Do you love soccer but hate getting injured? We know how important it is to protect your knees playing soccer. That’s why we’ve done the research and helped you narrow down a list for the best soccer knee braces. Make sure to check out the following list before making your final decision.

Buying Guide

Are you Soccer-ing your way through the knee brace buying jungle? Don't worry, this guide is here to help make it easier! We've narrowed down a few must have factors in order for you to find that perfect fit. From types of braces, protection, and materials used - we'll be sure to equip you with all the tools necessary for an informed decision.


Four common types of braces are available:

  1. Knee Sleeves: These are comfortable and fit snugly. The sleeves provide supreme comfort, and you can wear them under clothing.
  2. Dual-Wrap Braces: These braces are compatible with wrapping around your entire knee. They provide more support compared to the sleeves.
  3. Knee Straps: If you have trouble with knee pain, straps may be ideal for you.
  4. Patella Braces: In this type, you can choose any type between open and closed Patella braces. Choose the open Patella brace if you want extra support for knee pressure. However, the closed Patella brace will be a better option for high compression.

Protection Level

When tackling the field, it's essential to be appropriately protected. This may depend on how you play the game. Do you have a previous knee injury? Or do you want a little protection from scrapes and bruises. Select a level of protection that suits you.

Scout out which type of knee protection works best for you!


When choosing a brace, don't skimp out on the type of materials - after all the quality of the fabric can make or break its protective capabilities. Opt for something like nylon to ensure top-notch!

How We Chose a Soccer Knee Brace

Knees are important, and so is playing soccer. Soccer is a popular sport, and it's no wonder why. It's a fast-paced, physical game that can be incredibly rewarding. But like any other sport, there is always the risk of injury.

A good knee brace can help reduce the chances of an injury while playing soccer. We've done the research and read dozens of Amazon reviews to narrow down the list for soccer knee protection.

🏅 Best Overall

Incrediwear Knee Sleeve

🏅 Medal

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❤️ why we love this knee brace

Whether you're gearing up for the next big match or working towards improving your skills, this knee brace is here to help. It can help provide support during periods where you need to perform at a high level. Plus, with its flexible sizing options ranging from S-XXL, no soccer star needs to worry about finding a fit that's just right!

🦵 features

  • Range of sizes are available
  • High-quality materials
  • Suitable for men and women

Say goodbye to agonizing pains associated with playing soccer - Incrediwear's knee brace is here! This revolutionary, comfortable and breathable fabric not only helps relieve chronic injuries like arthritis, tendonitis and sprains but also stimulates circulation through its clever use of semiconductor components. And if that wasn't enough it even wicks away sweat during those intense matches so you can remain focused on the field rather than worrying about any aches or fatigue. Get your game face back today thanks to this incredible wonder-brace from Incrediwear.

🥈 Medal

Bodyprox Knee Brace

🥈 Silver Medal

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❤️ why we love this knee brace

This soccer knee brace is the perfect solution for avid soccer players facing debilitating injuries! Its ultra supportive design helps to protect and recover from ACL tears, PCL/LCL issues or even mild osteoarthritis. Plus it comes with guaranteed comfort - so you can move forward without worries at game time.

🦵 features

  • High-quality materials combination
  • Anti-slip lining for a tight fit
  • Bi-directional straps for additional support
  • Flexible stabilizer springs

Living with injuries shouldn’t be the way to define your life. And being injured while playing soccer is common. The Bodyprox knee brace can help ease your pain. This brace is designed with Petalla gel pads and a side stabilizer that absorbs impact easily. The Pettala gel pads support the kneecap and movement.

Its highly supportive, moisture-wicking, made of nylon and neoprene materials; a good combination to deliver breathable support and lessen stress. Neoprene is the insulating component that warms the muscles and increases blood flow. The bi-directional two velcro straps can be wrapped around your knee for added support.

🥉 Podium Pick

NEENCA Professional Knee Brace

🥉 Podium Pick

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❤️ why we love this knee brace

If you're looking for a Soccer knee brace that offers professional medical grade knee pain relief and injury recovery, then NEENCA is your BEST choice. Their exclusive patent-pending design integrates side spring stabilizers and patella gel pads which offer additional support to strengthen joint and reduce knee load.

