If you're just starting out in badminton, you may be wondering what kind of racket you should buy. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a badminton racket as a beginner:

weight, balance, grip size, string tension, price


The weight of the racket is an important factor to consider because it affects how easy the racket is to handle. Generally, lighter rackets (<85g) are easier to handle and are better for beginners, while heavier rackets provide more power and are better suited for advanced players.


The balance of the racket determines where the majority of the weight is distributed. A head-heavy racket will have more weight in the head, while a head-light racket will have more weight in the handle. Beginners usually prefer head-light balance rackets because they are easier to control. These rackets may help with more control, better net play, quicker reaction.

Grip size

The grip size is the diameter of the handle and is measured in inches. The most common grip sizes are G4, G5, and G6. It is important to choose a grip size that is comfortable for you because if the grip is too small, it will be difficult to hold the racket; if the grip is too large, it will be difficult to control.

String tension

String tension refers to how tightly the strings are stretched across the frame of the racket. Beginners usually prefer lower string tension (<21lbs) because it is easier to hit the shuttlecock, while advanced players tend to prefer higher string tension because it provides more power and control.


Of course, price is always a factor to consider when making a purchase. Badminton rackets range in price from $20-$200. It is important to find a racket that fits your budget but also meets your needs as a beginner player.

Considering these factors—weight, balance, grip size, string tension, and price—will help you choose the best badminton racket for you as a beginning badminton player. And don't forget to have fun!

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