No soccer player wants to be caught flat-footed by a deflated ball in the middle of their match. So, if you don't have time to do your own research on finding the best inflatable tool for pregame preparation - let us help! We've compiled a list of high quality responsive pumps that will make sure there's no more slacking off when it comes to game time. With these trusty inflators at hand, even those with two left feet won’t miss any goal opportunities during matches 😆

Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing a Pump

Nothing is worse than showing up to the soccer field with an underinflated ball. You can’t pass it, you can’t shoot it, and your opponents are having a laugh at your expense. But don’t worry, because investing in a good soccer pump could be the solution to all of your problems. Before you purchase one, however, there are several factors that you need to consider.


Let’s start with budget. Before buying a soccer pump, it’s important to decide how much money you want to spend on it. Do some research and compare prices between different brands or models. It might be tempting to buy the cheapest one or whatever is on sale right now.

Size Matters

Do you want a small pump that fits comfortably in your pocket or do you want one that comes with its own carrying case? If size matters to you—which it probably does—then make sure you check out the dimensions of the pump before adding it to your cart. A more compact pump may be easier to transport but may take longer to inflate the ball, while a larger one might take up more space but require less effort on your part.

Power Source

Some pumps require electricity while others rely exclusively on manual power. If you choose an electric model then make sure there will be outlets available where you play. Otherwise, go with something manual that requires no cords or batteries. The upside of electric pumps is that they tend to work faster than their manual counterparts. However, they can also be pricier and less portable due to their bulkier size.

Size, power source, price, and noise level are just some of the things you should consider


The weight of a soccer pump for portability. If your soccer pump comes with less than 1 pound, it will be easier for you to move and inflate anytime.

Replaceable Needle

Some of the pumps aren’t available with replaceable needles. So if you want to use your soccer pump for the long term, you should choose a pump designed with replaceable needles.

LCD Display Screen

Having a pump with an LCD display will bring huge benefits you can check out the battery status. And, charging the battery in due time when the battery is on low charge.

Dual-Action System

This feature ensures two sides of the pump can inflate your ball. So, a pump with dual-action will lessen your inflation time.

USB Charge Compatibility

Electric pumps that are chargeable with any type of USB cable.

Auto Shut-Off System

A soccer pump with auto-shut/off will allow you to inflate the ball without concentrating on when you need to stop pumping. Auto-shut technology will let the pump shut off automatically when the ball is inflated fully.

Noise Level

You don’t want to be “that guy” who annoys everyone around him by using a loud pump at every practice and game. So if noise level is important for you, then make sure you read online reviews about each type of pump before making your final decision—you don’t want any surprises! Keep in mind that electric pumps tend to be much louder than manual ones and can quickly draw unwanted attention from both players and spectators alike.

Investing in a good ball pump can greatly improve your performance and enjoyment on the field. However, not all pumps are created equal. So it pays off to do some research first! There are lots of great options out there so finding one that suits your needs shouldn’t be too difficult!

How We Chose a Soccer Pump

Soccer is a pretty big deal, and so is your equipment. You need a soccer pump handy to make sure your game goes as smoothly as possible. A lot of people seem to think that just any old soccer pump will do. But if you want to be a part of the 1% of elite players, you need something better. We've read through dozens of Amazon reviews to help you on your search for the soccer pump that may be right for you.

🏅 Best Overall


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❤️ Why we love this pump

This soccer ball pump works as the perfect sidekick while traveling. It’s easy to set and pack in terms of its lightweight design and small shape. The Sportbit will be placeable in your palm, so think how tiny it is to place it in your gear bag.

Also, it is made of soft silicon mold materials. Therefore, you can easily pump the ball, and it won’t slip away from your hands. It’s even handy for kids to pump their soccer ball trouble-free. Needless to say, the Sportbit is super easy to maintain.

⚽ features

A soccer ball pump that comes in a handy design with a soft covering and deliver ing comfort while inflating your ball. The Sportbit dual-action soccer ball pump will offer comfortable handles. And, when you pump the ball, you won’t be bored because of its soft material.

The ergonomic design of the Sportbit comes in handy with its multi-purpose usage. So you can pump not just your soccer balls, but volleyballs, footballs, basketballs.

It has a very strong body construction and lasts for a long time. The unique needle adapter plugging system of the Sportbit is pretty soft and doesn't bend. And you can change the needles if these are unfit. It won’t require any critical process to inflate, so you’ll find it easy to use.

  • Dual-action system for powerful push & pull air delivery
  • Soft needle plug adapter
  • Anti-slip bumps
  • Long-lasting
  • Needles are replaceable if needed

🥈 Best Budget

Morpilot Electric Basketball Pump

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❤️ Why we love this pump

The Morpilot Electric pump is designed with 4 ball pumping modes and you can pump your ball within seconds. All you need to do is to click on the mode type. It’s a versatile ball pump for all types of balls. This pump also comes with a compact carrying bag so that you carry it hassle-free.

