Football season is coming and you don’t want to be caught without the proper protection! Most people only think about buying a football helmet when it comes to protecting themselves, but that’s actually only one small part of the equation. You also need something to protect your thighs, hips, and buttocks - and that’s where football girdles come in.

Without the right protection, you could be seriously injured while playing this high contact sport. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a good pair of girdles. Not only will they keep you safe, but they can also help improve your performance on the field.

What you need to know about football girdles

Playing football requires supportive protection gear so that you can remain safe from injury. Because injury can harm any of your body parts like the hip, thigh, tailbone, and groin.

While choosing your football girdle, you should consider its price, quality, size, materials, comfort, padding. 

Let’s see how you can choose the right gear for you:


Size is something you cannot ignore to get a good fit. You must know what size you are. Ensure the correct waist size. Also, determine whether or not you want a tight or loose girdle. But we recommend you wear a not-too-tight or loose girdle to give  you comfort.

If you’re confused about whether the girdle size is right for you, check out if the pad is moving. If the pad moves from the girdle, you need to choose a smaller size girdle for a good fit.


Usually football girdles are made of stretchy fabric and they can absorb sweat. A football girdle can be made of different materials, for example, spandex, silicone, polyester, nylon. However, spandex materials are highly preferred as they can deliver the right fit to your body.

Make sure the materials you’ve chosen can prevent sweat and keep you dry. All the girdles are made of the same thickness as the padding system. So, don’t add too many pads because your girdles will be bulky and uncomfortable. Also, you shouldn’t remove the pads from the girdle if the padding is fixed.

Padding System

Some of the girdles come with a fixed padding system and some are not. Decide which padding system you want or will be comfortable for you. The girdles with fixed padding require no extra pads to insert. The other girdles may need you to insert pads.


Not all girdles are available with the same kinds of features, such as, some have fixed padding systems, and some have cup pockets. Girdles should be breathable, comfortable, and flexible.


Choosing a leading brand is essential because it will enhance your confidence for product quality. There are some brands that sell second-hand products at a cheaper price. At this point, you should buy brand new girdles. The following brands are the top brands that you can buy with confidence: McDavid,  Nike, Champro, Under Armour.

How we chose the best girdle

You might be thinking that you don't need one of these, and you'd be right - if you're playing in your backyard with your buddies. But if you're playing in an organized game, or even just practicing, you could really use the extra protection a football girdle provides.

We've read through hundreds of reviews online to help you on your search. So after reading this post, you'll know which football girdle is right for you, and you'll be able to protect yourself from potentially career-ending injuries.

🏅 Best Overall

Under Armour Gameday Pro Girdle

Under Armour Gameday

🏅Gold medal

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❤️ why we love this girdle

If you’re concerned about the design of your shorts, the UA is stylish with a great look. It ensures optimal support during full ranges of movements. In terms of its moisture wicking  technology, wicks sweat and keep drying the sweat fast for chaffing prevention. Although the UA shorts are the most suitable gear for adults, it’s available in different sizes for youths with medium and large sizes as well. Incredibly, it fits tight without making any loss of motion or pain.

🏈 features

Under Armour is the renowned brand for professionals. The UA brand manufactures all types of sports safety items to comfort all levels of players of men, women, kids, and youths. The Pro Gameday shorts are perfect for adults that are designed with 5 layers of HEX padding for high protection.

It keeps a stable pressure across the hamstring, thigh, groin, and waist. Therefore, you’ll get ultimate protection, and also the pain will be relief from muscle sprains, dislocations, sprains, strains. So, you can be safe with injury prevention measurements.

Since the UA shorts are integrated through  HeatGear technology, wearing them for the whole day will not make you panic. These UA shorts aren’t just suitable for football, but for basketball, soccer, baseball, CrossFit, volleyball, rugby. In that case, it’s worth your investment.

It uses top materials, printing, finishes, and dye.  These shorts are made of 100% Polyethylene, 18% Spandex foam, and 82% of Polyester.

  • available in different sizes from small to 3XL
  • constructed with robust materials
  • ensures superb performance
  • amazing design

🥈 Silver medal

CHAMPRO Man-Up Football Girdle

CHAMPRO Man-Up Football Girdle

🥈 medal

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❤️ why we love this girdle

The ventilation hip pads of the Champro girdle wicks sweat fast and keep your underparts dry and comfortable. As a result, paying 100% attention becomes easy during practice or training time.

Its high-quality 4-way stretch compression fabrics help the players to move comfortably throughout the game.  Additionally, it has got an exclusive design with a cup pocket. So, you can also use a cup if you want.

🏈 features

The Champro Man girdle delivers a padding system for full coverage protection with its 7-pad system. Its tri-flex cushion technology ensures flexibility. The pad with a low-profile hip comfortably fits under other pads and never makes any bulky feel.  

The tail pad, on the other hand, adds an additional layer of coverage like the traditional football shorts. Moreover, the Champro Girdle can cover the knee and thigh more perfectly so that they can remain safe from injury.

