Finding the right glove for you is not always easy. There are many factors that go into choosing one, but if you love baseball and want to start playing frequently then you may wish to take a look at high-quality baseball gloves. Playing ball isn't just about hitting the ball, it also involves fielding it! In order to do this successfully, you'll need good gloves to help you play.

One of the wonderful things about baseball gloves is that they will work better as time passes. The leather will mold itself according to your hand’s shape. It will form a shape like a pocket for the baseball, and you will be able to open and close it easily. When you get used to it, you can catch more and more balls. Moreover, you will be able to open the gloves fast and pass the ball to other team members.

Gloves for your position

Some gloves are made for some particular positions.


The important thing to remember about pitching is that the pitcher needs to hide his grip from batters. A closed web glove is needed so that there are no prying eyes. Then, space is needed inside so the pitcher can catch the ball too.

There is also the task of fielding for pitchers that are perhaps not something most people value the pitcher the most. In any case, it is among the main tasks for pitchers. Since they are the ball fielder closest to the batter, the ball reaches them the fastest. It is not just to help his team with fielding; occasionally, it is also for self-defense against the ball hitting quickly at the pitcher. So, quick reflexes are important because the ball may fly in unpredictable directions depending on the mound. In general, pitcher’s gloves range from 10.75 - 11.75”. This size allows the glove hand to move quickly and prevents the ball from hitting the pitcher.


For the youth infielder, they may need glove sizes in the same range of 10.75" - 11.75". While a youth outfielder may need glove sizes in the range of 10.75 - 12.50".

The baseball glove is an extension of your hands and fingers. It also works well regardless of who is using it, whether you are playing with the kids or competing at a serious level. However, it can be challenging to find the best baseball glove for your hand, style of play, and position. Given this information, we will discuss the important elements you need to consider before purchasing.

What to Consider for a baseball glove

Before you make a purchase, you may need to consider the following factors:


Not everyone can bear to drop hundreds of gloves each season. Generally, you shouldn’t spend a lot on baseball for beginners or young players. The more you put resources into great gloves, the more you should play. We want to make sure that kids don’t give up their gloves too soon.

More expensive gloves probably only make more sense when the player is in high school. The basic guideline is that if you pay more, you get better quality. So, if you spend more money on a glove, in the beginning, you will enjoy more years of using it. Besides, a glove that performs really well is worth the cost.

Leather Quality

One might think that the value of a glove depends on the brand. Actually, the quality of the leather used in baseball gloves is more important. However, the more famous brands are more particular about using high-quality leather, so they are usually more expensive.

For beginning and younger players in particular, synthetic leather is a more cost efficient alternative. Expect youth gloves to last no more than a couple seasons since kids may outgrow them.

Newbies will also want a better glove once they get into the game. To help, you can use oil to make the leather softer and easier to get used to. We also have top-grain leather, which is a little stiffer but will give you a nice finish. Gloves made of full-grain leather are the best of them all. They are very stiff at first but will eventually conform to the shape of your hand.

This is the best one for older and serious players. This is because not only is this more costly, but you can use it even for years.


Webbing refers to the glove part connecting the thumb and fingers. This gives the glove a basket configuration as it is easier to catch the ball. Many manufacturers offer different types of webbing. However, they are all either closed or open webs.

With a closed web, the leather pattern is so tightly woven that there are no gaps. This makes it impossible for the hitter to see how the pitcher is gripping the ball. This makes it impossible to predict what pitches are coming. Outfielders also like this type of webbing. It allows them to block the sun’s rays when trying to catch a fly ball.

Open webbing usually creates a gap in the webbing because the cross pattern of the leather pieces. Other outfielders may choose this style because the gap makes it easier to track fly balls. Infielders also often use this type of webbing because there are places where the dirt falls.

How we choose the best youth baseball gloves

It can be hard to find the best gloves for your needs. You might not have the time to read through hundreds of reviews online, or you might not know where to start.

Most people give up after a few minutes of research because it's just too hard. They don't want to spend hours reading reviews and comparing gloves.

