Ready to make a real splash in the ocean this summer? Dive in with confidence and style this summer with these men's wet suits! Don't settle for just any old suit - get one that meets all your needs, from top-tier performance to unbeatable durability. With a wide variety of styles for every level of surfer, you'll be sure to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Better yet, take a look at the highest-rated options and see why these wetsuits have made such a splash in the surfing world. The waves are waiting, so gear up with the best and make a splash in style!

What you need to know

Surfing is a great activity to stay active, explore the outdoors, and have fun! To get started, it’s important to know what you need and how to do it safely. Men will need a wet suit that fits properly in order to stay warm and safe in the water. It’s essential to find one that offers complete coverage and protection from the elements. Additionally, a good-quality suit should be made of materials that are stretchy yet durable enough to withstand wear and tear. Furthermore, ensure the style fits your needs whether you’re a beginner surfer or professional athlete. Last but not least, consider the price point carefully before making a purchase. With these tips in mind, you can hit the waves with confidence knowing that you have all the necessary equipment – starting with a wet suit – for an enjoyable day at sea!

Types of Wetsuits for your Needs

As a surfer, the right gear is crucial to ensuring a successful and enjoyable experience out on the waves. A good wetsuit can mean the difference between a comfortable, warm surf session and a miserable, cold one. With so many different types of wetsuits on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to choose the right one. In this blog post, we will break down the different types of wetsuits and help you make an informed decision when choosing your next suit.

Fullsuit: A fullsuit is the most common type of wetsuit and is designed to cover the entire body. The thickness of the suit typically ranges from 2mm to 4/3mm and is dictated by water temperature. A 2mm suit is ideal for warm water while a 4/3mm suit is better suited for colder temperatures. Fullsuits are perfect for year-round surfing and offer excellent protection from the elements. They are also great for beginners as they provide extra buoyancy.

Springsuit: A springsuit is a shorter version of a fullsuit and covers the torso and upper arms. Springsuits come in a variety of thicknesses and are great for surfing in warmer temperatures when a fullsuit is too hot. They are also great for paddleboarding or any other water activity where you need extra coverage but don't want to overheat.

Short John: A short john is similar to a springsuit but without any sleeves. It provides good coverage for the core and legs while still allowing for freedom of movement in the arms. Short johns are surfing wetsuits that are perfect in warmer temperatures or for those who prefer a more minimalist style.

Long John: A long john wetsuit is similar to a short john but provides extra coverage for the legs. It is a great option for those who want more coverage but don't want the extra bulk or warmth of a fullsuit.

Rash Guard: A rash guard is not technically a wetsuit, but it is an important piece of gear for any surfer. A rash guard is a lightweight, quick-drying top designed to be worn underneath a wetsuit or on its own. It provides protection from the sun, prevents chafing, and can even extend the life of your wetsuit.

How We Choose the Best Men Wet Suits

Finding the best men's wet suits doesn't have to be a challenge. We comprehensively reviewed dozens of wet suits to find the top-rated ones that met our criteria. We researched each of our picks for comfort, protection, and durability in order to assess the wearability, performance, and overall value. We examined all aspects of each suit such as material construction, waterproofing capabilities, and stitching quality. Additionally, we looked at prices to ensure they are affordable for any budget. Our reviews also include information on how to properly take care of your wet suit so it can provide you with long-term use. With our thorough research process, we were able to determine which ones are truly the best men's wet suits on the market today!

🏅 Henderson Thermoprene 5mm Men's Jumpsuit

Henderson Thermoprene Jumpsuit

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Why we ❤️ these wetsuit
Men looking for superior protection against the elements while hitting the water will find the Henderson Thermoprene 5mm Men's Jumpsuit an ideal choice. This wetsuit is designed to keep users warm and dry thanks to its superior grade of neoprene and a contoured fit that reduces water exchange. Additionally, this Men's Jumpsuit is visually pleasing with a Thermoprene cut specifically designed to enhance the diver’s physique. Those looking for superior warmth and performance in their men's wetsuits need look no further than Henderson Wetsuits.

🤿 features
Men, the time has come to invest in a truly exceptional wet suit - one that will serve you for years and through all of your aquatic pursuits. We present to you the Henderson Thermoprene 5mm Men's Jumpsuit, with its high compression resistance, Lycra trim, GBS-glued and blindstitched seams, adjustable collar, Freedom flex kneepads and spinepad/zipper seal. This economically priced wet suit rivals more expensive options with its 100% stretch and sealed design to keep you warm and comfortable in temperatures of 60 degrees or above. Not to mention the integration of an anti-flush back zipper and spine pad. Dive into a new adventure or simply enjoy a day at the beach - Henderson's Men Wet Suits are there for you.

