes the water from the mouth. In addition, the splash guard top keeps surface water out of the snorkel.

Kids Snorkel Gear FAQs

Are you worried if your child will enjoy using the gear, but you also have to make sure that it is safe and made from quality materials. If your child's snorkel gear fails them while they are swimming in the ocean, that could be a potentially dangerous situation. We've sharing some of the most frequently asked questions for you to learn more.

At what age can I start snorkeling?

The age at which you start snorkeling depends on your comfort in the water and your ability to follow instructions. Learning how to breathe through a tube is important, but staying calm and trusting that you can breathe and float is even more important.

Many young people are afraid. Children as young as two years old can try the toddler snorkel gear described below, and some children become proficient around age 4 or 6.

How will my child use the adult snorkel?

Junior high school-age children need smaller snorkels, as adult snorkels often don’t work well. Their mouths are not yet large enough to use an adult snorkel.

Will the kids be able to snorkel if they don’t know how to swim?

Yes, children can snorkel wearing full life jackets, even if they don't know how to swim.

What is the best kids snorkel gear for my child?

When it comes to finding the best snorkeling gear for your child, there are a few key factors that you should consider. First and foremost, you want to make sure that their snorkel equipment fits correctly and provides maximum comfort. Specifically, the mask should fit snugly while not being too tight or constricting; the fins should be lightweight yet sturdy enough to provide adequate propulsion; and the snorkel tube should be comfortable in the mouth when submerged underwater.

You also want to make sure your child’s snorkeling equipment is safe, so look for products made with durable materials such as silicone or rubber with no sharp edges that can cause skin damage. Additionally, check out special features like anti-fog on masks or UV protective coating on fins which can provide extra protection from sunlight exposure when swimming at shallow depths.

Another important factor is ease of use—choose a set of gear that has intuitive mechanisms for adjusting straps or buckles so kids won’t have difficulty navigating them (a helpful tip: opt for quick-release buckles instead!). Finally, choose a product from a reputable brand—make sure they have strong customer service support in case problems arise during usage!

How do I choose the right size snorkel gear for my child?

If you want to choose the right size snorkel gear for your child, it is important to consider several factors.

First, you should look at the age range recommendations on the snorkel gear package or label. Most kids snorkel sets will provide general age suggestions based on what size would be best suited for a safe and comfortable fit. Generally, sizes will typically range from extra-small (ages 5-7) to large (13+).

Next, measure the circumference of your child’s head so you can use this as a guide when selecting a mask size. Snorkels come with adjustable straps but keep in mind that if these are too tight they can cause discomfort and hurt your child's ears during prolonged use; too loose and there won't be a good seal around their face which could lead to water coming in during dives.

You also want to make sure that your child's fins fit correctly as well – ideally snug enough so that they stay on their feet but not too tight so that it restricts movement or circulation in their ankle area. Lastly, regardless of size selection make sure all straps have quick release buckles on them in case the need arises. With these tips in mind you should go ahead with confidence knowing your little one has appropriate fitting snorkel gear!

What are the benefits of snorkeling for kids?

Snorkeling is an excellent recreational activity for kids to explore the world beneath the surface. Not only can they enjoy some unique sights, but it also comes with a number of health benefits that make it a great choice for young explorers.

To start with, snorkeling is a low-impact activity that's perfect for teaching children about aquatic life and marine conservation. Learning about these fascinating creatures in their natural habitat can be incredibly rewarding and more engaging than reading from books or watching television documentaries. 

Additionally, kids will benefit from increased concentration as well as an improved understanding of ecosystems - all while having fun!

When it comes to physical benefits, snorkeling requires little effort compared to other water sports like swimming or surfing. While building up strength and endurance may be possible over time with frequent visits in the ocean, snorkelers don’t need to push themselves too hard - which makes it ideal for younger participants who may not have the same level of physical fitness yet.

In addition to strengthening core muscles during those long hours spent submerged in water while wearing their gear, they'll also develop better balance which is important when maneuvering around coral reefs or rocky outcrops below them.

Exploring underwater environments through snorkeling opens up a whole new way of looking at nature and its beauty - something no child should miss out on!

Bottom Line

There are different types of snorkel gear for kids available throughout the market. Choosing the best one will make your kid’s time enjoyable in water. However, it is not easy to select the best one.

There are multiple factors you have to consider before purchasing the snorkel set for kids, which we have discussed above. So, make sure you consider them when you buy a snorkel set for your kids.

We hope this guide will help you choose the best snorkel gear for your kids. We also have discussed a few best snorkel gear for kids. Move ahead and choose one that is most comfortable for your kids.

Good Luck!

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