As a running back, you’re expected to be the workhorse on offense. You’re the one charged with taking the handoff, catching the football, blocking when needed, and making other big plays that can turn the tide of a football game. With all these plays, a good pair of gloves can help protect your hands as you are constantly in the action.

There’s one important thing you must do in order to effectively do your job:

Hold on to the football! 

So why is it so important to not fumble? When you get handed that football, you need to make sure it doesn't end up with the opposing team. That means keeping a tight grip on it at all times—but how?

Gloves for Better Grip

One way to ensure your grip remains firm during the game is by investing in some reliable gloves designed specifically for running backs. This is especially important when you're running through defenders or attempting to make cuts across the field; if your hands are slipping, then you run a greater risk of fumbling and losing possession of the ball. A good pair of gloves designed for gripping will provide extra support and reduce slippage when carrying the ball or catching passes. It can also protect you as you get tackled.

Preserving Momentum

In addition to preventing turnovers, having a secure grip on that football also helps preserve momentum during your runs. When you have a strong hold, it allows for more powerful runs, as you won't be wasting energy trying to re-grip or adjust yourself after every few steps. This makes it easier for you to break through tackles and gain those extra yards needed by your team for success on offense. So don't forget about those gloves; they'll come in handy when it comes time for big plays downfield.

A good pair of gloves is an essential part of any running back’s equipment list. Not only does gripping onto that football prevent turnovers, it can help with catches, and protect your hands

A good pair can mean all the difference between success and failure out there on the field. So don't drop the ball—literally—and invest in some reliable gloves. Your team will thank you.

Buying Guide

There are always some factors that you must keep in your mind before you buy your gloves. And considering these valuable factors will allow you to choose the appropriate set of gloves.


The primary factor to consider is the type of gloves. You should choose the right ones for your needs. If you’re a receiver but you’ve chosen the lineman gloves they may not suit you.


The next important matter is size. If the size isn’t right, the gloves won’t fit your hands. And it may disrupt your catching ability.

There are some gloves that come with a manufacturer’s gloves size chart. Check out those size charts first.


To get a high-quality pair of gloves, check out what materials the gloves are made of. If the gloves are constructed with high-quality materials, they won’t tear and lasts a longer time. Materials like polyester, synthetic, leather, and nylon can be a good choice.


The high-featured gloves should come with ventilation technology and utilize mesh in the backhands. Ventilation is necessary to increase airflow so that your hands are comfortable, dry, and cool.


Some of the gloves lose their durability due to washing in water. So, buy a washable pair of gloves that will not damage after washing. Again, some of the gloves are designed only for machine washing.


Gloves should always deliver a manageable level of comfort. Make sure the gloves that you want to buy are comfortable to wear. Also, make sure these are safe to wear for your skin. In this case, choose the thin and lightweight design. Too thick gloves won’t offer comfort and you cannot catch the ball properly.


The most important thing to consider is the price of the gloves. The pricing comes depending on the materials, quality, and durability. Usually, 3 categories of pricing you can consider inexpensive,  mid-range, and expensive gloves.


The gusset is an additional feature that won’t be available in all-brand gloves. Gloves with gusset come with an extra layer of protection and comfort. With gussets, the glove may contour your hand for a nice fit.

Lightweight Foam Padding

Ensure the gloves are available with secure, flexible, and lightweight foam padding. Well-padded gloves can save hands from injury and provide maximum protection.


Gloves should be of attractive color and style that matches your taste and can increase your confidence. You want to play well and look good.

Best Football Gloves for Running Backs

Gloves designed with strong material, comfortability, maximum grip, and robust padding are considered the best for running backs. And the gloves that we chose are of high quality in combination of all these features. The following gloves are especially for running backs to protect their hands as they are constantly getting tackled.

🏅 Nike Vapor Jet 6.0

Nike Vapor Jet 6.0

🏅 medal

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❤️ why we love this glove

If you're looking for a top-quality football glove, check out the Nike Vapor Jet 6.0 gloves. These gloves have been specifically designed to provide an excellent grip and increase your ball control. They're also extremely durable and will last long into the game. And thanks to their snug fit, they'll stay securely in place no matter how hard you play. So if you're serious about the game, grab a pair of Vapor Jet 6.0 gloves and take your skills to the next level.

🏈 features

If you're looking for football gloves that let you play the game the way it's meant to be played, check out the Nike Vapor Jet 6.0 football gloves. With a breathable, stretch woven back to keep you cool, strategically placed durable pinky seams for a locked-in fit, sticky Magni-grip palms to maximize your catching surface, stabilizing flexible coating on your fingers for more control, adjustable cuffs for a custom fit and lightweight padding providing extra thumb protection too – they tick all the boxes and help you fully realize your football potential.

🥈 adidas Freak 5.0 Padded

adidas Freak 5.0 Padded

🥈 Silver medal

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❤️ why we love this glove

The Adidas Freak gloves are ergonomic designed with comfort. It never creates any finger pinches and will offer a great fit. Wearing these gloves will give an extra level of comfort and helps keep your hands dry and cool.

