Do you think Tom Brady just wakes up looking like a GQ quarterback? QBs need to be in top physical condition to make those tight spirals. That's where the trainings come in - with the right equipment to help you throw like an MVP. We'll share with you everything from strengheners to footballs that will help you increase your accuracy and arm strength. And some of these equipment are useful for any workout, so you'll be able to tune your skills in no time. Let's get started on your path to becoming the next Hall of Famer.

Key Quarterback Qualities

  • a strong arm to throw football downfield
  • be able to throw the football accurately
  • good footwork to avoid sacks
  • able to run with the football effectively
  • a mentally tough onfield motivator
  • a leader

The Equipment You Need to Succeed

As any football coach will tell you, one of the most important elements of quarterbacking is training. And no training regimen is complete without proper equipment. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the essential equipment every aspiring quarterback needs.

When it comes to quarterback training, footballs are obviously essential. It may seem obvious, but it’s worth noting that there are different types of footballs for different aspects of training. Standard official-size footballs are great for drills and scrimmages with teammates, while smaller throwing balls can help you work on accuracy and velocity when throwing alone. Many quarterbacks also use weighted footballs (which come in various weights) during warmups or exercises designed to improve arm strength and endurance.

Speed ladders are great for improving footwork and agility—crucial skills for any aspiring QB. Speed ladders offer an intense workout that helps quarterbacks develop lightning-fast feet so they can make quick cuts when moving around the pocket or scrambling downfield. Agility discs are another excellent tool that can be used during drills or as part of an off-field workout routine.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to selecting QB equipment, the following items should all be on your list if you’re serious about becoming a better quarterback! From footballs to speed ladders to resistance exercises, there is plenty of gear available that will help you reach your goals. Keep in mind that proper technique is just as important as having good equipment - so incorporate knowledgeable coaching into your training regimen whenever possible. Good luck on your journey towards QB greatness.

How we chose some of the equipment for QBs

If you want to be a better quarterback, have you tried all the methods out there? Are you seeing the results that you want? It's frustrating when you're putting in all the effort and still not seeing the progress that you want. We've researched and found some training equipment so you can finally see the results that you're looking for. Take a look at some of the equipment out there before making a decision.

🏅GoSports Throwing Net

GoSports Football Throwing Net

🏅 Gold medal

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❤️ why we love this net

Looking for an epic way to practice your football skills? Score a touchdown with the GoSports Football Training Target Net! You'll be throwing strikes like a pro - and this net is built to stand the test of time. The stellar quality ensures that you can throw as hard as you want - even without staking it down - because this net won't flip over! Plus, assembly was so simple that even a first-grader could do it. It's great for practice, honing in on accuracy, and having a ton of fun. So don't wait any longer - get your GoSports net and have a blast with family and friends.

🏈️ features

  • 3 Target nets are included to emphasize your skill
  • The continuous throwing doesn’t damage the net
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • A carrying case is included for easy storage and travel
  • Polyester solid body construction

It's time to step up your game with the GoSports Football Training Target Net. This QB training equipment was designed to help you practice improve throwing power and accuracy - no matter where you are. In under 60 seconds, this tubular steel framed net will be set up and ready to use with its three distinct targets of varying heights, plus extended legs with metal spikes to keep it securely in place, so even when you send a long ball down-field, it won’t fall over! Whether in the backyard, on the field or indoors in a gym - improve your accuracy today.

🥈Pro Composite Passback Football

Pro Composite Passback Football

🥈Silver medal

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❤️ why we love this football

Does your future football star want to practice their throwing and catching technique even when there's nobody around to join in the fun? With the Pro Composite Passback Football they can! This brilliant ball is perfect for individual training sessions or just throwing it against a wall with fabulous fun! The strong seams and durable, composite material mean that even with bad throws, the ball will return directly, travelling up to 10-15 meters away. And if that wasn't enough, it also boasts a good grip, making it feel just like a regular football player. So why wait? With the Pro Composite Passback Football everyone can become their own coach and master the art of throwing and catching - no friends required. 🙂

🏈️ features

  • Weather resistant and durable
  • Soft- Flax leather material construction
  • 3 exclusive colors available (brown, white, and black)
  • improve player’s stamina

The Pro Composite Passback Football is the perfect quarterback training tool. An invention of Mike McGonigle in 1993, this football looks like a regular football cut in half and comes with a rubber pad on the blunt end – giving it the same weight, feel and stitching as a regulation football. But unlike a regular ball, when you throw it against a wall it spirals back to you – just like that daring pumpkin Mike spotted on Halloween! Now available in both composite leather and rubber, grab one of these revolutionary balls and take your QB game up a notch.

