Are you looking to improve your kicking game? If you're looking for the best way to improve your accuracy and power kicking the football, then you need a good kicking holder. We will discuss the three best football kicking tees. We'll take a look at how they can benefit you as a kicker.

So if you're looking to up your kicking game this season, read on. With a good tee, you can achieve your goals and become the kicker that the other team fears.

What you need to know before your next Kickoff

If you're like Charlie Brown, you know that selecting the right placeholder buddy is essential for nailing your next field goal or extra point. There are so many options out there, and it can be hard to know what’s best. To help you out, here are the top three things to consider when you’re shopping for football kicking tees.


When choosing football kicking tees, make sure it is made of durable materials that won’t crack or splinter in cold weather or during rigorous practice sessions. Check for signs of wear and inspect the product carefully.

Height Adjustment

Most football tees come with adjustable heights, which allow players to kick from different angles and positions on the field. When considering a new kicking tee, make sure it has enough height adjustment settings so that you can find the perfect angle for each kick—no matter where you’re standing on the field.

Ease of Use

Once you’ve found an adjustable height kicking tee that meets all safety standards, make sure it’s easy to set up and use in any weather condition. Look for features like quick-release pins and rubber feet grips that ensure stability even on wet surfaces. It should also have an intuitive design that allows you to quickly adjust the height without having to fumble with knobs or screws every time you need to make changes.

How we chose the best

You're a kicker, and you need a good placeholder. It's no secret that finding the right tee can be tough. With all of the different brands around, how do you know which one is right for you? I've read hundreds of reviews to find the three best Football Kicking Tees on Amazon. These top picked football kicking holders are made with high-quality materials and construction, so they'll last through countless kicks.

🏅Pro Down Universal Kicking Tee

Pro Down Universal Kicking Tee


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❤️ Why we love this tee

It's finally here! The Pro Down Universal tee is the perfect way to kick off your game. Made from super-durable and long-lasting material, your knee will stay in place no matter how hard you kick it - ensuring that you'll get the perfect angle each and every time. Plus, at a great price, the Pro Down Universal really is a great add for all of your kicking needs! So don't wait - get your foot on this awesome piece of equipment today and start kicking like a pro right away.

🏈 features

Kicking may not be the most glamorous position on the football field, but it is a crucial one! Kicking games can be won or lost in a single play. That’s why BSN Sports created the Pro Down Universal Tee. Featuring a universal style rubber tee and it costs at a super low price, this holder will have you kicking field goals like an pro. So, don’t let your team miss out on this opportunity to help boost their kicking game.

🥈GoSports Kicking Stand

GoSports Kicking Stand

🥈 medal

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❤️ Why we love this tee

What a kicker! With GoSports Kicking Stand, your dreams of becoming an NFL placekicker can become a reality. This spinning ball holder is just like the ones used by kickers during those intense warm up sessions on the field — and it comes ready to use when you get it. And if that wasn’t value enough already, we’re throwing in a complimentary carry bag and wrench for you so that you can make sure your bolts stay tight during your journey.

If you're looking for quality, GoSports Kicking Stand is absolutely the product for you. We totally understand that having to rely on someone else to consistently hold the ball while kickers practice their skills is annoying (not to mention potentially embarrassing!). With this kicking holder, however, the fun of kicking field goals starts right away. It's super easy to transport one-handed, plus there's no need for any extra help — just grab your new kicking buddy and go have some fun! So don't let your dream of becoming an NFL placekicker end before it even starts — kick with confidence with the GoSports Football Kicking Stand.

🏈 features

If you're a football player looking for a game-changing training aid, please check out the Go Sports kicking tees! This valuable tool is designed to last through countless seasons and can be used for on-field practice or sideline net practice -- so you can take your performance to the next level anytime, anywhere. With its durable metal construction and compatibility with all sizes of footballs, these kicking tees gives players of all abilities the opportunity to hone their kicking skills with maximum control. Best of all, it comes with a carrying case for easy portability and convenience. Don't wait any longer -- pick up your Go Sports Kicking Tee today and become an point scoring field goal kicker.

🥉 Ground Zero 1" Kicking Tee

Ground Zero 1" Kicking Tee

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❤️ Why we love this tee

The 1" Ground Zero Kick-Off Tee is your go-to for perfect kicks this season! This premier tee is one of the original modern kickoff tees and has been updated over the years to make sure you get the gold standard experience every time. College and NFL kickers are already using it—so why not join in on the fun?

We understand you want quality kicks. The Ground Zero Kick-Off Tee provides optimal performance regardless of windy weather. Pick up your own Ground Zero Kick-Off Tee. You can guarantee a successful season on the field. So let’s kick off today with confidence and security in mind!

🏈 features

Kicking off the football season? Get yourself the ultimate kicking tee to make sure you have that perfect kick from the start. The Authentic Ground Zero 1" kick-off tee is the most popular tee in college football and professional play, combining a textured top surface that grips the ball securely and a forward rectangular recess to hold it in the ideal angle for kicking. Measuring a compact 6" x 6" x 6", it comes retail packed and ready to use! Get your Kicking Tee today, and get those kicks off on the right foot.

Kicking Tee FAQs

Do you often find yourself frustrated when trying to kick a football It can be really tough to get the perfect kick off every time, especially if you're not used to it. You may find yourself struggling with the right technique, or getting the ball in the right spot. A football kicking holder is here to help. This simple holder will help you line up your kicks perfectly, and give you the power and accuracy you need to make every kick count.

How do you kick a football off a tee?

To kick a football off a tee, place the ball on the tee at the desired spot and push down on it to secure it in place. Swing your kicking leg through the ball, keeping your ankle locked and toes pointed down. striking through the middle of the ball will give you more power. follow through with your kicking leg and watch the ball sail through the air towards its target.

Who holds the ball for the kicker?

The holder can be any teammate that holds the ball for the kicker. The tee is only used on kickoffs not field goals or extra points.

How to hold a football for a kicker?

When holding the ball for a kicker, hold it with the laces facing the kicker. This will give him the best chance to make contact with the ball and send it flying through the air towards the goal.

Make sure you hold onto the football tightly, so that it doesn't wobble or move around in your hands. And be sure you're not in the way of the kicker's kicking motion.

What is a placeholder?

A placeholder is a player who stands in the backfield next to the kicker who is holding the ball, waiting for the snap. The placeholder's main job is to hold onto the ball for the Kicker until it's kicked for a field goal or extra point attempt.

Who picks up the tee after a kickoff?

Typically the kicker, or any teammate.

The Kicking Tee for You

With all the tips we shared, we hope that you're able to filter out your perfect kicking tee will be much easier! By doing some research ahead of time, you can save yourself time (and money!) when you hit the sports store for your ideal football accessory.

Now that you know a little more about football kicking tees, it's time to choose your favorite! Check out our top three picks and see if it's the right fit for you. And don't forget, practice makes perfect. So get out there and start kicking!

Kickoff time!

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