🏈 features

  • Reduce heat buildup
  • Box fingertip construction
  • Conforms all movements naturally
  • Extended outer wrist padding included

When you're ready for catching, the Adidas Freak Gloves can make a good partnership with you. It will allow you to get the bone-jarring tackle through its 5.0 padding system. The Adidas gloves are manufactured with 16% Nylon, 48% Polyester, 16% Silicon, 7% Spandex, and 13% Chloroprene Rubber. So, it has a robust construction with the combination of all these high-quality materials.

The superior grip tack trait delivers an unparalleled grip considering all types of weather. So, there’s no risk of wearing it in any rough weather condition. The high-density injection molded glove’s padding is included on the back and on the thumb. As a result, you’ll experience impact absorption and maximum flexibility.

🥉 Nike Superbad 6.0

Nike Superbad 6.0

🥉 Podium pick

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❤️ why we love this glove

Looking for some serious protection while playing football? Check out Nike's Superbad 6.0 football gloves They provide great cushioning and grip, so you can stay safe on the field. Plus, they're designed to conform to the natural shape of your hands, so you can move and catch with ease.

🏈 features

If you're an avid football fan, then chances are you have heard of the new Nike Superbad 6.0 football gloves worn by many of the NFL starting running backs. These football gloves provide superior grip and control for those who are looking for a glove that can take their football game to the next level. With the ambidextrous fit, these football gloves utilize a unique hook closure system that ensures comfort and provides a secure fit in any weather conditions. The lightweight material makes them easy to wear on your hands, while still feeling tough and reliable with every move. So don't let yourself get left behind - step into the game with Nike Superbad 6.0 gloves.

Types of Football Gloves

Usually, there are two main types of football gloves. And you’ll have to determine which type is for you. Here are the types of gloves:

Receiver Gloves

These gloves are also called the skill position gloves. The receiver gloves specifically come for the receivers who have to run back. The receiver gloves help the player to grip and hold the ball in the best way. These are generally designed for flexibility with a lightweight design. So, you’ll get some additional grip around your thumb and finger in terms of the extra padding on the back side of the gloves.

Lineman Gloves

The lineman football gloves are manufactured for the defensive and offensive linemen. Linebackers can also use the lineman gloves during their football match. These gloves are comparatively heavy weight because the lineman has to go through trench warfare every time. Therefore they need heavier gloves for more security.

These gloves can protect your hands from rough hits. In general, these types of gloves are made of high-quality robust materials with additional padding on the backhands and palms and are highly durable. For a lineman, the grip isn’t necessarily essential. So the gloves come with no palm thickness but rigid frames.

Football Gloves FAQs

What are the best football gloves for running backs? Nobody really knows. There are a lot of different opinions and most of them are just guesses. We did the research so that you don't have to. After analyzing all of the data, we found that the best gloves are the ones according to us. We're here to help you along the way, and we've compiled the most frequently asked questions for football gloves.

Why should I wear football gloves?

Well, wearing gloves will give you three things protection, high performance, and confidence. It will help you catch the ball with ease while wearing gloves. As a result, your performance will be good and also your confidence.

Does a running back need gloves?

Football gloves are optional for running backs, but they can be helpful in cold weather or wet conditions. Gloves help players grip the ball and can also protect their hands from tackles.

Do football gloves help to get a good grip?

Well, there’s no doubt that your gloves offer grip to get a good catch. Gloves in all positions can get a better grip for the ball. So, if you are a running back, you depend on your gloves to get a good grip. And it will allow you to develop your ball-holding skills.

How long should my football gloves last?

Well, a pair of football gloves ought to last for a season of gameplay minimum. But, it can last for longer than only a season. 

Should I wear my football gloves while raining?

There’s no necessity to wear gloves in the rain because the football gloves become so slick and they lose the grip to catch the ball. In that case, avoiding wearing the gloves in rain will be a good decision.

What football gloves last for a longer period?

It depends on the brand and materials of the gloves. Top leading sports equipment brands always maintain quality so that it lasts for a long time. If you want good longevity for your gloves, choose a reputable brand.

Do I need to wear gloves for all positions?

Not all positions require gloves, and it’s not mandatory that you have to wear them. But, if you’re a wide receiver, quarterback, lineman, or running back player, you can use gloves. And wearing gloves can save you from serious injuries.

Can I throw a football with gloves?

Traditionally quarterbacks are considered to be better at throwing the ball with bare hands. The technological advancement makes gloves even for throwing football rather than only catching or gripping.

To Wrap Up

Football gloves have come a long way in terms of protection and technology. A good pair of gloves will help decrease this risk and increase your ability to keep control of that pigskin. With all the new designs and materials on the market, it can be hard to know which pair is best for you. That’s why we’ve put together the above list of gloves based on customer reviews. We hope this helps make your decision easier and that you stay safe while handling the pigskin!

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