Soccer is a dangerous sport. But with the right gear, you can minimize the risk of injury. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best slip-in shin guards. We want to help you stay safe while playing soccer.

Shin guards offer great protection against injury and are available in a variety of styles, colors, and types. But in this article, we are going to share our picks for a particular type: slip-ins.

What is a Slip-In Shin Guard?

A slip in shin guard is a type of shin guard that slips onto the player's lower leg secured by athletic tape or sleeves, as opposed to being strapped on. 

Perfect for a light and comfortable fit, these guards are popular among professional players.

Buying Guide

When playing a sport such as soccer, it is important to ensure you are well-protected from potential injuries. As such, it is important to find the right pair of shinguards to ensure the highest level of protection. Before buying a pair, you should ensure some important features such as the material, comfort, protection, and size.


The main purpose of wearing shin guards is to protect the player’s lower leg from injury. These pieces become worthless if your pads are insufficient to save you from any potential injury. Usually, they are designed to protect your shins while playing.

While shin guards are designed differently with varying levels of protection, they serve the same purpose of injury prevention. Furthermore, some shin guards contain air pockets and other materials that absorb shock and prevent bruising, making them valuable equipment for athletes. With the right shin guards, athletes can enjoy the game with increased safety, confidence, and peace of mind.


The flexibility of the shin guard is another critical factor in a player's performance. If the guard does not adequately adapt to the player's movements, it can restrict their ability to play at their best. Not only will it be uncomfortable, but the reduced mobility can also lead to a lack of confidence in their game. For this reason, the shin guard must be adjustable and comfortable while providing adequate protection.


Take your leg length to find out the perfect fit. Too large or too small shin guards can adversely affect athletic performance. Shin guards that are too small cannot protect your leg from impact, while those that are too large can cause it slip and fall. For this reason, selecting the appropriate size is crucial for optimum performance and safety.


When selecting a shin guard, it is important to consider the material's durability. Investing in a shin guard made with a durable material is a wise choice that can provide long-lasting use. High-quality shin guards are often constructed with molded foam, plastic, and synthetic fiber.

How we chose the best Slip-In Shin Guards

If you are looking for the best slip in shin guards for soccer, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will review three of the top options on the market and help you decide which one is right for you. All of these guards offer great protection against injury, but they each have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Keep reading to learn more!

🏅 Best Overall

Nike J Guard

🏅 medal

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❤️ why we love this shin guard

The Nike J Guard is your offering to play with confidence on the pitch. Experience players will appreciate the fit and function as it moves and molds to your body so you can move freely without any extra bulk. With superior protection around the shins, you don’t have to worry about those unexpected bumps and bruises. It's lightweight design ensures that your feet will remain stable during even the most agile of plays and it doesn't chafe under stockings like other shin guards can.

If you're a newbie or an experienced player alike, these guards provide optimal coverage in a protective yet comfortable manner. Wear them with socks or wrap them in athletic tape, they stay firmly in place and keep bruises far away.

It's a quality product for game day and that's exactly what Nike J Guard offers - good solid protection combined with its lightweight design makes this guard perfect for serious soccer players. Even those who dread shin guards love these easy-to-wear inserts, knowing their shins are being properly protected without weighing them down or causing discomfort during play.  Get yourself kitted up with the superior sought after protection only found in the Nike J Guards.

🦵 features

Nike J Guard Shinguards are the number one choice when it comes to soccer shinguards for the Pros. Whether you're playing outdoors or indoors, the Nike J Guard provides protection and comfort with its lightweight and anatomical slip-in design that is tailored to fit your legs perfectly. It also has ventilated hard-shell and EVA foam shin pad, so even after long hours of running and kicking you won't feel any discomfort. The Nike J Guard Shinguards are truly the essential piece of apparel for any competitive soccer player.

🥈 Budget Pick

Malker Soccer Shin Guards

🥈 Silver Medal

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❤️ why we love this shin guard

The Malker Soccer Shin Guards are just what you need to make it through an intense season untroubled by potential shin injuries. Built with the modern-day soccer player in mind, they are designed to be as lightweight as possible while still giving you adequate protection. Plus, they come with compression sleeves to hold them in place! They fit snugly and will stay put in any situation. Compared to many of the cheaper shin guards out there that use velcro closures, these shin guards provide a superior level of comfort and strength. You can trust that the materials used in their construction are top-notch and backed by quality assurance — definitely worth the price given they’re one of the best values on the market. So if you’re looking for serious protection when your game is on point, don’t hesitate — check out Malker Soccer Shin Guards.