We've done the hard work for you and found the top 3 youth gloves that are worth your investment. Stay tuned to read three best youth baseball gloves that can hopefully meet your requirements.

Wilson A1000


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❤️ why we love this glove

The Wilson A1000 is a great glove for younger players or those who are growing. It is made of full-grain leather that has been specially tanned and oiled to provide a soft feel and long life. The palm lining gives the glove more flexibility than traditional cowhide, allowing young players to close the glove easily while still offering good protection against stingers. This model is constructed with an open back, making it easy to break in and comfortable to wear.

⚾️ features

These baseball gloves comes in various sizes 11.5 - 12.5”, made of leather material. This infield-type glove has right-hand throw orientation in black, blonde, and grey.

These gloves with the dual welting goes beyond the mere cosmetic effect because it is incorporated in the liner of all outfield, infield, and pitcher’s model. Moreover, it offers better support and will be helpful for your glove to maintain its shape with time. It has a thin heel pad design, which allows rapid break-in and the best closure.

Budget Glove

Franklin Sports Field Master


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❤️ why we love this glove

Looking for a quality baseball glove that won't break the bank? Look no further than the Franklin Sports baseball glove! This glove is perfect for adult or child beginners, offering a comfortable fit and great padding. The build quality is excellent, and you'll have no trouble getting a good game of catch going with this glove. So don't overspend on other brands - the Franklin Sports baseball glove offers great value and performance.

⚾️ features

Franklin's Sports Glove is an easy break in for any player. The soft synthetic leather is lightweight and responsive, making the glove easy and quick to break in for baseball. Franklin's design includes an adjustable wrist strap and contour fit system for a customizable thumb adjustment. This glove is also crafted of a thick, premium synthetic leather designed to mimic the performance and durability of a true leather mitt without the long break in period. Franklin's hand formed pocket provides maximum comfort and responsive feel for making scoops and catches without drops.

Wilson A360

🥉 on the podium

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❤️ why we love this glove

This WILSON glove doesn’t compromise on durability. The leather construction is also another advantage as it helps last longer.

⚾️ features

This baseball glove comes with a size of 31.5”, made of leather material, with the CarbonLite Shell. This glove is lightweight without compromising on durability. This baseball glove comes in a velcro design in order for easy in-game accommodation. Moreover, it also has black/grey leather with a timeless look.

Baseball Glove FAQs

What is the best size for ten years old?

Typically, the children of 10 years old fall under a glove size of 10.25” to 12.25”. 

What is the best size of baseball gloves for teens?

Generally, the size of the best baseball gloves for teens is smaller in comparison to the gloves for adults because the teens will require a glove that will be proportionate to their size. For the kids between 12 to 14 years, you will have to get the baseball gloves 11.5” to 12”.

What's the best glove size to buy?

You can get several charts online, which can be helpful for you to know the measurements on the basis of adult and youth age and position. In case you are an adult, you will need to buy 32.5” to 35” for the catcher’s mitts and 11” to 12.75” for the fielding glove position.

What should I look for when buying a baseball glove?

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a baseball glove. Firstly, consider the size and fit of the glove. It should be snug but not too tight, and you should be able to move your fingers freely. Secondly, think about the material of the glove. Leather is the most durable option, but it can also be quite expensive. Synthetic materials are a cheaper alternative, but they may not last as long.

Does baseball glove size matter?

The size of your baseball glove does matter, but it is not the most important factor. A good fit is more important than the size. Make sure the glove is snug but not too tight. You should be able to move your fingers freely and be able to get the ball out quickly.

What age are youth baseball gloves for?

Most youth baseball gloves are for players between the ages of 8 and 12. Some companies make gloves specifically for younger players, and these gloves are typically smaller in size.

Best Baseball Gloves for Youths

There are a lot of baseball gloves throughout the market. However, we tried to compile a short list of the best baseball gloves, with their best features and advantages. So, after reading all about them, you will be able to choose one of the best ones that meet your needs well.

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