Football is undoubtedly one of the roughest games in the world. You need to play it with the utmost protection. And, when you think about safety, the helmet comes first in front of you.

So why do you need a helmet? Why do you need to know about the 3 best football helmets of the present time? Here we come up with the answer.

Playing in an open field can cause you harm, including injuries and fractures. But when it comes to your head, you obviously need a helmet.

How We Chose the Best Football Helmets

Choosing the right football helmet can feel like tackling a 300-pound lineman. With so many options out there, it's hard to know which one will actually protect your noggin. Don't be fooled by fancy marketing and flashy designs. You don't want a helmet that's all show and no go. Your safety is on the line, after all. That's why we did the dirty work for you. We scoured through countless online reviews, took hits like a champ, and narrowed down the best football helmets on the market. So you can focus on dominating the field, without worrying about what's on your head. Play smarter, not harder with the best football helmet for your game.

Best helmet

Schutt Vengeance Pro LTD II


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Why we ❤️ this helmet

The Schutt Vengeance Pro LTD II is the most recent generation of the Schutt Sports Vengeance helmet line.

The Thermoplastic PolyUrethane (TPU) cushioning incorporates durometers that have been purpose-built to absorb impacts of varying velocities in order to maximize its overall effectiveness.

The TPU cushioning system combines single and dual-layer TPU in its construction.

🏈 features

Schutt has improved the padding inside the liner of the Vengeance shell to increase its impact absorption properties. According to the STAR evaluation system, the LTD II earned the highest possible rating of 5 stars, making it the top-scoring helmet.

In addition to the "soft, pillow-like" feeling that the Vengeance helmets are known for, the upgraded surefit TPU airliner also provides a more secure fit. TPU is used as the main cushioning in Schutt's helmets, with dual layer TPU in the front and a single layer in the back and crown.

●      This product uses Schutt's patented TPU cushioning system, which is the latest generation.

●      To reduce weight and improve impact absorption, single-layer TPU is a ribbed system with a single layer of TPU. Also, dual and single TPU layers have been used.

Using a TPU outer skin with increased surface coverage, the surefit Air Liner provides a soft, "pillow-like" feel to the helmet.

●      Side and frontal impact protection is provided by 7/8′′ AiR Maxx TPU jaw pads, which feature TPU's impact absorption and performance.

●      An additional layer of comfort foam beneath the skin provides a dynamic fit and long-term durability.

●      Additionally, the front cushion of this airliner is filled with a layer of high-impact foam, which provides an extra layer of protection.

●      The Flexural Resistance Back Shelf Design, a patented innovation, increases the strength and impact absorption of the helmet's back.

Best Youth Helmet

Riddell Speedflex

🥈 medalist

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Why we ❤️ this helmet

The Riddell Youth SpeedFlex Football Helmet features the Flex System, which is designed to reduce the force of impact on your young athlete.

An all-point quick-release attachment system for the HS4 face mask is included with the helmet, which is ventilated with the Tru-Curve liner.

And, also it has a 4-point inflation system for ensuring the utmost safety and comfort. It originated in the USA.

🏈 features

Since its release, the Riddell SpeedFlex Football Helmet has been the subject of much anticipation. Because of developments in design and engineering, football helmets will never again look or function the same way they do today.

A flexible panel has been added to the front of the helmet to lessen the impact felt by the player's head. Let's look into the features.

●       One of the leading helmets of Riddell for youths

●      It is protected by Patented Side Impact Protection (PISP)

●      It has a removable moisture-resistant liner cover

●      It has a Ratchet-Lock chin strap attached to the helmet, so it could be easy for the user to adjust it.

Varsity choice

Schutt Sports Varsity AiR XP Pro VTD II


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Why we ❤️ this helmet

The AiR XP VTD II is the only helmet to have been given a rating of five stars by the STAR Rating System. This is even though it may not have been the first helmet to use TPU cushioning.

Because of its light weight, it can achieve exceptional performance in terms of both impact absorption and performance.

🏈 features

This is a traditional standoff helmet with an expanded shell. More impact can be absorbed across a wider range of temperatures with the VTD TPU cushioning.

This classic helmet's graceful, fast curves make it both quick and lightweight. Using an expanded helmet shell, the Virginia Tech STAR helmet rating system and 2016 NFL Testing Protocol awarded it a 5-star rating for its TPU cushioning.

Over half of the NFL's skill players wear Schutt helmets, and the XP model has long been the most popular. The SUREFIT air liner and SC4 hard cup chinstrap are both TPU-enhanced in this helmet.

●      The AiR XP PRO provides cutting-edge technology and superior functionality in the form of TPU cushioning.