🦵 features

Malker Soccer Shin Guards offer optimal protection for lower legs and keeps you safe for your soccer match. Besides the protective arch shell, Malker shin guards use air-permeable mesh Dacron fabric sleeves to envelop their shin guards plate, making them breathable and comfortable during intense soccer sessions. Because of the material's stretchiness, Malker provides players with three sizes so you can find the right fit. Malker uses a simple but effective design to create lightweight yet durable shin guards that maximize agility and protect me from external impulsive force. Malker's specially designed EVA sponge layer inside provides extra cushion necessary for overall convenience. Needless to say, with Malker Soccer Shin Guards you don't have to worry about possible shin bone pains or suffering from fatigue due to poor circulation in your calves - they've got you covered!

🥉 Podium Pick

adidas Tiro League

🥉 Podium pick

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❤️ why we love this shin guard

Make sure you stay safe on the pitch. The Adidas Tiro League Shin Guards are the perfect addition to your soccer gear. Lightweight and comfortable, these guards provide fantastic protection from blows to the shins. And with ease of taking them on and off, you can get into the thick of it in no time. Get ready for action faster with the Adidas Tiro League.

🦵 features

Slide on these adidas unisex adult Tiro League Shin Guards, and take your soccer game to the next level with total confidence. Don't worry about sacrificing protection for comfort with these shin guards; they have a hard front shell to keep your legs safe from contact while their asymmetrical design fits like a glove. Plus, the perforated back foam is great for breathability so that your legs can stay cool and not distracted during play.

Slip in Shin Guards FAQs

Soccer can be a rough sport. You can't be worrying about your shins getting bruised and bloody during the game. Not being able to focus on the game because you're worried about your shins is no fun. And it definitely doesn't help you win. Slip in Shin Guards are the perfect solution for this problem. These shin guards slip on easily and stay in place, so you can concentrate on playing soccer and not worrying about your shins. Check out the following frequently asked questions to learn further.

How do you keep slip-in shin guards in place?

Slip-in shin guards can be held in place by a number of methods. A popular method is to use athletic tape to keep them in place. Another method is to use a strap or band that wraps around the calf and holds the shin guard in place.

How do slip-in shin guards work?

Slip-in shin guards work by slipping into your sock or sleeve to fit snugly against your leg. They have a foam backing that cushions your shin, and they also have a layer of fabric on the outside that helps to absorb impact.

What kind of tape do you use for shin guards?

You can use almost any kind of tape as long as it will stick to your skin and to the shin guard. Athletic tape, duct tape, or even medical tape should work.

When taping your shin guards, first make sure they are clean and free of dirt and dust. Cut a piece of tape that is long enough to wrap around your shin twice, with some overlap. Wrap the tape around your shin so that it sticks securely. Make sure there are no wrinkles.

What is the best material for a soccer shin guard?

Soccer shin guards come in a variety of materials; TPU or carbon fiber. The best material depends on several factors: comfort and fit, durability, price, and appearance. Flexible inside foam and elastic fabric give players excellent support.

What are the three common types of shin guard?

There are three common types of shinguard: slip ins, strap ons, and sleeves. The most popular type is the slip in shin guard, which is easy to put on and take off. The strap on shin guard is held in place by two straps that go around the ankle and calf. The shin sleeves slides on like a sock that covers the lower leg.

Why do you wear socks over shin guards?

You want to protect your shins as much as possible from any potential injuries. Wearing socks over shin guards helps to secure shin guards in place and prevents them from slipping down during the game. Additionally, it also keeps your shins warm and helps to reduce the chances of getting injured.

The Best Slip in Shin Guards for You

When looking for a comfortable and reliable Slip In Shin Guard, keep an eye out for our top three picks. From price to quality and protection, these top-rated shinguards are everything you need to feel safe while playing soccer. And don't forget – always check the sizing chart before buying; make sure you get the right fit!

Now that you know all there is to know about our favorite shinguards, we urge you to go ahead and give them a try. Once you experience their comfort, convenience, and protection for yourself, you'll never go back to your old shin guards again!

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