Basketball is a game of finesse, agility, and, most importantly, a sense of power. Let's dribble down into basic post moves in basketball, where the paint isn't just for Picasso, and the low block is more than a Lego piece.

Get Down on the Low Block

The low block is your home base, your comfort zone, your personal scoring sanctuary. It's where post players can use their body to seal off defenders and get easy looks at the basket. Whether you're on the left side or the right side, owning the low block is about establishing position and being ready to score or pass.

Drop Step

Imagine you're at a dance, and the low post is your stage. The drop step is like that smooth move you pull to impress your dance partner, except here, your partner is a bulky defender who's not too keen on your moves.

To execute a drop step, plant your pivot foot (let's say it's your right foot for the sake of argument) and swing your left foot around like you're squashing a bug. This move gets you closer to the basket and in a prime position to score, leaving your defender wondering if they just got served.

Shot Fake

The shot fake is the basketball equivalent of yelling "Squirrel!" to a dog.

A shot fake is all about convincing the defender that you're about to launch a shot, only to leave them leaping at thin air.

With a convincing shot fake, you can get your defender in foul trouble faster than you can say "Gotcha!" Just remember, the key is in the details – a slight shoulder fake, a gaze at the rim, and a subtle lift of the ball can make all the difference.

Jump Hook

The jump hook is like that vintage jacket you found in your grandpa's closet – timeless and effective. It's a simple move where you use your body to shield the ball, take one or two dribbles for rhythm, and then launch a hook shot that's harder to block than a friend request from your boss. Whether you're on the left block or the right block, this move is all about finesse and a soft touch.

Pivot Like a Pro

Pivoting is like having a good conversation – it's all about the right moves at the right time. Your pivot foot is your anchor, your rock, your best friend that never leaves your side (or, in this case, the floor). Whether you're using a reverse pivot to face up or a quick spin to turn inside, your pivot foot can make or break your post game. And remember, a good post player always knows which foot is their pivot foot – it's like knowing which is your drinking hand at a party.

Power Dribble

The power dribble is like a drummer's bass pedal – it sets the rhythm for your post move. With a strong, wide stance and a power dribble, you can create space and assert dominance in the post area. It's not about dribbling the air out of the ball; it's about one or two strong dribbles that say, "I'm coming through, make way!"

The Jump Stop

The jump stop is like hitting the brakes on a skateboard – it's all about control. When you catch the ball inside, a well-executed jump stop can give you the balance and stability to make your next move. Whether you're going for a shot or a pass, a jump stop ensures you're not sliding around like a toddler on a slip 'n slide.

Shoulder Fake

A good shoulder fake is like a magician's sleight of hand – it's all about the illusion. With a quick twitch of the shoulder, you can send the defender guessing in one direction while you turn inside to the other. It's a subtle move, but when done right, it's as effective as pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

Spin Move

The spin move is the basketball equivalent of a pirouette, only you're not wearing a tutu (unless that's your thing, no judgment). When the defender closes in, a quick spin to the baseline side can leave them grasping at air. The key is to keep your outside foot as the pivot and use your inside foot to launch into the spin. It's graceful, it's effective, and it's sure to add some flair to your game.

The Up and Under

Just like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, the up and under move is all about deception. It starts with a shot fake to get your defender jumping, then you use your pivot foot to spin towards the baseline before stepping back in for a reverse layup or jump shot. This move can leave defenders scratching their heads as you see the master Kevin Mchale putting on the tricks.

Dream Shake

The Dream Shake is named after Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon, and it's as smooth as the man himself. It's a combination of fakes, spins, and moves that can make a defender's head spin faster than a merry-go-round.

To pull off a Dream Shake, you need the confidence of a peacock and the moves of a ninja. It's not just a post move; it's a statement.

Practice Makes Perfect

You can't expect to nail these moves in a game without putting in the work. Basketball drills focused on footwork, post moves, and shooting can turn you from a benchwarmer to a post maestro. It's about repetition, muscle memory, and the willingness to practice until the janitor kicks you out of the gym.

Mental Game

Basketball is as much a mental game as it is physical. A good post player knows how to outthink their opponent, anticipate moves, and stay one step ahead. It's about playing chess, not checkers, and using your mind to dominate the game.

Basketball Post Moves FAQ Section

What's the most important thing to remember when executing post moves?

Footwork is king in the post. Your pivot foot is your foundation, and mastering how to use it effectively can make all the difference in your post game.

How can I practice my post moves effectively?

Incorporate basketball drills that focus on footwork, body positioning, and the specific moves you want to master. Practice consistently and with purpose, and don't be afraid to ask for feedback from coaches or more experienced players.

What should I do if a defender is playing me really tight in the post?

Use your body to create space, and rely on moves like the shot fake and shoulder fake to get them off balance. If they're in foul trouble, be aggressive and look to draw fouls to get easy points from the foul line.


From the drop step to the Dream Shake, to the Up and Under move, mastering basic post moves in basketball is about combining footwork, body positioning, and a dash of deception. Remember, the key to dominating the post isn't just about having a bag of tricks; it's about knowing when and how to use them. Practice these moves, listen to your coach, and play smart. With these tools in your arsenal, you'll be scoring in the paint like a pro in no time.