Plus, its double anti-slip technology features elastic webbing stitched inside and a medical grade non-slip silicone strip to keep it in place throughout your game or practice. It’s high-elastic design ensures that the knee brace fits comfortably on your knees; made with breathable compression fabric, NEENCA quickly absorbs any sweat so you won’t experience any allergies or itchiness during wear. With extra thickening to keep your joints warm, you can rest assured that optimal comfort and protection are provided when wearing NEENCA kneebraces!

🦵 features

  • Medical-grade non-slip stripes
  • Anatomically-contoured Patella gel pad for high protection
  • High-precision cutting technology
  • 3D knitting structure for 360° perfect fit
  • Robust metal spring stabilizers deliver supreme stability

If you want your soccer knee brace to offer high-impact and strengthened side support, use the Neenca soccer brace. It will allow you to maintain good joint stability. This brace disperses pressure and lubricates the joint effectively. Also, keep your knees warm for continuous pain relief.

This medical-grade knee brace works fine for ACL, meniscus tears, and joint pain. Also, you can use it for weight lifting, jogging, volleyball, running, gym, hiking, CrossFit, etc. this versatile knee brace is perfect for a comfortable experience.

Its air-knit materials are ready to absorb and evaporate huge amounts of water for better circular breathing. The Neenca can dry fast and absorb sweat due to its maximum breathability. It’s lightweight but thicker than an ordinary knee brace and delivers additional reinforcement. The versatile design will allow you to wear it under your pants or leggings. Wearing this brace for a long time will never create an extra burden.

Knee Brace FAQs

Knees are incredibly important for playing soccer, but they're also one of the most commonly injured body parts. Soccer is a physical sport and injuries are bound to happen. When they do, it's important to have a knee brace that can help you get back on the field as soon as possible.

A soccer knee brace is designed to provide compression and support to your knee while you play. It has been shown to reduce pain and swelling, allowing you to stay in the game longer. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about soccer knee braces.

How tight should my knee brace be?

Keep it in between tight and loose. Don’t make it too tight or too loose. Focus on your comfort.

Do I need a doctor’s recommendation for a knee brace?

Not exactly. It depends on your necessity. But you can take the doctor’s suggestion if necessary.

Can you play soccer with a knee brace?

You can play soccer with a knee brace, but you may have to adjust how you play. A knee brace can help protect your knee from further injury if it is unstable or has been injured in the past.

If you are playing with a brace, you should make sure that it fits properly and does not interfere with your movement. You may also need to loosen the brace if you start to feel too hot or too constricted. Be sure to talk to your doctor or physical therapist about whether a knee brace is right for you and how to use it safely.

Should I wear a knee brace for soccer?

A knee brace for soccer can help to stabilize the knee and provide some relief from pain. It's important to make sure that the brace is fitted properly in order to get the most benefit from it.

There are a number of different types of knee braces available, so it's important to do some research to find the right one for you. Some braces are designed specifically for soccer, while others are meant for general use. The key is to find one that fits well and that is made from a high-quality material.

Why do soccer players wear knee braces?

Soccer players wear knee braces to help protect their knees from injury. Knee braces can help to stabilize the knee and provide extra support during times of stress or when the ligaments are weak.

There are a variety of different types of knee braces available, and each one is designed for a specific type of injury or condition. It is important to select the correct brace for your needs, and to make sure that you wear it correctly in order to get the most benefit from it. If you are unsure which brace is best for you, be sure to consult with your doctor or athletic trainer.

Why does my knee hurt as a soccer player?

There are a few potential reasons why your knee might be hurting as a soccer player. One possibility is that you might have injured your knee and need a soccer knee brace to help support it and protect it from further damage. Another possibility is that you might have some sort of joint inflammation or arthritis, which can cause pain and discomfort in the knee. 

If you're experiencing pain in your knee, then it's important to speak with a doctor or physical therapist to figure out what might be causing it and how best to treat it. In the meantime, you might find relief by using a soccer knee brace for support.

Best Soccer knee brace for you

With all of that being said, the best soccer knee brace for you is ultimately the one that fits your specific needs as a soccer player. Be sure to read reviews and get a sense of what others are saying before making your final decision. And remember, always consult with a medical professional if you have any concerns about which product is right for you. Thanks for reading and we hope this article was helpful.

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