In a word, the tri-flex compression football shorts have come up with all their upgraded features to let the players recover quickly. It’s a great girdle with wonderful base padding. And, you can use those paddings for other activities.

  • high-quality polyester material
  • long-lasting
  • cup pocket included
  • multi-Purpose usage

🥉 Podium pick

McDavid Football Padded Girdle

McDavid Football Padded Girdle

🥉 Podium pick

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❤️ why we love this girdle

It is multi-purpose and is usable for different sorts of games, for example, football, baseball, ski, basketball, snowboard, lacrosse, ice-board, and many more.  This McDavid is the perfect gear for high-school kids. And, it lasts for a long time if you can maintain it properly. When you want to buy a high-quality pad football girdle at a low cost, the McDavid should be on your top list.

🏈 features

Try the McDavid compression shorts if you want one of the best football girdles; contoured with lightweight, durable, and breathable features. Its hard-shell coating can guard your thigh and hip against injury. This girdle has come up with built-in core protection. Since the McDavid shorts maintain a low profile with tailbone pads, you’ll get high protection for the waist.  And, its available cup pocket will allow you to insert a cup while needed.

This football girdle incredibly increases comfort and stability from enhanced advanced protection and blood flow. But, to get all these benefits, the players don’t have to lose their range of motion.

Most importantly, the McDavid is designed with a 6-thread flat-lock system to add strength. And, the cleaning procedure is also effortless. You can wash it using a washing machine with ease.

  • high-density foam included
  • exclusive tailbone and hip pads for extra protection
  • designed for multi-purpose sports
  • machine washable

Difference between the Standard and Integrated Girdles

Football girdle comes in different types, for example, standard girdle and integrated girdle. And, there are some differences between these types. You must know the difference between these two types to choose the right one.

Standard Girdle

A standard girdle comes with 2 pockets, 1 tailbone, 2 hips, and 2 thighs. And, it is designed in a way so that the players can insert their own pad according to their convenience.

Integrated girdle

An integrated girdle comes with a full set of pads that are fixed; and sewn into the tailbone, thigh, and hip parts of the girdle. Since these pads are permanently sewn, you cannot remove them.

There is another integrated girdle called ½ integrated girdle. It is a combination of standard and integrated football girdles. It also comes in a fixed sewn-in pad system. But, it will ensure permanent hip, thigh, and tailbone protection for you.

All-in-One Girdle

When you buy an all-in-one girdle, you’ll get complete protection. Amazingly, this girdle is flexible with its padding system. You can replace or remove the pads as per your necessity.

How to Recognize the Perfect Girdle Size for You?

Here’s an ordinary sizing chart for the girdle. This size chart is based on the standard sizing order. So, the size may vary by brand.  Following the given size chart below, you can match your fitness in maximum time. Let‘s check it out:

Girdle’s Size

Waist Size


48-50 Inches


44-46 Inches


40-42 Inches


36-38 Inches


32-34 Inches


28-30 Inches

Youth Large

30-32 Inches

Youth Medium

26-28 Inches

Youth Small

22-24 Inches

Football Girdle FAQs

Football players are asking about best football girdle. But first, what are football girdles? Do I need them? How do they work? Football girdles, or compression shorts, are a type of underwear that is designed to improve your performance on the field by providing support and compression. They work by compressing and stabilizing your muscles, which can help you avoid injuries. The following are the most frequently asked questions for football girdles:

What are football girdles?

Football girdles are a piece of equipment worn by football players that protect the hips and thighs. They are often made of plastic or Kevlar and resemble a pair of shorts with built-in pads. Girdles help to prevent injuries to the hips and thighs, as well as reduce the amount of bruising that can occur from a tackle or fall.

Why do I need a football girdle?

Football girdles are protective gear to prevent injuries. To get security, comfort, and flexibility in your movements, you need to wear football girdles.

Do I need to wear a cup with my football girdle?

Girdles are designed with extra padding supports. So, you don’t need to wear any cup while wearing a girdle but if you want to wear you can.

Can I play football without wearing a girdle?

The girdle has got a design with a stitched pocket in it which is required for holding pads or cups. And, pads are essential to protect your thigh, hips, and tailbone. Without wearing a girdle, you cannot use pads and protect the lower parts of your body which can cause you severe injury. So, you should wear a girdle for your safety unless you have major issues with wearing them.

How can I wash my football girdle?

Well, it’s easy to wash the football girdle. Find out spots and clean them carefully. There are different types of detergents that are suitable to wash sports equipment.

Use sports detergent to wash your girdle. And, don’t forget to use slightly warm water because you shouldn’t use cold water to wash the football girdle. Air dry but don’t use an iron.

The Best Football Girdles for you

Football girdles are the most powerful gear for players to get the utmost protection. Not only do the girdles provide high protection, but comfortable fit, easy movement, and built-in padding for hip, tailbone, and thigh protection. Therefore, you should choose the best football girdle when buying the new one.

To get the budget-friendly and high-quality girdle, go through our top list and you’ll get your required one. There are a variety of football girdles according to age level, and budget. Hopefully, you’ll get your best match from our list.

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