Are you looking for a way to stay in shape while enjoying the sun and sand?

Grab your sunglasses and a volleyball because beach volleyball is the perfect way to get a good sweat while having fun. Not only is beach volleyball a fun and social sport, but it also provides an excellent workout. So if you’re curious about how many calories you can burn, then read on.

How Many Calories Does Beach Volleyball Burn?

On average, a person playing beach volleyball can expect to burn about 500 calories per hour depending on their weight and intensity of play. That means that an hour of competitive beach volleyball can burn as much calories as running at a moderate pace.

Calorie burn varies by Intensity and Weight

The number of calories you can expect to torch during your beach volleyball game depends on a variety of factors.

Height and weight play a role as lighter people will naturally burn fewer calories than those who weigh more. 

Additionally, the intensity of your game can make a major difference in the total number of calories burned. If you’re playing at a slower pace, you won’t be able to reap all of the fitness rewards that come from playing at higher intensities.

On average, an hour-long beach volleyball game between two players weighing about 180 pounds could result in about 500 calories burned for each player.

Added Benefits of Beach Volleyball

Along with torching some serious calories playing volleyball, there are plenty of other health benefits associated with this fun sport

  • Builds up muscle strength in your arms, legs, and core thanks to all that jumping required
  • Helps improve coordination and balance—important skills for athletes of all levels
  • Enjoy time outdoors playing some volleyball

Beach volleyball is an excellent way to stay fit while having fun in the sun! Not only does it provide an enjoyable social aspect but it also burns plenty of calories too.

To maximize your workouts and get the most out of them, we recommend warming up beforehand, keeping your movements dynamic, and taking regular breaks between sets. So grab some friends and hit the sand.

Let's see how much energy we can all burn together!

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