●      It has a superb impact absorption with a dynamic fit

●      A reactive and lightweight helmet manufactured for the speed athletes of today.

●      Has single layer TPU with inter-link jaw pads for extra security

●      5-star rated by Virginia Tech Helmet

Football Helmet Guide

Staying healthy throughout the game is one of the most vital aspects players must prioritize.

Protecting the head, among the most important parts of the body, is an important function performed by helmets. But one thing to note is that no helmet can save you 100% from injury.

Selecting the headgear that will work best for your head is not always simple. You will need to search for a great deal of information to achieve the ideal outcome. You can look into our tips to get the helmet that fits your needs.


The outer layer of the helmet is known as the shell. The shell is an important part of the helmet. If the shell is not strong and durable, then the helmet may cause injury rather than protect it. Things you need to look at in the shell are:

●In most cases, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) plastic or polycarbonate alloy is used in the manufacturing process.
●Increasing the airflow throughout the shell thanks to ventilation helps with heat management and overall comfort.
●Certain models come equipped with an air system that provides a customized fit by helping to tighten the helmet pads to your particular head shape.


To begin, you have a choice between two distinct kinds of padding to place within the outer shell of your helmet. You can purchase a helmet with pre-sized padding or inflatable padding when you make your purchase.

Having either thicker or thinner pads makes it simpler to adjust your fit. Second, there should be no space between the temple of the head and the helmet, nor between the jaw and the helmet. Both of these areas should be covered completely.


It is crucial to have a facemask attached to the helmet at all times. Some helmets already have a facemask attached to them. Facemasks made of carbon steel or stainless steel are typically utilized in football due to the fact that they are not only sturdy but also lightweight.

If you are deciding on a facemask, check to see that it is suitable for use with the helmet you already own.


Another important part is the airliner. There are strategically placed inflatable air pockets in Air Liners, which are meant to fill any gaps between the shell, padding, and the player's skull.

In order to provide players with the most secure and safest fitting helmet possible, airliners are inflated with a pump. Make sure you have premium helmets that have 2 liners.


As a final step, you should try to find some comfort. Choose helmets that have TPU cushioning that are of higher quality. It has been demonstrated to be superior to any other helmet system in terms of its capacity to absorb impact over a wider temperature range.

Most of the helmets sold by Schutt Sports include TPU padding in some capacity.

🏈 Helmet FAQs

Ready for some helmet knowledge? We've rounded up the most frequently asked questions about football helmets so you can tackle the topic head-on! We hope we got some of the answers you need. So grab your chinstrap and let's dive into the world of football helmets!

How do helmets protect football players?

It is the important function of a helmet to dissipate impact energy. Sports helmets are usually made of polystyrene or other hard outer shell and a soft interior foam layer. The hard shell dissipates the impact force over a larger area.

Translational movements and the impact injuries they cause are reasonably well protected by hard helmets, which significantly reduce the risk of skull fractures and intracranial bleeding.

How can football helmets be improved?

In the case of football helmets, scientists have created elastic micro lattice pads that can withstand both single hits and a series of impacts more effectively than current state-of-the-art foams.

Increased padding, softer grades of vinyl nitrile padding, and increased helmet size and weight may reduce concussion risk in professional players.

Why are there holes in football helmets?

There are two reasons why a football helmet has holes in it. There have always been holes drilled in the crowns of helmets to allow for ventilation. The helmet must be able to dissipate heat from the wearer's body, especially during strenuous activity.

In order to keep the player from overheating while playing, more recent helmet designs come standard with larger and strategically placed ventilation holes. Another reason for holes in a helmet shell is access to the fill points for the air bladder.

In order to better conform to the player's head, most modern football helmets have one or more needle insertion points in the air-filled padding.

How much force can a football helmet take?

It is possible to drop a 35-pound weight from 8 feet onto a good football helmet and still have it hold up just fine. A helmet protects both of their skulls from fracture when a 250-pound linebacker collides head-on with a fullback in a high-impact collision. You can if you have a helmet on, they teach you to tackle the right way, with your head up, your shoulder in his gut, and your facemask on the ball.

Do helmets expire?

As your body fluids, hair oils, ultraviolet light, and normal wear and tear take their toll, the resin and other materials used in the manufacturing process can be affected over time. It's a good idea to replace your helmet every five or seven years, whichever comes first.

Best Helmet for You

Helmets are useful on the field while playing, but choosing a good helmet is often tough. Helmets protect you from severe injuries you can get in the open field. We have collected the 3 best football helmets considering the outcome of these injuries.

Finally, you now have an idea of how important helmets are. In our article, you will be able to get all the answers to your questions, and if you have any other queries, please free to contact us. Thank you for sticking it to the end!

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