In Cricket, the wicket-keeper is the only fielder who is legally permitted to wear gloves for safety. The risks involves high speed balls coming your way, which can damage your fingers if you had no gloves. Therefore wearing gloves for wicket-keepers are essential.

Wicket-keeping gloves often come with a padded palm surface that enables the wicket keepers to catch the ball. It protects your palms and fingers from the high impact of the ball hitting your hand. Remember, it's quite a high penalty when you miss a wicket. So it's important to have the right equipment to catch the ball frequently. Knowing all the wear and tear of the gloves, obtaining the right pair of quality gloves are. In this article, we'll share our top 3 picks.

How we choose the Best Wicket Keeping Gloves

When considering a pair of wicketkeeping gloves, be sure you've thoroughly researched your options. It conveys a crucial safety element. Check out our list of 3 best wicketkeeping gloves. These gloves will offer abundant features, exceptional comfort, and stylish design. All of these gloves are quite affordable and provide great value. Arming yourself with any of these gloves will improve your performance.

If you want to play at an optimal level at wicket-keeping, you must go through stumping, catching, and run-out dismissals. And all these positions depend on the quality gloves you wear. Consider these high quality choices:

Best Wicket Keeping Gloves

SG RSD Prolite Wicket Keeping Gloves

🏅 our Gold Medalist

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The best wicket-keeping gloves in the market are the SG Wicket Keeping gloves. These top of the line gloves have all the high-quality features to bring you successful cricket innings. Any keeper will find it worth investing in theses SG gloves.

The outer material of SG RSD Prolite is genuine premium and soft quality leather. Its soft and flexible upper is to bid a full range of propositions. The bottom part of the SG RSD is padded well to protect your wrist from stray ball hits.

This set of gloves delivers extra grip while catching the cricket ball. There's no chance to miss slipping the ball once you catch it. It's because these gloves' palm has a slightly wider catching cup than the ordinary gloves on the market.

So, the wide catching area of these gloves will offer flexibility and comfort while catching the ball. You won't need to fear having the ball slip away.

🧤 features

● the leather palm of the SG can be webbed onto your forefinger and thumb
● Robust construction to keep the palm and fingers safe from hard hit balls
● usable for all ages 15 years old and above
● high-quality grip to the player's palm for catching
● easy to open and close in terms of its hook closure

Why we ❤️ this glove

The quality of a pair of gloves is determined by their coating inside and outside. The SG RSD Prolite gloves have high-quality premium leather-based construction.

And, if you're concerned about longevity, these gloves will last for an extended period. So, if you want the most out of your investment, the SG RSD Prolite gloves will be your best choice.

Budget pick

SS Match Men's Gloves for Cricket Wicket Keeping

🥉 Medalist

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If you want quality gloves within a minimum budget, the SS Match gloves can be your top choice. These low-budget gloves have all the top features you get in an expensive pair of gloves. So, buying it at a low price doesn't mean the quality will be low.

The manufacturers focused on the player's protection and made it patch supportive for the utmost security. These gloves will protect your palm and the back of your hands. It is ready to deliver a good grip during your ball-catching time.

The palm is covered with a soft leather texture to secure and support the catching surface of the gloves. It will give you confidence while catching the ball at high speed. The gloves will make sure a perfect and snug fitting of the gloves will make you feel comfortable all the innings.

🧤 features

● robust body construction with real leather coating
● pre-shaped Plastozote fingers with PVC cover
● top two fingers with Fibre inserts
● rubber-based palm surface for comfortable grip
● smart and stylish design with red color
● 1.5 pound weight
● ambidextrous hand orientation and snap closure for easy movement
● inner parts are made up of cotton to deliver comfort

Why we ❤️ this glove

The SS Match gloves are the luxury class wicket-keeping gloves of SS. You can use this for multi-purpose. The SS is the most renowned brand in the cricket community and has been offering high-quality cricket gadgets for years.

Once you decide to buy any of your cricket gear like hand gloves from SS, it will be your perfect decision due to its quality. The SS Match gloves are perfect for indoor/ outdoor national or international matches. These gloves are lightweight as well as durable. You'll be sure to get a sound investment withe these gloves.

Pros Pick

SG Savage Wicket Keeping Gloves

 🥉 medalist

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If you're looking for a pair of gloves suitable for professional use, the SG Savage wicket-keeping gloves are highly recommended. It is one of the top professional gloves for wicket keeping. The high-grade leather gave it super flexibility to catch the ball with ease.

Its heavy-duty palm protection will save your hand from injury while catching the ball at high speed. Besides, the ultra-soft palm surface material will allow you to catch the ball tight. As a result, there's no worry about whether your ball will slip away after a catch.  The foam thimbles of this set of gloves will make sure the gloves offer a perfect fit that is not too tight and not too loose. So, you will get a good comfortable fit.

