Tired of swimming around with a heavy, bulky wetsuit?

Say goodbye to the old-school way of wearing a wetsuit. Wetsuit shorts offers an alternative that allows you to enjoy time in the water without being weighed down or hindered by a full body suit. With just shorts instead of a full suit, you get all the benefits of traditional wetsuits such as insulation and buoyancy but with none of the discomfort and hassle.

From weekend warriors looking for maximum performance from their swims to surfers who just want something comfortable and practical, wetsuit pants or shorts are perfect! They’re designed using advanced technology which helps create an ultra lightweight design that keeps you warm and limits drag while still being stylish enough for day-to-day life.

Benefits of wetsuit shorts

Wetsuit shorts are a great choice for swimmers looking to stay comfortable and protected while enjoying their time in the water.

Wetsuit shorts provide warmth, comfort, protection from abrasions, and even buoyancy if you're wanting to take your swimming a bit further.

The main advantage of wetsuit shorts is the insulation they provide in cold waters. Wetsuits use neoprene material as an insulator against the cold temperature of the water; this means that you can enjoy more time in cooler waters without feeling chilled or uncomfortable. The thickness of these neoprene suits varies depending on what kind you buy and how warm it's designed to be.

In addition to providing warmth for swimmers, they also help protect against abrasions. The neoprene material is semi-elastic which gives good stretchability without sacrificing strength. This means that it conforms easily around your body providing extra cushioning and protection from any unexpected object involved during your swim.

Lastly, they possess buoyancy characteristics that help keep swimmers afloat by reducing overall body drag while swimming through the water at faster speeds. This not only makes swimming easier but less exhausting too! This type of suit does tend to be thicker than standard ones so bear that in mind when making a purchase depending on what kind of activity you're pursuing with them.

The Times You Don't Need to Use a Full Wetsuit

If you're hitting the waves but looking for something lighter and more comfortable than a full wetsuit, then wetsuit shorts might be just what you need. Having just the shorts are a great option when you don't need full body coverage in cold water. We'll explore why shorts will do just fine for certain activities and conditions.

1. Stand-Up Paddleboarding:

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is a popular water sport where you stand on a large board and paddle with your arms through the water. It's a low-impact activity that's perfect for people of all ages. If you're going for an SUP session in warm water or during summer months, opt for wetsuit shorts instead of a full wetsuit. Wetsuit shorts will provide protection for your skin from chafing on the board and from harmful UV rays. Moreover, the shorter length will give you more freedom of movement, and it won't weigh you down like a full suit would.

2. Surfing:

If you're planning to ride the waves on your surfboard, wetsuit shorts are a great alternative to a full wetsuit. They are ideal for surfers who prefer a looser feel, more flexibility, and less restriction. With just shorts, you'll have more mobility to perform quick movements and try out new tricks. Just make sure that the water temperature isn't too chilly, and you're confident you won't be submerged for long periods, in these cases you will need a full wetsuit.

3. Snorkeling:

Snorkeling is the perfect way to explore the underwater world without the need for any special skills or training. But, if you're going to be snorkeling in cool waters, you’ll need some protection. Shorts are the perfect option for this! They’ll keep you warm and protect your skin from getting stung by any marine life. Wetsuit shorts are also perfect for shallow reefs or for floating around in the shallows.  However, if you're planning to dive deeper where the water is colder, it's best to opt for a full wetsuit for the extra insulation layer.

4. Kayaking:

Kayaking is an excellent activity to enjoy the outdoors and explore the world from a different angle. Whether you're exploring flatwater or tackling white water rapids, a wetsuit short can be a good choice for kayaking when the weather is warm. They are a good match for activities that do not require you to be in the water for long periods such as cruising lakes or when your kayak trip includes breaking for a refreshing swim around shorelines.

5. Boogie Boarding:

Boogie boarding is a fun alternative to traditional surfing, usually done in the shallows with smaller waves ideally during warmer months. If you're looking for a wetsuit for your boogie boarding adventure, just the shorts will provide the optimal comfort for your activity level. With a more comfortable fit than full wetsuits, shorts will make your boogie boarding experience much more enjoyable.

What you need to know about wetsuit shorts

When it comes to diving into the water, there are a few important factors you need to keep in mind to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

First, consider the water temperature and activity level. Wetsuit shorts are ideal for water activities that require more flexibility, such as surfing, paddleboarding, and snorkeling.

Next, pay attention to the fit and material of the wetsuit shorts. A snug fit is crucial for optimal insulation and preventing water from flushing through your shorts.

Look for high-quality neoprene or similar materials that offer a balance between warmth, flexibility, and durability.

Additionally, consider the thickness of the shorts, which directly impacts their thermal properties. Thicker shorts provide more insulation, but may sacrifice some flexibility. Conversely, thinner ones offer greater mobility but less warmth.

Lastly, don't forget about style and additional accessories, such as drawstrings, reinforced stitching, and pockets. These elements can enhance your overall experience and ensure that your shorts cater to your specific needs and preferences.

How We Chose the Best Wetsuit Shorts

In our quest to find the best wetsuit shorts, we took several factors into consideration to ensure that our recommendations are both reliable. Our selection process involved analyzing the materials, design, and construction quality of various products, as well as taking into account their fit, comfort, and durability. We looked at customer reviews to gain insight into real-life experiences. Additionally, we factored in the price and brand to ensure that our picks cater to different budgets and preferences. By thoroughly examining each aspect, we have curated a short list of the top shorts for your water adventures.