🥉 Sportneer Strengthener

Sportneer strengthener

🥉 on the podium

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❤️ why we love this exerciser

If you're looking for an impressive way to strengthen your wrists, then the Sportneer Wrist Strengthener is definitely the way to go. This strengthener is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to exercise their arms and prevent wrist problems or aches. You won't find a better device anywhere else, as it's impressively sturdy with high-quality springs, well-cushioned wrist rests, and an adjustable tension center brace in order to customize it to your needs.

We've all been there - trying hopelessly to train our wrists in hopes of building muscles but not having the right tool for that intricate task. But now with Sportneer Wrist Strengthener, that sentiment is a thing of the past! Along with this handy fortifying mechanism comes a useful instruction sheet so you can get up and running with classic or reverse wrist curls. Now you can bid farewell to muscle imbalances thanks to this simple but effective contraption!

🏈️ features

Your training just won't be complete without the Sportneer Wrist Strengthener. With an ideal tension of 7kg and heavy duty carbon steel springs - you're guaranteed maximum impact on your strength, power and speed. And with its thick 10-mm foam stabilizer pad, you can confidently perform regular and reverse wrist curls with extra comfort and cushion. Don't forget to bring this exerciser wherever you may go; it's compact size lets you easily store it away in the gym, office or simply bring it anywhere on the go. Don't let annoying daily stress keep you down - you can relieve stress with the Sportneer exerciser and help improve grip, fingers, forearms, and wrists.

YISSVIC Training Set

YISSVIC Training Set

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❤️ why we love this training set

If you're looking to whip your athlete into shape with agility training. The YISSVIC Agility Training set has all the bells and whistles a superstar needs for practice: adjustable rungs for speed drills, a parachute for resistance, and even a sheet of paper with exercise suggestions. Plus, everything fits back into the included equipment bags for easy storage.

So if you’re on the hunt for some serious fitness magic (hokus-pokus included!), then YISSVIC Agility Training is precisely what you need. Because let’s be real—you know your potential football star is worth more than getting just “the job done.” They deserve the best and that’s exactly what this set offers—the perfect combination of speed, agility and resistance plus some serious fun. Help your player reach their goals with the YISSVIC Agility Training!

🏈️ features

  • great training tool for athletes
  • Made of plastic rungs and heavy-duty nylon straps
  • Suitable for high-intensity training
  • Multi-sport usage

YISSVIC is one of the world's leading reputed retail brands that offer high-quality sports equipment to get you a premium work experience. And the YISSVIC ladder is one of its latest addition for quarterback training purposes. If you want to improve your explosive stamina and power, go for this speed training equipment.

This training equipment is perfect for football players. Furthermore, it suits both adults as well as children. You can use this to improve your agility skills faster.

The 20 feet ladder will increase your agility, endurance, quickness, coordination, and all other techniques for high performance in the field.  It comes with 4 metal pegs, 10 cones, and 12 solid rungs. Also, you’ll get a carry bag so that you can store your belongings to travel easily.

QING parachute Speed Training

QING parachute Speed Training

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❤️ why we love this parachute

The QING parachute delivers 15 to 30 pounds of resistance. In this case, the faster you can run, the greater the resistance will be. The lid of this parachute is constructed with high-quality materials. Practicing with this one gear will get you ready for not only football but for other sports as well.

🏈️ features

  • Adjustable size
  • Environmental-friendly coating
  • Independent umbrella design
  • Fit for adults and children
  • Viscose adjustable belt

One of the techniques to build your speed is to practice running a parachute. This speed chute comes in different sizes and weights so you can choose it according to your height, weight, and physical strength. It is compatible to run in any weather condition like windy or sunny days.

This training gear is also known as the training resistance umbrella. It works to maximize muscle endurance and acceleration besides your running speed. The QING running parachute has a long enough magic tape which is suitable for all types of body shapes.  The belt of this parachute can rotate at 360°. As a result, you can sprint this speed-running parachute in any direction.

WristCoaches Play Wristbands

WristCoaches Wristbands

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❤️ why we love this equipment

Step up your football game with the WristCoaches play Wristbands - so you can feel and look like Tom Brady! Our wristbands are perfect for any aspiring QB or serious player looking to step up their mental game.

From a durable pocket for football plays, to feeling comfortable on your arm, these wristbands keep you in the zone and allow you to call plays and adjust defensive schemes like a pro. You don’t need to worry about these giving out when the heat is on, so that you can maintain your focus on the next big play. Forget the paper plays, put your trust on your WristCoaches Wristbands and get ready to crush the competition with your next play action.

🏈 features

  • Heavy-duty and easy to clean
  • Suits any QB or captain
  • clear-view window
  • velcro closure

The WristCoaches is a playbook on your wrist to help you plan your next play. Wearing it on your wrist allows for a quick check on your playbook while on the field.

The 3-panel compartments are included to see the position and call plays while playing. The WristCoaches wristbands are the ideal gear for a quarterback. It has a secured velcro closure system that ensures the wristband will remain intact after all those tough sacks or tackles.