⚽ features

MorPilot is a dynamic and popular brand for manufacturing sports gear. It also manufactures automotive tools for outside purposes. The Morpilot electric soccer pump is made of a compact design with a large capacity. You can inflate 30 balls at a single charge using this amazing pump. So, it will make your ball-pumping task faster and easier.

It is designed with all the bells and whistles you need. It has auto-off functionality, requires no manual process to inflate the ball. All you need to do is click the button to inflate the ball within minutes. And the pump will shut off automatically when it reaches the required air pressure. The battery charging system is also easy, and you can charge the battery with a normal USB cable.

  • Auto-shut-off functionality
  • Create low noise
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Premium quality aluminum materials

🥉 Podium Pick

BOMPOW Electric Ball Pump

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❤️ Why we love this pump

Who doesn’t like to get portable gear that can be carried to a convenient site easily? Everybody does! So, the Bompow pump is super lightweight with only 0.55 lbs weight which makes it super portable.

You can carry this tool in your pocket. And the recharging process is also good. Using a regular USB cable of your power bank, laptop, or other common sockets, you can charge it. This ball pump can inflate 30 balls at a time once it’s charged fully.

⚽ features

For quick, safe, and trouble-free ball inflation, you can rely on the Bompow soccer electric ball pump. The air pressure detection technology of this electric pump can support the preset pressure and stop automatically while finished pumping. Since it requires very less time to inflate the ball, it’s easy to set the ball and prepare yourself for the practice session without wasting time.

Amazingly, this pump is manufactured with all the ultra-modern features like an LCD display screen and flashlight. In terms of its LCD display screen, you check the battery status and air pressure level with ease. Activating the LCD display is also so easy. Just tap on the right button twice and the light will be turned on. This LCD display screen is so useful to inflate in the dark.

The versatile design will allow you to use it not for the soccer ball, but football, basketball, rugby ball, volleyball, and many other types of balls to inflate. The needling systems of this ball are pretty easy to inflate without any trouble.

  • The exclusive battery indicator is included
  • Compatible with multiple applications
  • Auto preset pressure and stop process
  • Replaceable AA battery
  • Compact size and portable

How to Inflate A Soccer Ball?

If the ball is inflated with too little air, it may create problems in the air. And if you over-inflate the ball, it can burst. To get a healthy service out of your soccer ball, you should know how to inflate the ball properly.

Get Prepared with Air Pump & Needle

Purchase a quality soccer pump and needle. Don’t forget to purchase glycerin or silicon to lubricate the valve and needle.

Check the Ideal Amount of Air

Check out the manufacturer’s manual to determine the required amount of air your soccer ball needs. And, try pumping the exact amount of air to get the optimal performance.

Lubricate the Valve & Needle

Use glycerin or silicon oil and lubricate the valve and needle. It will keep the insertion smoother. Also, this oil will assist in maintaining the valve properly.

Attach the Needle with the Pump

Once you finished lubricating the needle and valve, you’ve to attach the needle to the soccer pump next. Attach the needle to the soccer pump opening part.

Pump Your Soccer Ball

Now keep pumping the ball until it gets filled with the required air. Keep inflating the ball slowly so that you don’t have to inflate too much. It’s important to make sure.

Stop Inflating Once the Ball is Inflated Fully

Now, you might wonder how to determine whether the ball is inflated fully. Well, put your hands on the ball and check whether the ball is hard enough to push. If so, the ball is inflated enough. Again, if the gauge reaches the exact level of air pressure, your soccer ball is inflated right.

Soccer Pump FAQs

You love soccer, but you don't know how to improve your skills. But first you need a ball that you can actually kick around. To ensure you have a round ball, you'd need a simple inflating tool. Check out the following frequently asked questions about soccer pumps.

How long should I wait to use the soccer ball after inflating it?

Well, you shouldn’t use the soccer ball 24 hours right after it is inflated. 

How do I know if my ball is inflated properly?

Grab the ball with two of your hands. Now try pushing it with your thumbs. If the ball gets punched easily, the ball isn’t inflated properly and it requires more air. Vice versa.

What if I over-inflate my soccer ball?

Overinflating a soccer ball can harm its integrity. It won’t perform the way your want in the first phase. Again, you can be injured with an over-inflated ball.

How can I maintain my soccer ball?

Well, there are a number of ways to follow if you want to maintain your soccer ball perfectly to get longevity. First of all, you shouldn’t kick the ball against a hard surface like a wall. Also, you should play or practice on a smooth and flat surface. It’s the manufacturer’s instructions to deflate the ball slightly after each of your matches. 

The Right Soccer Pump for You

Inflating a soccer ball is simple enough that anyone can do it, but you will need a reliable and efficient soccer pump. With so many available, it can be tricky to know which product is the best value for your money. Our short review list of soccer pumps takes the guesswork out of finding one.

Whether you are looking for an affordable option or want the latest and greatest electronic one, we have a few recommendations for you above. Do some research and then check the reviews of soccer pumps before making your purchase.

Pump it!

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