If you’re a cricket player, you know what can happen when a ball is coming at you 100 MPH. Even you can become injured lifelong if the ball hits your leg at that speed. This is where the cricket batting pads come in handy to protect your legs, and it is an integral equipment for your safety.

The cricket batting pads will make sure you have several layers of protection for your legs. So, using batting pads, you can easily protect your legs, knees, and thighs from injury.

There are lots of brands around but not all the brands will offer the best protection. So, here we are with the top cricket batting pads to lessen your research time.

How we choose the best Cricket Batting Pads

So you're ready for a new pair of cricket batting pads, but there are just so many options!

It can be really tough to find the right cricket batting pads. With all of the different brands and materials out there, how can you know which ones are the best?

After reading hundreds of reviews, we've found the top 3 best cricket batting pads. Our list includes some of the most popular batting pads on the market, so you can feel confident you've chosen the right one for you.

best for Youths and Adults

SG Ecolite batting pad

🏅 our Gold Medalist

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Exceptionally, the SG Ecolite cricket batting pads are made of premium quality PVC facing which is the real attraction of these batting pads. Not only that, but it comes with low-density foam to make you comfortable all the time to stay in the field.
The high-quality density gives this pad a traditional look. However, the SG Ecolite will offer extra straps to make you a perfect fit. You can use it in any weather, which is a great concern for players.

It has got different available sizes for adults, junior, and also the youth players. As a result, you can manage the sizing without spending a big amount of time. Using this pad will make sure easy movement in terms of its lightweight design.

Why we ❤️ these pads

The modern construction of the SG Ecolite is available with all its high-quality features to offer additional security.

These pairs of pads are trouble-free to maintain. Most importantly, if you're really searching for high performance batting pads , go for it.

key features

● Vertical bolster with low-density reinforcement foam sheet
● dual-density foam layers delivering optimum flexibility and protection
● PVC wear-resistant instep incorporates hard-wearing piping
● suits both left-handed and right-handed batsmen
● white color batting pads
● weighs only 1.32 kg

Best for Professionals

CW IKON batting pad

🥈 silver Medalist

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The CW IKON is designed to deliver the maximum protection to guard your legs from injury. It is strong enough with its straight-filled canes facing for shock absorption. You will get top security during hard hits and reduce high impact.
This is the unique addition of cricket batting pads from CW that is considered the best edition for men professionals. You might understand the quality level of this batting pad. Its lightweight construction will allow you to get the flexibility to grip your leg.

The design of this pad is ready to let you run at high speed toward the ball. Once you use these superior-quality batting pads, you’ll be a big fan of them.

The front has great support with cushioned back to include comfort and reliability. As a result, it can make sure safety against pace bowling. Again, it has a convenient closure system for constant security. Therefore, you can prevent frequent rotation.

Why we ❤️ these pads

Certainly, you don’t like to spend money on something fragile. In this case, the CW IKON batting pads offers a long life span so that you can use it for years. The multiple-filled canes have built a strong shield to deliver high impact resistance.

The wings and instep piping of these batting pads not just increase the safety but offer a guarantee to save your ankle and lower shin. These batting pads are reinforced customarily to reduce tear and wear on the ground. Pretty Amazing!

key features

● High-grade material used to make these batting pads
● Excellent combination of high-quality cushion bar texture
● Quick fasten pads strap is included in the border size
● dual strap system to make an innate and convenient pad’s opening and closure
● reliable for high stability

Best for both Right & Left-handed batters

Adidas Cricket Pallera 2.0

🥉 Medalist

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If you want to buy a high quality batting pad with superior features, the Pallera will be your right choice. Although it is fitting for adult cricketers, it can also work fine for youths.

It is constructed with high-density foam. The formidable protective structure of the Adidas 2.0 pads makes it safe for a long use. Each side of these pads has excellent bolsters to deliver full support so that your leg can fit inside the pad comfortably.

