Ready to hit the hardwood and make some amazing sets, yet not sure of how you should protect yourself? Don't worry. All it takes is a bit of research to find some equipment you may need to keep safe. So we've done all that work for you. Today we'll provide info on a few choices that will ensure safety as well as give your game an extra edge. But before looking around, there are factors like size, quality, among others which need considering first - so get ready to buckle up your safety gear.

What Types of Volleyball Protective Gear You May Need

Some sports are fast-paced and high-impact, and volleyball is one of them. Wearing protective gear is prudent to prevent injuries.

The main purpose of protective gear is to protect your body from impacts. Various types of gear can be used to help protect you from injuries. The following are 3 you should look at. There are also other equipment like arm sleeves, ankle braces, and shoes just to list a few more.

Knee pads

Knee pads are one of the most important pieces of volleyball protective gear. They help to protect your knees from the impact of diving and falling, which can lead to serious injuries. There are a variety of different types of knee pads available, so it is important to choose a pair that will offer the right amount of protection for your needs.

Elbow pads

Elbow pads are another important piece of protective gear. Like knee pads, they help to protect your elbows from the impact of diving and falling. They also help to reduce the risk of elbow injuries. Again, there are a variety of different types of elbow pads available, so it is important to choose a pair that will offer the right amount of protection.

Wrist guards

Wrist guards are another type of volleyball equipment that can help to reduce the risk of injuries. They help to protect your wrists from the impact of diving and falling, and they also help to stabilize your wrists when you are hitting the ball. Wrist guards come in a variety of different sizes and styles, so it is important to choose a pair that will fit well and offer the right amount of protection.

Few factors you may need to consider

You can easily sprain an ankle, tear a ligament, or worse. Not only is volleyball a dangerous sport, but it's also incredibly popular. Every year millions of people get injured while playing. That's why you should consider the right volleyball gear to keep you safe. When shopping for gear, the following are a few things to consider.


Mobility is an important factor to consider when choosing safety equipment. Generally, volleyball courts are built with hard surfaces where players can spend up to an hour. This carries a considerable risk of injury, so athletes need to wear something they feel comfortable for a sustained period of time.


Cushioning is useful for various reasons, including injury prevention and speeding recovery after an injury. Thankfully, manufacturers have improved pads in recent years. They offer more protection and better comfort for training and competition. Pads consist of soft, breathable fabric to promote maximum comfort and performance.


Some pads may be too big or too small, so it's important to get the right size pads for you. It is also essential that the pad fits comfortably. Some pads are smaller than others. If you're between sizes, it's best to choose a size larger.


In regular play, you should invest in high-quality pads and treat them as a long-term investment, not a disposable item. A good brand made of quality materials is likely to last longer and save you money in the long run.


The importance of protective equipment for volleyball is widely recognized. But type of colors are personal preference. Whichever color you choose, be sure they offer you protection and not just decorative.


A few reputable brands for volleyball equipment:

  • Wanlvhu
  • Bodyprox
  • Cantop
  • Mclako
  • Nike
  • gonicc
  • Luwint
  • MoKo

🏐 How we Chose Volleyball Protective Gears

Most people know they need to be wearing some kind of protection when playing volleyball, but it's hard to know what kind of protection you need and where to find it. After reading hundreds of reviews, we've done some work for you and have found a few suggestions for you. But ultimately it's your decision to find what gear is right for you.

🏅 Nike Streak Dri-Fit Knee Pads

Nike Streak Dri-Fit Knee Pads

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Why we ❤️ this equipment

Due to the ergonomic fit, this knee pad minimizes bunching along the back to provide long-lasting comfort. It is lightweight and provides a supportive feel. These pads are available in different sizes and white and black colors. The Nike Streak Dri-Fit Volleyball knee pads are best for adults.

🏐 features

These Nike brand knee pads with a packaged weight and dimensions are 0.11 kg and 11.6 x 10 x 0.6 inches. The weight and dimensions vary with respect to item size. These knee pads consists of ethylene vinyl acetate material. It minimizes the shock along your knees during falls because of its gel integration impact. It helps reduce the abrasions during slides as the stretch-knit exterior works as the additional protection layer.

🥈 FitsT4 Arm Sleeves

FitsT4 Arm Sleeves

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Why we ❤️ this equipment

Are you ready to take your volleyball game to the next level? FitsT4 Volleyball Arm Sleeves were specially crafted with your performance in mind! Not only do they look great with any uniform, but these sleeves will also cushion your arms and keep them safe during those intense games. Zap away that stinging sensation you get after a long match--equip yourself with FitsT4 sleeves and enjoy the comfort of protection every time you step onto the court.

Just as reliable is their easy-to-wash quality! After putting them through games, no matter how rough and tumble it gets, simply chuck them into the washing machine and watch as they come out looking and feeling good as new. Everyone wants maximum safety for their limbs without sacrificing on a quality fit--basically everyone needs FitsT4 Volleyball Arm Sleeves. A no brainer for all avid net players, shoulder bumpers, and diggers out there!