🧤 features

● pull-on closure system makes it easy to put on and off
● long-lasting soft inner parts
● 200 g lightweight design for long time usage
● Ambidextrous hand orientation
● for adult players

Why we ❤️ this glove

Needless to say, these gloves are excellent at delivering a soft and comfortable grip. It has got an improved coverage for large and strong webbing. The high-quality stitching gave these gloves maximum durability. This set of gloves is ready to use right after you buy them because of the strong stitching.

Best Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves: Buying Guide

Wicket keeping plays an essential role in the cricket field, so you must be well prepared before you play as a wicket-keeper. In this regard, you need to wear quality gear like gloves that won't get you distracted. So, you should know some essential factors about choosing a perfect pair of gloves for cricket wicket keeping.


The first thing to focus on is the sizing of your gloves. Accurate gloves will give your hands the right fit, which is very important for wicket keeping. The following is a guide for sizing your glove. The size ranges from a small 165 to 225 for a large.


You know the depth of the glove's features. The following features should be available to identify a well-featured set of gloves:

● Palm Padding
● Palm Lining
● Finger Tabs
● Finger Caps
● Cuffs
● Good Webbing
● Fitness
● Good Grip
● Ventilation


Material is a crucial part while choosing your gloves for wicket keeping. Gloves with several types of materials are available on the market. These are leather, rubber, cotton, silicone gel, neoprene, cane, etc.


If you want your gloves with a combination of strength, durability, and flexibility. If you're a professional-level player, leather can be your good choice.


The gloves with rubber materials are recognized for their waterproof feature. It will offer a flexible and a stretchy feel.


The rubber and neoprene material provides almost similar features. But, you should avoid neoprene gloves if you have skin problems.

Silicone Gel

Gloves with silicone gel material will offer a high level of shock absorption. Choose silicone gel gloves if you need to get a high shock absorption trait.

is the most popular material for wicket-keeping gloves because of its flexibility and comfort. The cotton gloves lasts for a long time.


Some of the gloves require all the hassling processes to maintain longevity. Read the manufacturer's instructions and know their maintenance procedure. We recommend you avoid gloves that require a lengthy and challenging maintenance process. Make sure the gloves you buy are easy to wash and store.


While you buy batting gloves, inners is your preference, but it is necessary for wicket-keeping gloves. Wearing wicket-keeping gloves on your hands can make your hands sweaty and hot. Inners can help you get rid of that condition.

Inners also comes in different materials like cotton and chamois. Both of these materials are good for the inners. But make sure you're buying the padded one, for example, cotton-padded, chamois-padded inner.

Wicket Keeping Gloves FAQs

Buying the right glove can be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider! We've got you covered. Our wicket keeping glove FAQs will help you choose the perfect glove for you.

How often should I wash my wicket-keeping gloves?

Well, if you use your gloves regularly, you should wash them once a week. But washing the gloves after two weeks is alright depending on how much you use them. Keeping gloves clean for each next match is essential to keep the wicket.

Should I buy the cheapest wicket keeping gloves? 

No! The reason for this is that although you will save a lot of money, it might not last as long.

Why do fielders in a cricket match throw the ball to the Wicket Keeper?

Only the wicket-keeper wears gloves during the match. At this point, the fielders find it secure and safe to throw the ball to the wicket-keeper. It makes the fielders confident to throw the ball to the wicket keepers as fast as possible to stamp out or run out the batsmen.

If they throw the ball to another fielder, they must throw it slowly as the fielders don't wear gloves. At this point, throwing the ball to other fielders required slow throwing, which can be a reason to miss the wicket. So, a wicket-keeper is the fastest and safest solution for wicket-keeping.

Furthermore, the wicket-keeper comes to the cricket field trained on how to grab the ball with any throwing speed difficulty. Another important reason behind throwing the ball to the wicket-keeper is the cricket rule. Once the wicketkeeper catches the ball, the batsmen can no longer increase their score. So, it is another significant issue for throwing the ball to him.

What if the wicket-keeper gets hurt or injured?

According to the MCC laws 2017, the substitute can act as the wicket-keeper if the remaining wicket keeper gets injured.

How can I fix my wicket-keeping gloves if it breaks?

You can fix it using electrical or masking tape and wrap the entire gloves properly, especially when it breaks. It will work fine. But, we recommend you buy a new pair of gloves as soon as possible because wicket keeping is the most important rule on a cricket field.

Why should I tape my fingers as a wicket-keeper?

Well, it's not mandatory to tape your finger but a choice. The last finger of your hands often doesn't fit in a glove which is disturbing. In this case, if you can tape your finger down to keep it joined, it will get a good fit. Also, it will get you a good feel.

Best Wicket Keeping Glove for you

In conclusion, by wearing the right quality gear like gloves, you can make the tough wicket-keeping job easier. Unless the gloves are well-fitted, well-featured, and comfortable, they will distract you from noticing. With the right gloves, you'll be able to focus on the game and make those difficult catches.

For optimal performance as a wicket keeper, you require the best gloves for wicket keeping. Please check out our top 3 gloves that we've picked. Happy Wicket Keeping!

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