Ready to serve up some aces? Welcome to the world of tennis outfits, where fashion meets function in the chicest way possible.

Picture this: You're on the court, ready to deliver that killer forehand. But let's be honest, while your skills are important, so is looking fabulous while showing them off. This is where a sweet tennis wardrobe comes in, adding a dash of style to your power-packed game.

In this article, we'll explore the most fashionable ways to wear your tennis skirt - from classy and traditional to modern and edgy. So if you're a seasoned tennis player, buckle up! It's time to dive into the world of outfits and discover how to turn the court (or the streets) into your personal runway.

Game, set, match,!

Key Considerations for Finding the Perfect Tennis Outfit

Discover a variety of stylish tennis skirts.


  • A-line: This classic tennis skirt style is a timeless choice that flatters most body types.
  • Pleated: Ideal for women who want to highlight their curves or create the illusion of them.
  • High-waisted: High-waisted skirts are best to hide your belly and avoid a muffin-top appearance.
  • Full skirt: If you’re looking to make a statement on the court, full skirts, also called skater skirts, are an excellent choice.
  • Mullet skirt: For those seeking both fashion and coverage, the high-low tennis skirt trend of a mullet is a good choice.

Tips for your style of play

For recreational or club players, style may be the top priority. On the other hand, competitive players may need a skirt that allows for quick movement and has a functional design.

If you don’t play tennis but still want a stylish option, consider a skirt with built-in shorts that can be worn for other activities. Lastly, looking for a skirt that matches your needs and preferences is essential.

Weather conditions

When searching for a tennis skirt, it’s important to consider the weather conditions you’ll be playing in. A lightweight skirt that breathes well and dries quickly will be ideal for playing in hot environments.

However, the skirt’s material may be less vital if you’re playing indoors or in cooler temperatures. In this case, consider selecting a tennis skirt without integrated shorts to allow for flexibility in pairing it with leggings.

On the other hand, your leggings must have a pocket to keep tennis balls.


When looking for tennis skirts, you should also consider your budget and the quality you desire. Prices range from $20 to over $100, with higher-priced options often offering better fabric and durability.

Popular brands like Nike and Adidas provide premium and reasonably priced tennis skirts, while others like Nike, Lululemon, Lucky in Love, and Sofibella may have higher initial costs.

But tennis skirts often go on sale. To find an affordable option, consider browsing through last season’s selection.


The tennis skirts we have listed are made of either polyester or nylon, providing stretch and comfort. If you intend to wear the skirt while playing, check for technical features such as breathability and quick-drying competencies.

Remember that the composition of polyester and spandex may vary depending on the brand. Different companies may have varying textures, some feeling thick and weighty while others are airier and more lightweight.

How We Chose the Best Tennis Skirt Outfits

It can be a real challenge to find the perfect tennis skirt. There are so many options out there but it’s hard to know which one is going to fit your style and performance needs. Plus, if you make the wrong choice, you could end up running around on the court feeling and looking like a fool! That’s why we created this guide – after reading hundreds of reviews online, we’ve identified the best skirts for tennis players. So you have that cool girl vibe look and feel on the tennis court!

🏅 BALEAF Pleated Tennis Skirts

BALEAF Pleated Tennis Skirts

🏅 medal

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why we ❤️ this skirt

BALEAF's Pleated Tennis Skirts will make you feel confident and flirty in this super cute and flattering skirt. The pleats provide a slimming effect that make your booty look great, while the drawstring allows you to tailor the waist to fit your body perfectly. The fabric is stretchy, so it provides plenty of flexibility for comfortable movement, making it perfect for golfing or going out and about. With summer around the corner, these pleated skirts are truly a great addition to any wardrobe! Plus, the outside material is very nice and soft so you won't feel like you're wearing something cheap.

🎾 features

The BALEAF pleated black tennis skirt is a great addition to any athlete's wardrobe. Made from a blend of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex for the body and liner, and 82% Polyester and 18% Spandex for the waist, these skirts offer elasticity, comfort, and durability. The elastic closure ensures a snug fit while the machine washable fabric makes them easy to maintain. The pleated hem at the back and A-line silhouette give a flowy and slimming appearance, perfect for any workout or sports occasion. The high waist design, along with the soft wide knit waistband offers tummy control and full coverage. The BALEAF pleated tennis skirts also come with three pockets, lined with mesh for reduced bulk, to store personal items and tennis/golf balls. The silicone leg grippers and inner drawcord offer an adjustable fit and keep the skirt in place during intense activities. Whether it's for tennis, golf, pickleball, running, workout, outdoor sports, or casual wear, these skirts are the perfect fit.