🏅 O'Neill Men's Premium Skins Shorts

O'Neill Men's Premium Skins Shorts

🏅 medal

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Why we ❤️ these shorts

When it comes to wetsuit shorts, there's nothing quite like the O'Neill Mens Premium Skins Shorts. Not only do they offer superior sun protection with their 50+ U.P.F. rating, but they're also incredibly comfortable thanks to their ergonomic seam placement and 4-way stretch capabilities. Plus, they're quick-drying, making them perfect for any water activity you've got planned. But what really sets these shorts apart is their exceptional quality and construction. They're truly well-made and built to last, making them the best overall choice for any avid swimmer or water sports enthusiast.

🩳 features

Any avid water sports enthusiast can attest to the importance of wearing quality shorts. And when it comes to the best overall option, O'Neill Mens Premium Skins Shorts tops the list. Made with 100% fabric and imported, these shorts boast a 6oz. Nylon/Spandex 4-Way Stretch design that not only dries quickly and offers UV protection, but also fits like a second skin. The flatloc stitched style avoids skin irritation while the ergonomic seam placement ensures maximum comfort. For those seeking nothing but the best in wetsuits, O'Neill Premium Skins is the obvious choice.

🥈 Lemorecn Wetsuits Pants Shorts (unisex)

Lemorecn Wetsuits Pants Shorts

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Why we ❤️ these shorts

When it comes to swimming, making sure you're properly equipped can be the difference between a comfortable and enjoyable experience or being too cold and wet to have any fun. That's why we're in love with the Lemorecn shorts - they're the perfect solution for those who want to keep dry and warm while out on the water. With 3mm thick Super Stretch neoprene, these shorts provide the insulation you need to stay comfortable, no matter how cold the water may be. Plus, the high-waist and tall back ensure you'll stay fully covered, and the drawstring ensures the shorts stay snug and in place throughout your paddle. Don't hit the water without them.

🩳 features

Stay extra comfortable during water sports with Lemorecn Shorts! These shorts feature innovative technology with a 3mm ultra soft and super stretch neoprene that conforms to your body shape for a smooth and comfortable fit. The flat stitch construction ensures that you don't have any uncomfortable seams rubbing against your skin and the high-waist and tall back increase coverage so you can paddleboard, surf, and do other water activities without worrying about showing too much skin. Designed to keep you warm in all water conditions, these shorts are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy water sports without feeling too cold. Plus, with a combination of two super-elastic fabrics, Lemorecn Shorts offer unparalleled performance and comfort. These shorts for men or women provide the support you need to enjoy your favorite water activities!

🥉 NeoSport Wetsuits Shorts (men's)

NeoSport Wetsuits Shorts

🥉 podium pick

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Why we ❤️ these shorts

Wetsuit shorts can make a difference in your diving experience, especially when they are the NeoSport XSPAN men's shorts. The ultra-soft and comfortable material will make you feel like you're swimming in silk, and the added warmth is perfect for those warm water dives. The NeoSport exclusive XSPAN material is unlike any other with its 250-percent, four-way super-stretch foam neoprene that will move with your body without constrained restriction. You can trust the longevity of these shorts due to the NeoSport bombproof flatlock stitching, which provides ultimate comfort and durability. Dive into comfort with these well-made and comfortable shorts.

🩳 features

Whether you're diving, paddleboarding, kiteboarding, or indulging in other water sports activities, the NeoSport Shorts are the perfect companion for you. Constructed with 90% neoprene and 10% nylon, these shorts boast an exclusive XSPAN material making them ultra-soft and comfortable. With an anatomical design and extended lumbar, you can expect maximum coverage and support while in use. The off-centered barrel cinch shock cord ensures the perfect fit, while the high-wear seat area adds extra reinforcement for comfort that lasts. These wetsuit pants are designed to withstand even the most intense water sports activities, with flatlock seams and spot-taped stress points for added durability. Set yourself up for success on the podium with these versatile and durable wetsuit shorts.

Wetsuit Shorts FAQs

Our FAQs section is designed to address your most pressing questions about the wetsuit shorts. From materials and fit to care and maintenance, we provide detailed answers to help you make an informed decision.The following are the Frequently Asked Question regarding these shorts.

What material should I shop for in wetsuit shorts?

High-quality neoprene or similar materials offer a balance between warmth, flexibility, and durability.

How should shorts fit?

They should be snug but not too tight, allowing optimal insulation without restricting movement.

Do I need different shorts for various water sports?

Most versatile options can be used for multiple activities, but specialized shorts may cater better to specific sports.

How do I choose the right thickness for my shorts?

Consider the water temperature and your activity – thicker shorts provide more insulation, while thinner ones offer greater flexibility.

Can I wear shorts alone or do I need a full wetsuit?

For warmer waters, shorts alone are suitable; a full wetsuit is recommended in colder conditions.

How do I care for my wetsuit shorts?

Rinse with fresh water after each use, hang to dry away from direct sunlight, and avoid folding or creasing.

Are there eco-friendly wetsuit shorts available?

Yes, some brands offer sustainable options made from natural or recycled materials.

How often should I replace my shorts?

With proper care, high-quality shorts can last several seasons; replace them when signs of wear or reduced performance occur.

Best Shorts for You

Wetsuit shorts are an excellent option to use with your water sports when you don’t want a full wetsuit. They are specifically designed for people who want to enjoy water activities in warm weather, shallow water, or brief periods submerged in water. However, they are not ideal for everyone and every condition. When water conditions are colder or extensive time in water, it's best to go for full wetsuits. Along with protecting your skin while you're in water, shorts provide essential mobility and comfort. So next time you're planning your water adventure, considering shorts may be just fine!

Selecting shorts ultimately comes down to personal preference, comfort, and the specific water activities you plan to engage in. Consider factors such as material, fit, thickness, and additional features, you can find the perfect pair to enhance your water sports experience. We hope to have provided you with valuable insights to help you make an informed choice and enjoy your time in the water to the fullest.

Happy splashing!

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