Volleyball can be a rough sport if you're the type of player that plays hard and dives after the ball, especially on hard court surfaces. So ensure you protect your elbows from those pesky bumps and bruises with pads. With a snug fit and durable construction, the right elbow pads will help you stay safe on the court. So you can stop worrying about getting injured and focus on winning that next point.

Buying Guide

Your elbows are some of the most sensitive joints in your body. If you fall, you can hurt them badly. So how will you keep your elbows from getting injured? Elbow pads are one of the best and least expensive solutions.

There are a lot of different elbow pads out there, so you should get ones that fit your needs. This buyer’s guide will tell you all the essential things one should consider when looking for a pair of elbow pads.

What Kinds of Elbow Pads Are There?

There are a couple of main types of elbow pads.

Elbow Sleeves

Elbow sleeves protect you from some impacts. They will give you the most comfort without making it hard for you to breathe or for air to flow.

These elbow sleeves give you an excellent range of motion because they aren’t as heavy as other protection pads with the higher ratings. They also fit perfectly on your elbows, which makes them the best for comfort.

Elbow Pads

If you're out there pushing yourself to the limit during competitions, padded elbow pads can provide an extra layer of much-needed protection. Not only do they cover a large surface area so you get coverage even past impact points - but their snug straps make sure they fit like a glove.


In the production of elbow pads, various kinds of materials are used. The first thing you should notice is what type of material the elbow pads consist of. Since you are buying pads for extreme sports, they must be flexible and strong enough to protect your elbows.


Because of its low hardness and excellent resistance to damage from impact and pressure, this is one of the materials used extensively. This will keep your body parts from any damage or cut. You will feel much safer when you play with these elbow pads.


It is also known as synthetic fiber and is often used to make clothes and furniture. This material is most commonly used in the production of bed sheets and blankets and is also well-known for its capacity to be bent. It provides great strength and support to your elbows.


It is also well-known for being strong and lasting. It also serves as padding. Moreover, Nylon is used in the production of covers, sleeves, and elbow pads.


Chiffon is made by combining many different fabrics, such as silk and nylon. It is used to make clothes that are light and made of materials that let air in. Chiffon is useful to make the sleeves and protective gear for elbow pads. It makes elbow pads that keep your elbows cool and dry.


Rubber is a common material that is used in a lot of things and doesn’t cost much. It is often used in protective gear because it is strong. The rubber material makes elbow pads more comfortable.

What Else Should One Look for

There are different shapes, sizes, and materials for elbow pads. Before you choose or decide whether or not to buy them, there are some other things you may want to know.


Most elbow pads come in one size that fits everyone. This is because they can be tightened to fit well on the elbow. But if you are small or have a lot of muscle, you should buy elbow pads that are appropriate for your size.


Keep in mind that most elbow pads can be tightened so that they fit properly and securely. When you buy elbow pads, you should read about how they fit. Some of the items have elastic straps that help them fit better. You should also check the product and its size guide


Elbow pads can vary in cost depending on the brand, the material, and the packaging. Some well-known sports brands will charge you more for their products because they make good products and have a good reputation.

Also, some elbow pads consist of soft and stretchy materials, like foam and rubber. Some materials can be made in a lab to make stronger pads, but they cost a bit more.


Lastly, some elbow pads come in one pad or set of two. Evaluate the cost per pad given the number of pads included.

How We Chose the Best Volleyball Elbow Pads

When you play volleyball, you're always at risk of injuring your elbow if you hit the ground. Even if you wear a lot of padding, it's still possible to get hit. We've research around Amazon and found a few volleyball elbow pads to help protect your elbows from those hard dives.

🏅 Newbyinn Padded Arm Sleeves

Newbyinn Padded Arm Sleeves

🏅 Best Overall

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❤️ why we love these elbow pads

With these elbow pads, you can have the best arm protection. For the elbow and forearm, all the sleeves consist of two 9mm EVA pads, which are 40% thicker in comparison to most others.

The flexible and elastic EVA padding absorbs shock more effectively and resists impact while playing and doing other activities.