🥈 O'Neill Men's Reactor II

O'Neill Men's Reactor II

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Why we ❤️ these wetsuit
Finding a men's wetsuit that offers both quality and affordability can be difficult, but the O'Neill Youth Reactor-2 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit is well worth the money. It features a zip at the ankle for a customized fit as well as super soft neoprene for comfort in cold water. Plus, this wetsuit combines great style with superior warmth-keeping abilities in order to keep you safe and cozy under all weather conditions. Whether you're surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing or simply taking a leisurely dip, it's hard to beat the value delivered by the Men O'Neill Youth Reactor-2 wet suit.

🤿 features
Men wet suits don't have to be expensive to get you the performance and comfort that you need when hitting the waves. The O'Neill Youth Reactor Wetsuit is a great budget wetsuit that provides quality in an affordable price. Made of neoprene rubber, this wetsuit offers you comfort and flexibility with its seamless paddle zones, along with protection against the cold thanks to its wind-resistant smooth skin. Furthermore, the convenient back zip system allows for easy entry and exit with a water resistant closure so any surfer can feel confident getting in and out of the water. Get the performance you deserve without blowing your budget is possible with this Men's Wet Suit.

🥉 Cressi Men Wetsuit

Cressi Men Wetsuit

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Why we ❤️ these wetsuit
The Cressi Men Wet Suit is a top of the line piece of gear that will give you peak performance in any water activity. Have a sleek modern design and ultra-durable construction, this wetsuit not only looks great, but it feels great too! Made for multiple sports and outdoor lifestyles, its versatile features make it an ideal choice for those days out on the lake or at the beach. In addition to protecting your skin from sun and elements, the Men Wet Suit from Cressi offers superior warmth and breathability, perfect for those cooler days out at sea. Offering unmatched quality and a stylish design, the Men Wet Suits from Cressi combine form and function to become one of our favorites!

🤿 features
The Men Wetsuit from Cressi is the perfect all-rounder for any water activity imaginable. Made of 7 mm double-lined neoprene, it is designed to provide excellent protection against compression at depth whilst ensuring maximum heat retention. To ensure a tight fit, the suit features the "seal" system on the sleeves, which will serve frequent users well over time. The neck area is anatomically pre-formed to 120° to reduce pressure points and improve comfort. It also comes with pre-shaped legs that are flexible enough to enable easy kicking. Moreover, its nape area is wider and longer compared to similar offerings in order to prevent infiltration when underwater. For added strength and durability, Cressi has put an anti-abrasion reinforcement layer at its back zip with under zip lining and water stop system. Ultimately, Men Wetsuit from Cressi offers a premium quality product that can be taken advantage of in many different aquatic sports and activities!

Men's Wet Suit FAQs

Are you looking for helpful information regarding the best men's wet suits? Look no further! Below are some frequently asked questions with detailed answers to help you find the right suit for your needs.

What should I look for in a men's wet suit?

When selecting a wet suit, look for materials that provide warmth and mobility such as neoprene, as well as features like glued and blind stitched seams for maximum protection.

How should a men's wet suit fit?

To ensure proper coverage and performance, choose a wet suit that fits snugly yet allows freedom of movement.

What are the benefits of wearing a men's wet suit?

There are many benefits in wearing a wet suit helps protect from cold water temperatures, sun exposure, wind chill, and abrasions from rocks or other debris.

How do I care for my men's wet suit?

Hang the suit inside out to dry after use and don't leave it in direct sunlight or extreme heat to prevent warping or fading.

Do I need extra accessories with my men's wet suit?

Complete your surfing outfit with accessories like wetsuit gloves or hoods to stay warm in cooler waters.

Is there a warranty on men's wet suits?

Many manufacturers will offer varying warranties depending on the type of product purchased so be sure to check before purchasing your new wetsuit!

Does price affect quality of men's wet suits?

Generally speaking, higher-priced suits tend to have more features such as better stitching and construction which can extend its life significantly compared to lower-priced options.

What is considered good insulation when it comes to men's wet suits?

Thickness is key when it comes to insulation – look for suits with 5/4mm thickness (or thicker!) for optimal warmth and protection in all types of weather conditions.

Best Men Wet Suits for You

Choosing the right wetsuit is essential to ensuring a comfortable, enjoyable surf session. Taking into consideration water temperature and personal preference, there are several different types of wetsuits available to suit the needs of any surfer. Whether you choose a fullsuit for year-round warmth and protection or a springsuit for warmer temperatures, be sure to invest in a quality wetsuit that will serve you well for years to come. And don't forget to add a rash guard to your kit for added protection and comfort. Happy surfing!

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