Don't let yourself—or your arms—fall short. Add padded arm sleeves to your arsenal. Leave it to us to keep those arms and wrists safe so that you can put all your energy into smashing that ball across the net. Let's spike these or nothing at all!

🏐 features

  • Keeps you cool and dry while training
  • Extra pad on the forearm helps relieve pain
  • Comfortable thumbhole offers high flexibility
  • Reinforced stitch and sturdy fabric withstands repetitive ball contacts
  • Stay focused during your practices without any uncomfortable distractions
  • Achieve your goals with less pain and more comfort

🥉 Gonicc Compression Wrap Support

Gonicc Compression Wrap Support

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Why we ❤️ this equipment

This foot sleeve pair provides relief from pain and any discomfort to your foot. This is the best for the treatment of heel pain, metatarsal, swelling, splint, edema, stress fracture, Achilles tendon, and plantar fasciitis.

🏐 features

The Gonicc brand produces this professional foot sleeve pair. This is available in different sizes (S, M, and L) and in black and foot sleeve rose colors. This is the best foot sleeve pair for adults.

Moreover, the package dimensions and weight are ‎8.15x4.02x1.57 inches and 0.14 KGs (for small), 6.1x4.1 x 1.4 inches and 0.12 KGs (for medium), and 8.27x4.02x1.65 inches and 0.16 KGs (for large), respectively.

This foot sleeve pair consists of Nylon material. It is lightweight because of its ergonomic design. You can have a velvety soft feel with this foot sleeve pair.

It stabilizes the ankle and reduces swelling by stimulating blood circulation. Moreover, it is a good choice for muscle recovery and helps you to perform best in all situations. It can last for years to come due to high-quality construction.

Volleyball Protective Gear FAQs

Volleyball is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but it can also be dangerous if you're not properly protected. Even though volleyball is a relatively safe sport, there's always the potential for injury. Ankles, wrists, and fingers are the most commonly injured body parts in volleyball. That's why we're sharing a Frequently Asked Questions section to help you learn more about protective gear.

What type of protective gear is good for volleyball?

Players should wear specific protective gear to ensure their safety during gameplay. The most important piece of equipment are knee pads, which provide cushioning and support for the knees when diving or falling to the ground. Additionally, some players may choose to wear ankle braces for extra support and stability. It's also recommended that players wear comfortable athletic shoes with good traction to prevent slipping on the court. While not required, some players may choose to wear elbow or wrist pads for added protection during play.

What are the benefits of wearing protective gear while playing volleyball?

Wearing protective gear while playing volleyball can provide a number of benefits for players. 

Knee pads, for example, can help to prevent injuries such as bruises, cuts, and scrapes when diving or falling to the ground. 

Ankle braces can provide additional support and stability, helping to prevent sprains or other injuries. 

Elbow and wrist pads can also help to protect against impact injuries during play. 

By wearing proper protective gear, players can feel more confident and comfortable on the court, allowing them to focus on their performance without worrying about potential injuries.

Do volleyball players use protective equipment?

Yes, they use it. The common use of volleyball stuff includes knee pads and elbow protectors are used.

They are made of breathable, porous materials, strong enough to be used on hard floor surfaces such as indoor courts, and are common in schools worldwide.

How should volleyball protective gear be properly sized?

Proper sizing of volleyball protective gear is essential to ensure that it provides adequate protection and support while also being comfortable for the player. 

Knee pads, for example, should fit snugly around the knee without being too tight or restrictive. They should cover the entire kneecap and extend a few inches above and below it. 

It's important to follow the manufacturer's sizing guidelines when selecting protective gear to ensure proper fit and maximum protection.

Why don't some volleyball players think it's a good idea to use knee pads?

In fact, not all volleyball players are required to wear knee protection. Some players believe wearing knee pads is unnecessary to prevent injury, while others believe wearing them interferes with their game.

If you play volleyball and do not use knee pads, you may miss out on one of the most effective ways to prevent injury.

What are some safety equipment for volleyball?

There are many types of protective gear, some of them are:

Knee pads worn to protect the knee area.

Mouthguard to protect the teeth, gums, and lips.

Chest protector is worn under the shirt to protect the chest.

Arm guard protects the arm. It depends on the type of player whether the arm guard is worn on one arm or both arms.

Leg guard also depends on the type of athlete whether the she wants to protect one leg or both legs.

Headgear to protect the neck and head. Some headgears also provide a face mask and visor.

Elbow protectors to protect the elbows.

Volleyball Protective Gear for You

There are several types of volleyball protective gear throughout the market. Choosing the best protective equipment will lead you to enjoy your volleyball time. Consider some of the above-discussed factors to get the best one for you. In addition, we also discussed a few volleyball protective gear that hopefully meets your requirements.

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Stay safe!

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