Picture yourself and your friends playing basketball in the dark.

You’re running, jumping, and dunking under the night sky. However, as the game progresses, you may notice that the visibility gets poor. These are the moments where you need a ball where you can spot. Add some fun and excitement to your game with a colorful visible ball. If you’re curious if there's a basketball out there that glows...

First off, how does the glowing basketball work? Well, it’s pretty simple. Some glowing balls contain LED lights inside it, which illuminates the ball as it bounces. This light gives off a colorful glow that adds drama to your game. This special kind of basketball has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and it adds a unique spark to any game - especially nighttime games.

The technology behind these illuminated basketballs varies from product to product. Some designs are completely electronic and require batteries in order to light up, while others may have unique fluorescent materials that lights up in the dark. Either way, they usually come equipped with bright LED lights which illuminates, creating a stunning visual effect while playing on the court.

Now, you may be wondering if the glow distracts the players. In reality, it does not. The glow is just bright enough to aid players in seeing the ball clearly. It also makes it easier to track the ball's movement, thus, improving gameplay.

Consider playing with a glowing basketball for the fun factor. 

The glow in the dark feature makes it stand out. It creates a unique atmosphere, which makes playing even more enjoyable. Players of all levels can find it exciting.

How We Chose a Glowing Basketball

Now that you know there are basketballs that can light up. Play like a champ any time of day, or night. We're here to help you grab a regular basketball or a ball that provide the results you need. We’ve done the research for you by evaluating dozens of basketballs. We have narrowed down our top 3 picks based on features like visibility, grip, and excellent bounce; so you can find a ball that fits your game.

🏅 OMOTIYA Glow in The Dark Basketball

OMOTIYA LED basketball

🏅 medal

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why we ❤️ this basketball

It comes with two built-in LEDs ensuring the greatest visibility while playing in the dark. The entire ball glows red when you start playing with it. Moreover, the LED lights will turn off automatically if the ball does not move for one minute.

🏀 features

The OMOTIYA basketball has a top-quality rubber material, it's easy to clean, leak-proof, light, and soft. Plus, it comes with pre-installed batteries AND an extra replacements. Say goodbye to fumbling for the ball in the dark! Don't sweat the setup either - instructions and a handy tool are included. And, in case you need more convincing, this beauty also comes with a manual, wrench, pump, and six batteries.

🥈 AND1 Nitegame LED Light Up Basketball

AND1 Nitegame

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why we ❤️ this basketball

This basketball is ideal for children ages 8 to 12 because it has an easy-to-palm surface. With this basketball, you can play basketball wherever (indoor or outdoor) or whenever (day or night) you want.

🏀 features

AND1 Nitegame basketball will get it lit. With LED lights that turn on with every bounce, you'll light up the game - without even touching a switch. Comes deflated, but don't sweat it - inflate it fast with their handy pump. Available in Orange and Black/Orange, and packing it up at a 29.5-inch diameter, it's the ball to light up your world.

🥉 MILACHIC Basketball

MILACHIC Basketball

🥉 podium pick

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why we ❤️ this basketball

This basketball will glow with a clear, bright green light in the dark. So, it is the best choice for street night basketball. You will have a wonderful hand feel because of its durable hygroscopic PU leather.

🏀 features

Get ready to light up the court with MILACHIC glow-in-the-dark basketball! No batteries required - this ball's fluorescent material means it naturally shines for over 4 hours in the dark after being charged up in the sunlight. Made with durable polyurethane, it's perfect for both indoor and outdoor games. Available in sizes for all ballers, young and old. Don't let the darkness dim your skills.

Basketball that Glows FAQs

Tired of playing basketball in the dark? Have your friends ever struggled to find the ball on the court late at night? Don’t let darkness get in the way of epic games - level up with a basketball that glows. It's perfect for outdoor courts and creates a visual spectacle - turning your pickup game into an event that your friends will never forget. Learn more by browsing through our frequently asked questions section.

What is a glowing basketball?

A glowing basketball illuminates. They are used to add an extra element of fun playing basketball.

What are the benefits of a glowing basketball?

Because the ball is illuminated, it's easier to see in poor lighting conditions and can help players track the basketball better in night games. Additionally, the glow makes it easier to keep track of the ball.

What are some of the best uses for a glowing basketball?

A glowing basketball is a great way for the ball to stay visible while playing in limited lighting conditions. It's also helps tracks ball movement. It can also be used for fun competitions with friends.

How long do these glowing basketballs last?

It depends on the basketball type. There are some basketballs that need batteries to power the LED lights, which can last about 30 hours before requiring battery replacement. If you have a basketball with a fluorescent coating, it absorbs light and emits it. The glowing duration is based on the light exposure and may last about 4 hours.

Is it necessary to have a pump to inflate these balls?

When it comes to inflating balls, you’re usually good to go - some even come with a small pump to make it easier. Proper inflation is vital to getting the most out of your ball - an underinflated ball can be tough to control and may bounce better than it should. 

How to preserve the glow for a longer period without it fading away?

If you want to keep your basketball looking bright and shiny for longer, storing it in a cool and dry place is essential. Just keep an eye on the ball’s exterior, as excessive wear and tear can cause it to fade over time. By taking good care of your ball, you can enjoy its luminosity for years.

Best Basketballs that Light Up

Why play with a regular ball when you can light up your ball? Take your game to a vibrant new level that will make your shots light it up. Just make sure you don't blind your opponents! It's just like playing with a regular ball, but way cooler. It will also enable you to get wonderful Instagram shots.

Make your shots Glow!

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