Basketball is a sport brimming with flashy moves and ankle-breaking crossovers, but few have the same panache as the move known as the Shammgod. Named after God Shammgod, a player whose NBA career was as brief as a cameo in a sitcom, this dribble move leave defenders in the dust—or at least, confused. So..

What is the Shammgod move?

The Shammgod move is a basketball dribbling maneuver that involves a quick crossover from one hand to another with an exaggerated reach.

It's basically a sleight of hand with a basketball. Imagine you're dribbling down the court, and you've got a defender eyeing you like you're the last slice of pizza at a party.

In the Shammgod move, you push the ball out in front with one hand, as if you're about to go for a leisurely stroll in that direction. But wait! Just as your opponent takes the bait, you snatch the ball back with your opposite hand and zip past them.

God Shammgod's name is synonymous with this legendary move, but his journey started long before he shook defenders on the NBA hardwood. His playing career began in New York, where he honed his skills on the unforgiving courts of the city. At Providence College, he showcased his tight handle and quick footwork, leading his team to the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament. Although he was selected in the second round of the NBA draft, his time in the league was short-lived. However, his influence was not.

After his stint in the NBA, Shammgod Wells, as he was also known, took his talents to Europe and Asia. While his playing career might not have reached the heights of a Kobe or a Jordan, his dribbling innovation certainly did. The Shammgod basketball move became a global phenomenon, with players from all over the world attempting to replicate this deceptive dribble. It's a testament to the fact that sometimes, it's not the length of your time on the court, but the impact you make that counts.

The Shammgod isn't just for show; it can be a tool in a player's arsenal. When done correctly, it creates space between the player and the defender, giving the former a clear path to the basket or an open look to shoot. It's all about timing, footwork, and the ability to read the defense. If you telegraph the move too early, you might as well send your defender an engraved invitation to steal the ball. But with a bit of practice, you can send them skidding across the floor, looking for their dignity.

Incorporating the shammgod move into your game requires a few tips. First, you need to have a tight handle. This isn't a move you can pull off with sloppy dribbling. You also need to sell the fake; make the defender believe you're going in one direction, like the crossover, before you snatch the ball back. It's like telling somebody you're going to throw a surprise party and then actually surprising them. Lastly, practice the move in slow motion before attempting it at game speed. This will help you understand the mechanics and improve your muscle memory.

If you're looking to add the shammgod move to your repertoire, start by studying video of the move. Watch how other players execute it. Pay attention to their body positioning, the distance they push the ball out, and their reaction time. Then, hit the court and start practicing. Remember, the Shammgod is not just a move; it's an art form. And like all great art, it takes time, patience, and a fair amount of trial and error to master.

Basketball Shammgod Move FAQ Section

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Can only guards perform the Shammgod move?

While guards are typically the ones who utilize the Shammgod move due to their role in ball-handling, any player with a strong dribble and good footwork can learn and perform it effectively.

How did God Shammgod contribute to the NBA after his playing career?

After his playing career, God Shammgod became an assistant coach for the Dallas Mavericks, where he has been credited with helping players improve their dribbling skills, including the Shammgod move.

Is the Shammgod move practical in a real game situation?

Absolutely! The Shammgod move is not just for show; it's a practical dribbling technique that creates space and can give players an advantage over defenders when executed correctly.


The Shammgod move is more than just a flashy dribble; it's a piece of basketball history. Named after God Shammgod, whose NBA career was brief but impactful, this move has become a favorite among players looking to improve their dribbling and create space on the court. With its roots in New York's tough basketball scene and a legacy that spans the globe, the Shammgod is a testament to the lasting influence a single player can have on the game. Whether you're an aspiring guard or just a fan of the sport, understanding and appreciating the Shammgod is essential to grasping the beauty and complexity of basketball.