🥈 2 Piece Tennis Dress for Women

2 Piece Tennis Dress

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why we ❤️ this skirt

Whether working out or enjoying a leisurely day, the closure provides an all-day, everyday feeling of comfort. It is recommended to hand wash it in order to maintain the quality of the set. This 2-piece tennis skirt paired set consists of a skirt with a high waist and a sports bra. You can get this women’s tennis skirt in multiple colors.

🎾 features

The hook and eye closure is becoming popular among women's athletic wear. The two piece tennis outfits activewear with a high waist tennis skirt and sports bra are favorite tennis skirt outfits among athletes. Made of 75% Polyamide and 25% Spandex, this athletic skirt women 2 piece workout sets gym clothes offer soft, stretchy, skin-friendly, quick dry, lightweight, wear-resistant, and breathable features. The sports bra boasts a cross-back design for easy twists, a comfortable fit without uncomfortable underwires, two soft detachable cups, and adjustable three-setting hook-and-eye closure in the back. The skirt has two layers with pleated skirts outside and shorts inside, which can provide extra coverage during sports. The wide, high-rise waistband of golf skirts for women sports pleated skirts is elastic and comfortable to wear, which can mildly hide the stomach while working out.

🥉 ATTRACO 2 Piece Tennis Dresses

ATTRACO 2 Piece Tennis Dresses

🥉 podium pick

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why we ❤️ this skirt

You’re sure to impress with the ATTRACO 2 Piece Tennis Dresses! These stylish and lightweight dresses are designed with your comfort in mind – they won’t weigh you down while you jog or play intense tennis matches. The inner shorts are made of a comfortable cotton blend to prevent chafing, so you can move around confidently without worrying about discomfort. Plus, the vibrant colors and ruffled edges make this set super cute! Whether it’s for competitive sports or lounging around at home, these pieces will keep you looking and feeling great – no matter what your day has in store. With their true-to-size fit and breathable material, the ATTRACO 2 Piece Tennis Dresses are an ideal choice for anyone who loves comfortable fashion that packs a punch.

🎾 features

Looking for stylish and practical tennis attire for women? Look no further than ATTRACO 2 Piece Tennis Dresses. Made with a blend of 75% nylon and 25% spandex, this tennis dress features a pull-on closure for easy dressing. The two-piece set includes a racerback crop top and high-waisted exercise dress with a wide waistband that offers tummy control. The scalloped hem design creates a lively look. For added convenience, the undershorts come with two side pockets for holding tennis balls and your phone. And, the outer left pocket is specifically designed to hold golf tees. The built-in shorts provide non-see-through coverage, and the moisture-wicking fabric ensures all-day active comfort. This tennis dress is perfect for various occasions, including tennis, golf, exercise, casual wear, and hanging out. Don't hesitate to gift this dress to a loved one who loves tennis.

Tennis Skirt Outfits FAQs

Are you trying to find the perfect tennis skirt outfit that will make you look and feel your best on the court? With all the options out there it can be hard to know what style, fabric, fit, and color will give you confidence and enhance your game. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section to get answers to your burning questions and feel confident about purchasing a stylish new look.

How to wear a tennis skirt during the day?

Firstly, opt for breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen as they will help keep you cool and comfortable. Secondly, pair your tennis skirt with lightweight tops and airy accessories such as sandals or ankle boots for maximum style points without feeling overly warm. Lastly, add some femininity with an eye-catching top or accessory to perfect your daytime look.

How to maintain the brightness of your tennis whites?

To maintain the brightness of your tennis whites, pay special attention to the care instructions. Wash with cold water and a mild detergent, and avoid using fabric softeners. Hang dry your whites after washing, including any skirts or shorts you may be wearing while playing - this helps reduce fading from exposure to sunlight.

What makes a good tennis skirt?

A good tennis skirt should be lightweight and comfortable, with moisture-wicking fabric to help keep you cool while on the court. It should also provide enough flexibility so you can move freely without feeling constrained or restricted. Lastly, many tennis skirts offer features such as built-in shorts for added coverage and UV protection from the sun's harmful rays.

Are tennis skirts flattering?

Tennis skirts are incredibly flattering due to their cut and structure. The slightly longer length of a tennis skirt helps elongate the legs, making them look even leaner and sleeker. Additionally, the pleats in the skirt can help create an hourglass-like figure for all body types—adding a touch of femininity without being too revealing.

Best Tennis Skirt Outfits for You

Tennis outfits can be both fashionable and functional. They come in a variety of styles, fabrics, and colors to suit your individual preferences. Their breathability ensures that you remain cool and comfortable while playing your best game. With all the advantages they have to offer, tennis skirts are a great investment. If you're on the hunt for the perfect set for that upcoming match, please check out our reviews above for the best tennis skirt outfits that will look and feel great on the court. No matter what style you go for, tennis skirts are sure to improve your game day performance with their freedom of movement and sleek design. So don't wait any longer - get out there and find some stylish attire that shows off your personality!

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