Hit Run Steal Football Quarterback Throwing Net

Hit Run Steal Football Quarterback Throwing Net 

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❤️ why we love this equipment

This throwing net has a double stitch mode in terms of a reinforced rope border. And it is made with high-quality sports nets and waterproof materials. Its longer and stable black-coated metal base frame ensures longevity. The thick and strong fiberglass poles with robust steel connectors make it a heavy-duty quarterback training companion.

You need to be in various places to practice since the net is portable anywhere. So, you can use it in the field, park, beach, or any other place. This net is perfect for solo practice or using it with your partner.

🏈 features

  • Easy zip carry bag
  • 5 targeted design pockets
  • Lightweight
  • 7 ft x 7 ft
  • quality fiber materials

You deserve a quality throwing workout when you want to practice alone. The Hit Run Steal football net has 5 throwing target pockets. These pockets are how you can build your throwing accuracy and develop skills. Most importantly, this throwing net is perfect for all ages. Its travel size, portability, and easy setup that does not need any additional tools.

GoSports Inflataman Football Receiver

GoSports Inflataman Football Receiver

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❤️ why we love this equipment

This training equipment is perfect for kids as well as adults. And, you can make a fun party on any occasion like a birthday party, camping trip, beach day. It can make your day with lots of fun. This INFLATAMEN football receiver is easy to setup in minutes by filling water or air. It’s easy to inflate with a hair dryer, mouth, or pump; requiring only seconds to deflate.

🏈 features

  • High-quality plastic materials
  • Multi-purpose usage
  • Ready to use anytime
  • Never tip over during practice

If you dream of having exclusive training receiver partner to improve your skill, GoSports has manufactured an inflatable football receiver dummy. This set includes 4 inflatable rubber footballs, 1 inflatable man football receiver, an erasable dry scoreboard, and a ball pump. This gear will help you check whether you can compete with your friends. Using the dry eraser scoreboard, you can record your score and compare it to your friend’s score. It will help you make changes where needed.

QB Training Equipment FAQs

It's hard to stay in top shape and condition when you're not a professional athlete. Even the pros need to work hard to stay on top of their game. Quarterbacks especially have a lot of pressure on them to perform, and the slightest mistake can be costly. It can be tough to find good quality information about quarterback equipment. There's a lot of noise out there when it comes to finding something of use. You don't want to waste your time or money on something that's not going to work. We hope the following most frequently asked questions can help.

What workouts should a QB do?

The best workouts for quarterbacks will vary depending on their individual strengths and weaknesses. However, some of the exercises that can help quarterbacks improve their performance include shuttle runs, ladder drills, cone drills, and strength training.

In particular, shuttle runs can help quarterbacks improve their speed and agility, while ladder drills can help them improve their footwork. Cone drills can help them improve their accuracy and precision, and strength training can help them build muscle mass and increase their strength.

How do you train to be a quarterback?

The best way to train to be a quarterback will vary depending on the individual. However, some things that all quarterbacks should focus on include improving their throwing accuracy and strength, their speed and agility, and their decision-making skills.

Additionally, quarterbacks can also benefit from practicing in a variety of different environments - for example, they should try throwing in windy conditions or while being rushed by defenders. This will help them better prepare for the variabilities they might face during an actual game.

What do coaches look for in a quarterback?

There are a few key things that coaches look for in quarterbacks. First, quarterbacks need to have strong throwing arms and be able to throw the ball accurately downfield. They also need to be able to run with the football effectively, as they may need to take on rushing duties in certain situations. Finally, coaches look for quarterbacks who are good leaders and who can motivate their teammates.

How do I get better at QB?

The best way to become a better QB may vary depending on your individual strengths and weaknesses. However, some tips that may help include practicing your throwing motion regularly, working on your footwork, studying the playbook, and practicing with teammates. Additionally, it's important to stay focused and motivated throughout your journey in order to achieve your goals. Good luck!

What muscles does a QB need?

A QB needs strong muscles in the upper body, including the shoulders, chest and arms. They also need good hand-eye coordination and speed.

The most important muscles for a QB are the ones in the upper body. These muscles need to be strong so that they can throw the ball accurately and with power. The QB also needs good hand-eye coordination so they can track the ball as it's thrown and catch it if it's dropped. And finally, they need speed so they can outrun defenders on the field.

Quarterback Training Equipment for You

Some QB equipment can be a great way to improve yourself in multiple ways. It is important to first understand your goals and skill level. Focus on what the specific equipment offers and what you need help with most in order to determine the best training for you. The good news is that there are lots of training options available. After doing your research, check out our reviews above for some of our picks for training – we are sure you will find something that will suit your needs. We hope it gives you some ideas on how to become a better QB.

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