🏐 features

Newbyinn manufactures this elbow pad. The Elbow Forearm Crashproof pads are available in different sizes. The package dimensions and weight are 7.56 x 6.1 x 1.81 inches and 2.4 Ounces, respectively.

These elbow pads come with two wavy silicone strips, while the others have just one straight silicone. The elbow forearm crashproof pads consist of 17% Spandex and 83% Nylon.

They help the players perform better as the silicone design makes sure that the sleeves will not slip down while playing and outdoor activities. The manufacturer chooses environmental and anti-allergic material, so the players do not have to worry about allergic issues. UV protection is capable of blocking out more than 98% of dangerous UVB and UVA rays.

🥈 Mizuno MZO Elbow Pads

Mizuno MZO Elbow Pads

🥈 Medalist

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❤️ why we love these elbow pads

The sleeve length provides full elbow coverage. Breathable material moves with the player, and molded pads keep your elbows safe from any harsh impact.

🏐 features

The Mizuno brand produces MZO Elbow pads. These are available in black color, and medium and small sizes. The package dimensions and weight are 9.96 x 5.63 x 0.94 inches and 0.5 KG, respectively.

These pads help you to have wonderful defensive play providing confidence to players. They consist of moisture wicking materials like spandex and polyester. The Mizuno MZO elbow pads are useful for every adult player (men or women).

🥉 HiRui Elbow Pads

HiRui Elbow Pads

🥉 Podium pick

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❤️ why we love these elbow pads

These elbow pads are the best quality and most comfortable. They keep your elbow and arm from pulling when outdoor activities. You can use them for multiple purposes, such as golf, basketball, cycling, softball, skating, baseball, riding, badminton, martial arts, soccer, running, tennis, and football.

🏐 features

HiRui Tech manufactures these elbow pads. These are available in black color and different sizes. Its dimensions and weight are 4.72 x 3.15 x 1.18 inches and 1.23 Ounces, respectively.

These elbow pads consist of Spandex and Polyamide materials. They keep your elbows safe from impact and scratches as they come with high elastic fabric and thick honeycomb pads.

These elbow pads regulate your body temperature. They increase the circulation and blood flow in the players’ arms. Moreover, they are helpful for muscle recovery from general soreness and training.

Volleyball Elbow Pads FAQs

Many volleyball players experience arm pain at some point during their careers. A protective equipment like elbow pads are designed to protect your elbows from the impacts and vibrations that can cause pain and soreness. Please check out some of the frequently asked questions about elbow pads.

Do volleyball elbow pads prevent breaks?

Yes, elbow pads can protect against sprains, breaks, and other kinds of injuries. Protective elbow pads keep your bones, muscles, and arms from any damage when you fall.

Do you need elbow pads to play volleyball?

It is not necessary for volleyball players don’t have to wear elbow pads to play professionally. But many professional and amateur players wear them to protect their arms from any damage. Remember that elbow pads won’t stop a player from moving around.

How can I tell if my elbow pad is the right size?

You’ll know your elbow pad size fits right if the following things are true. First, wearing elbow pads for long periods shouldn’t be painful. Second, your elbow pads shouldn’t slide down your arms when you play volleyball (or any other sport).

Instead, they should fit snugly and not make you feel any pain. If your elbow pads don’t meet these requirements, they are probably the wrong size. You should find out if you need to go up or down a size for a better fit.

What elbow pads are best for volleyball?

Elbow pads are meant to protect your elbows while playing volleyball. They usually have a strap that wraps around the back of your hand, and then another strap that wraps around your forearm.

To put them on, first wrap the strap around your hand. Then, wrapping it around the back of your hand, attach the velcro. Next, do the same for the strap around your forearm. You may need someone to help you tighten them up so they fit snugly against your skin.

Elbow Pads for Volleyball

Consider all the factors discussed before purchasing a new elbow pad for volleyball to make your investment worthwhile. In addition, we have also described a few best elbow pads that can meet your requirements. So, move ahead and choose one that suits your criteria. Good Luck!

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