You may have heard the term "let" used in badminton before, but what exactly does it mean?

In short, a let is a redo of a point.

But there are certain rules and conditions that must be met in order for a let to be called. Keep reading to learn more about lets in badminton.

What is a Let in Badminton?

A Let is a redo of a point. It can be called for several reasons, including when the shuttlecock hits the net on a serve, when there is interference from another player or object. Basically, if anything interrupts the game and prevents it from being played fairly, a let can be called. According to the rules of the Badminton World Federation a"Let" can occur if :

  1. server serves before receiver is ready
  2. server/receiver faulted during service
  3. shuttle is caught on net after passing over, or suspended on top
  4. shuttle disintegrates
  5. disruption in play
  6. umpire unable to make a decision
  7. unforeseen circumstances occurrs

Does anyone get points for a Let?

No, nobody gets a point for a let. The point simply gets replayed with no change to the score

We hope this article helped clear up any confusion you may have had about lets in badminton. Remember, a let is just a redo of a point due to some sort of interference. Now go out there and enjoy your game!

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