Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. Although this sport is a non-contact game, it still involves different physical activities like batting, catching, bowling, throwing, running, and diving. And, all these activities encompasses over 50% of injuries to players.

Wherever you play, your hands are at high risk of injuries during play time. You can injure your hands in so many ways like fielding or missing a ball. Hence, it’s vitally important to wear batting gloves for your safety. So if you’re troubled on your research for the best quality batting gloves, don't worry. We're here to help.

We’ve reviewed 3 batting gloves for you; considering budget, features, quality, and longevity. Check out our top 3 batting gloves fit for all levels of players. Read On!

How we choose the best batting Gloves for Cricket

To get the best of your batting gloves for cricket. We've read hundreds of reviews to find the best gloves around. The three options we've found are below.

Best Batting Gloves for Right-handed Batters

Adidas Cricket XT 5.0

🏅 our Gold Medalist

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Batting gloves should be soft so you can get an excellent grip and it’s the most crucial factor about batting gloves for a cricket player. Here, we’re going to introduce the most comfortable batting gloves, the Adidas XT 5.0. These batting gloves are the best gloves for adult right-handed batters.

Its soft grip offers comfortability to hit the ball at high speed. If you want your batting gloves that won't create much hassle to maintain, the Adidas is the best choice for you. It is simple to store and use all the time.

Why we ❤️ these gloves

The multi-featured Adidas XT 5.0 is highly durable for using a long period of time. Besides, you don’t have to replace its inner parts as frequently as the other ordinary gloves. So, we found the Adidas XT 5.0 batting gloves outstanding for right-handed batters.

It offers a fast release as a wrist fastener and allows you to play with full of liberty. Amazingly, it is available with lots of eye-catchy colors that attract the batters to have at least a pair of gloves for them.  So, you’ll surely love this!

🧤 features

● available in multi-colors like navy blue, white, green, black, white-green
● multiple section breaks of these gloves helps provide a great combination of flexibility and protection
● The palm is made of sheep leather to ensure a smoother feel
● For your extra protection, the Adidas XT 5.0 has got fiber inserts on the top of its two finders
● has suitable air ventilation

High Performance

SG Hilite batting gloves

🥈 our Silver Medalist

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You can rely on the SG Hilite batting gloves for high performance. The manufacturers use the leather material to design its palm to retain the best feel.

It is designed with airflow ventilation in mind to enable it to absorb moisture with ease. As a result, the batters can play for a long time without sweating.

Why we ❤️ these gloves

You’ll be surprised to know the SG Hilite gloves are comprised of PU finger rolls. Also, they have HD foam finger rolls that made this pair of gloves lightweight batters comfortable. So, you won’t be stressed or disturbed to wear them in the field during summertime.

🧤 features

● The gloves have come up with an extra leather patch in the area of hard-wearing.
● Nylon gusset to get you top flexing
● ergonomic design of the thumb and split fingers
● provide a snug fit with its sponge-padded leather and high-quality back
● strong palm and finger construction and soft in terms of its top-quality leather material                                                
● additional protection on your first 2 fingers due to its robust and rounded plastic inserts feature
● offer two sidebars for your reinforced lead hand

Best for Professionals

SS Superlite-E

🥉 on the podium

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If you want to start out right with a great pair of batting gloves, there's none other than the SS Superlite-E. These batting gloves are designed with all the advanced features so that professional batters can use them.

But, no worries if you’re not yet a professional batter. These high-quality batting gloves has a combination of advanced features so that all levels of player can also perform with them. It is reliable for youth to the pros.

Why we ❤️ these gloves

These batting gloves has many options in colors. Besides, you only get this exclusive design like no other brand. So, you'll feel good wearing these stylish gloves.

🧤 features

The SS Superlite cricket batting gloves have been a top pick for many cricket players due to their superior quality and comfort. The SS Superlite E are made with sheep leather pam for a snug fit, and light weight pu/pvc covered pre-shaped plastzote fingers for extra protection. The mesh gusset provides ventilation, and the sort back on the inside of the back hand is double sided for flexibility and comfort. The wrist table is fitted with 50m Velcro with an inside lining of cotton. With all of these features, it is no wonder that the SS Superlite batting gloves are a popular choice among cricket players.

Buying Guide for best batting gloves for cricket

If you want to build a swing with full control and with power, consider some of the following crucial factors before you buy your batting gloves for cricket. Follow the given tips below to ensure comfort during your playtime.


