Hey fantasy managers out there! Are you tired of starting from scratch every season? Sick of not being able to keep your favorite players? Well, there are keeper leagues that you can join! It's like having a VIP pass to the front of the line at the NFL draft. But before you start celebrating, let's dive in on the details.

What is a Keeper League in Fantasy Football?

Keeper leagues in fantasy football allow owners to retain a limited number of players from the previous season, and keep them as part of their roster for the following year. Most leagues allow owners to keep between 1-2 players. But some can go up to 3 players or even higher! This means you can hold on to your superstar players, or ones you think have potential for multiple seasons. If you want to keep most of your players, you may want to join a dynasty league instead.

How do keeper leagues in fantasy football work?

Keeper leagues allow managers of teams to "keep" certain players from their current roster and use them on their team in the subsequent season. Most leagues allow you to keep a player for only one additional season.

Keepers are usually set before the fantasy draft.

Each manager needs to declare which player; if any, to keep for the upcoming season before the deadline date set by their league.

The other spots on the roster must be filled by going through the draft with all other competing managers/owners.

Keeper Penalties

Most leagues require you to give up a draft pick in order to keep a player, while others may have different rules. Make sure to read your league's rules to understand what's required.

Various “keeper penalty” rules may apply when selecting Keepers.

For example, if a manager chooses player "C" as one of his keeper players for the upcoming season, then he may lose a draft pick to be able to meet the roster size requirements. These rules are typically established before the start of the current season draft.

The possibilities associated with managing a keeper league can definitely add another level of excitement and extend chances at success over multiple seasons instead of just having one yearly shot.... plus who doesn't like having bragging rights across several consecutive seasons!

Be sure to understand your particular League's keeper settings.

The Lowdown on Keeper Leagues

Keeper leagues can provide a way to build a sense of community and competition within your league. It adds an extra layer of strategy and investment, as you're not only competing for the current season but also for future seasons as well.

So that's the lowdown on keeper leagues. These types of leagues can be a great way to spice up your league. Just make sure to plan, strategize, and read the rules to get the most out of your experience.

Happy drafting!

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