Fore! That's the sound of another golf ball soaring through the sky – but how often have you stopped to consider the life span of these dimpled darlings?

Welcome to our dive into a question that's been teeing off golfers: Do Golf Balls Go Bad?

If you’ve ever gone to the golf store and seen a box of golf balls sitting on the shelf, you may have wondered why they don’t have an expiration date stamped on them. After all, many other items do - so why not golf balls? Well, it turns out that golf balls can go bad.

The longevity of a golf ball depends largely on how it’s been used and stored. 

High quality balls are designed to last longer than cheaper ones, with some lasting up to two years or more if they haven’t been abused. However, even the best-designed ball will eventually break down over time.

As the ball gets older, its core will start to lose its bounce and responsiveness when you hit it off the tee – resulting in shorter distances and poorer accuracy.

Another sign that your ball has gone bad is if it has any scuffs or nicks in it. These can be caused by hitting against rocks or trees, being run over by a cart, or simply being stored in a place where there are friction. When this happens, air can get into the core of the ball which causes instability during flight – again resulting in weaker shots with less accuracy.

Finally, if your ball has been sitting around for ages without being used at all then chances are it won't perform like it should when you finally decide to take it out for a round of golf. This is because the rubberized material around the core starts to degrade when exposed to oxygen for too long – resulting in less spin and control off the clubface.

So while most high-quality golf balls are designed to last several years and hundreds of rounds, they do have an expiration date eventually! Make sure you check your balls regularly for signs of wear-and-tear and keep them away from sharp surfaces so they stay in top condition as long as possible! With proper care and maintenance, you can extend their lifespan considerably – but don't hesitate to grab yourself a new box when needed!

Happy golfing!

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