The first thing that you should focus on is the materials. Cricket batting gloves come with two different common materials. One is synthetic and another one is leather. You’ll get advantages from both of these materials.

A leather batting glove will be a good choice if you want to get a good grip. In the case of grip, synthetic batting gloves won’t be like leather. Leather gloves will also offer a natural feel during play time that you won’t expect from synthetic gloves.

On the contrary, synthetic batting gloves are perfect in terms of flexibility and comfort. Again, it will be easier to maintain and clean synthetic batting gloves. Decide which material would be the best one as per your necessity.


Size is important to think about before you go for a pair of batting gloves for cricket. Please ensure you check the manufacture for the size that fits you.

Batting Profile

The cricket batting gloves come in two batting profiles:

  1. Typical Batting Profile
  2. Modern Batting profile

In the case of batting profiles, we recommend you to choose the modern profile because the modern batting profile delivers more benefits than the typical one.

If you want to get a convenient finger cut in the gloves, choose the gloves with a modern profile. This feature isn’t available with a typical or traditional profiler. Also, the traditional profile batting gloves comes with a heavier weight than the modern profile batting gloves.

Also, if you want versatility, more airflow, and breakthrough defense during the match, the batting gloves with the modern profile will be your best choice.


Different brands’ batting gloves offers different features. So let’s check out 3 significant features:

Thumb Style

Before you fix on a batting glove, make sure the thumb of the gloves is articulated. It will provide mobility to your hand-wear.

● Curved-Finger Style

Wearing gloves with pre-curved fingers style will help you get extra protection through its added padding in the palm.  This extra padding inside the gloves will also offer a good fit.

● Wrist Style

Velcro is the mostly accepted wrist style for batting gloves and it will help you adjust fast.


The quality batting gloves can last for years. If you use your glove regularly, it can create holes in several places on the glove's surface. Therefore, check out the durability before you buy.


You might think the color is everyone’s individual choice, what should I consider here? Well, if you’re a pitcher, you should choose a white color for legal play.

On the other hand, if you’re a batter, you have many options. You can choose traditional color gloves or black color.


The brand is another important factor to focus on because each brand will offer its own features. In this case, you can undoubtedly follow the top 3 brands that we’ve shared on top.

Cricket batting gloves FAQs

The following are the most frequently asked questions about cricket batting gloves:

What are the benefits of wearing cricket batting gloves?

Cricket batting gloves offer several benefits to the batsman, including improved grip on the bat, protection from blisters and calluses, and absorbency of sweat

How should cricket batting gloves be worn?

Cricket batting gloves should be worn on both hands, with the fingers pointing downwards.

How can I use my cricket batting gloves for a long time?

If you use gloves frequently, you should maintain them properly. Here’s how:

● Try wearing extra inner gloves each time
● Clean the batting gloves regularly after using
● It will be a good idea if you can use a spare set of batting gloves
● Replace the torn or rotate parts of the gloves if needed
● Keep them dry

Do my batting gloves help me reduce vibration?

Yes, wearing batting gloves in your hands will allow you to reduce vibration and let you get a good grip.

Should I wear my gloves tight or loose?

Well, wearing the batting gloves too tight may restrict your hand’s movement and also create stiffness in the grip. If you wear gloves too loose, it won’t get you a nice feel on your grip. Go for a balance where you have nice feel and comfortability on your grip. 

Should I wear my batting gloves underneath my fielding gloves?

It’s a personal preference but it’s good to wear the batting gloves under fielding gloves. It may give you an additional padding inside. As a result, it will be able to take away some sting and protect your hands further.

Is it useful to steam the batting gloves?

Yes, it’s useful to steam your batting gloves. Steaming the batting gloves is effective but if not done properly, your batting gloves may deteriorate.

Why do the batting gloves rip so early most of the time?

Well, you cannot say this about all the brands around. Because, the durability depends on the material, features, and also the brands. However, batting gloves for cricket tear or rip due to delicate stitching most of the time. We recommend you check out the material and stitching of the batting gloves.

Best cricket batting gloves for you

In conclusion, the necessity of the best batting gloves is beyond question to get a good grip on the cricket field. When you re tense about any slip for missing the ball hitting, batting gloves are your worry remover. So go out there and buy a pair of gloves that fit you well and help you achieve your dreams of becoming a great cricket player!