Why we ❤️ these pads

It’s always great for a batsmen to find nicely fit batting pads catered to their batting style. Whether you’re a right or left-handed batter, it suits either batting styles. In this case, the Adidas 2.0 batting pads will lessen your searching hassle.

key features

● available in the gorgeous color Navy blue
● comes with extra knee protection for safety
● angular top hat is available to ensure a superior fit
● 3 internal vertical bolsters to provide outstanding flexibility
● high-quality knee socket to get a good grip
● tab puller included for a fast pad opening and closure
● PVC-free construction

buying guide for Cricket Batting Pads

Batting pads are generally designed with various features to bring comfort and protection.  Batting pads are essential to ensure safety during your playtime. So, you should choose high-end cricket batting pads. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect one for you:

Types of Batting Pads

Two main types of cricket batting pads are available and each of the two types have different uses. The 2 types of batting pads are:

  1. Batting Pads
  2. Wicket Keeping Pads  


Choosing the right features is important. Here’s a few things to look for when choosing batting pads:

● Face of the Pads

It’s important to look at the face of the pads before buying batting pads. The face of batting pads takes a wide surface area made up of vertical sections.

If the face is perfectly placed vertically and wrapped around the shin on the pads, it will allow you to run easily. Again, check out whether each of the vertical sections comprises stiffness with a cane shaft.

● Foam

The foam of the pads is close together with small bubbles that will ensure great shock absorption and offer you comfort. But, it won’t come with great flexibility. If you want flexibility, choose foam with large bubbles. But the foam with large bubbles cannot deliver unlimited shock absorption like the smaller bubbles. So, you need to decide on these features based on your requirements.

● Top Hat

Top hat of a batting pad is the upper area of the pad. Check out whether the top hat of your batting pad is strong enough to shield the lower thigh from a high-speed ball impact.

● Straps

The straps of a batting pad can work inside as well as outside of your leg. It is needed to get a comfortable and secure fit. We recommend you choose plastic buckles so that the straps cannot be tangled if they are loosened during use.

● In-Step

To save your ankles and lower shin, look for a batting pad that comes with a quality in-step feature.


If you ask which material is good for batting pads, that will be based on your needs. Batting pads come in foam, leather, and also cotton.


Leather is perfect for getting high protection and good stability. Most traditional and renowned brands choose leather for their batting pads because of maximum stability. So, if the leather is your choice, you can move forward fearlessly.


You can also choose cotton for which helps with high-quality shock absorption. In modern times, young players like to use cricket batting pads with cotton materials. The cotton filling of pads can give you a good feel while running.

Lightweight Design

Check to see if the batting pads are carrying more than 4 canes in their vertical section. The batting pads that come with 7 canes in their vertical sections are heavier in weight. And, it is not as comfortable to run with.

We recommend you choose a batting pad with a maximum of 3 to 4 canes in the pad’s vertical section.  And, the average weight for your batting pads should be 5 kg.


Also check carefully for the right size batting pads for you. The right size of your batting pads will offer a good fit for running fast.

Cricket batting pads FAQs

Can I wash my cricket batting pads?

Yes, you can. If the pad is removable inside, you can wash it easily.

But, what if the pad isn’t removable? Then, sprinkle baking soda over the batting pads thoroughly. This method will help deodorize your batting pads and make them dirt-free.

What’s the proper way to run while wearing cricket batting pads?

Here’s how you should run wearing your batting pads:

● Make sure each of your steps are quick and short
● Stay low and keep your head down when running.
● Keep the bat across your body while pumping up your arms.

How tight should my batting pads be?

Tighten your batting pad so that it won’t move around. But, be careful about the straps because if you tighten the batting pads too much, the straps will hinder your leg.

What are the ideal maintenance procedures for cricket batting pads?

You can maintain your cricket batting pads in many ways. Here are the 4 best ways to follow:

  1. Dust your batting pads regularly and keep them clean.
  2. Don’t forget to remove the inside pads when you’re back from the field.
  3. Dry it in the sun thoroughly.
  4. Store them properly in a wide space so that the pads won’t bend.

Where should my batting pads come up to?

Well, it’s simple to measure. It should come from the center of your knee cap to the top of your foot. The top of your foot means the tongue where your shoe can fit perfectly.

To Wrap Up

For cricket players indoors or outdoors, cricket batting pads are the most essential and must-have safety equipment. It will save your knee and thigh from fast bowling. Wearing batting pads will remove the worry of being injured and allow you to focus on batting fearlessly.

So you need the best cricket batting pads as a safety measure on the cricket field. And, finding out the best one isn’t a tough job as we’ve shown you the 3 best cricket batting pads from 3 reputed brands. Depending on cost, brand reliability, features, and durability, any of these 3 batting pads will be your perfect partner.  All the Best!

Batter up!