It's hard to be a successful cricketer without the perfect cricket bat. And it doesn't matter how much practice you do, if your weapon of choice is unbalanced or not quite fit for battle--you will surely get creamed by opposing teams who know their stuff about these things!

Well, it’s puzzling with all the types, brands, and price range out there. In this article, you’ll get the 3 best cricket bats to develop your skill. Check out our top picks so that you can reach peak performance.

We’ve chosen the 3 best cricket bats to get your desired performance. But worry no more because we've compiled some great options below in order to make sure every player has access top quality equipment that can help them dominate on both offense and defense:

How we choose the best Cricket Bats

We’ve tested the cricket bat toes thoroughly of each of our top picks before taking them to our top list. Every hairline of these 3 bats has formed accurately so that the bat won’t crack or break. Besides, you’ll get them at a low price for high-quality. Here are the top picks:

Best for Home or Club

Pro Impact Cricket Bat

🏅 our Gold Medalist

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To get world-class service at an affordable price, the Pro Impact cricket bat is it. It is specially designed to play with cricket.

It has a robust wood material to make it a premium-quality bat. This bat can be a great way for you to practice while hitting or swinging the ball.

Also, the Pro Impact bat is perfect for individual practice as well as club usage.  The round handle of this bat is designed with a top-quality cane for professional performance.

Again, the lightweight design will help you get complete control over the bat and let you make all the powerful shots. Incredible!

Why we ❤️ this bat

This bat will be just what you wanted through all its high-quality features. It’s suitable for beginners as well as professionals to improve their performance level.
You must want a bat to take you the next performance level, right? So, the Pro Impact bat is a great choice.

Key Features

● A premium-quality rubber sleeve for additional comfort than ordinary bats. Therefore, holding the bat for a long time will be easier in your practice sessions. And, you’ll enjoy being on the playground up to hours on end.
● The handle of this bat is reinforced to increase durability with the firmly wound string.
● Its exclusive shapes get you a super pick-up which makes the bat lighter than a bat should be.

Best for Adults

SS Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

🥈 our Silver Medalist

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What if you get a cricket bat with Kashmir willow wood for quality? Yes! That’s the SS Kashmir Willow cricket bat with the wooden body construction. Each of the clefts of this bat is different to maximize your performance.

Players with intermediate skills need a well-featured bat for improving their feat. The SS Kashmir Willow Cricket bat is perfectly what an intermediate leveled player looks for. It is well-adjustable with your skill to lead you to step forward in a very short while.

It has a thick edge with a well-crafted blade for your utmost suitability and to give you an outstanding pick. The Sarawak-can handle makes the SS Kashmir strong yet lightweight. So, you can easily manage all the powerful shots.

Why we ❤️ this bat

The SS Kashmir Willow cricket bat is incredibly lightweight at only 2.69 pounds of weight. The lightweight design is to enable the players to get quick control over their bat. You’ll enjoy using this bat in each of your practices.

Key Features

● The latest shape with high impact TON edge massive concave is available for optimum performance.
● 3 tone grip with embossed sticker and air-dried willow is superb for adults.
● A portable and elegant SS bat cover will be on hand with it.
● It’s a full-size cricket bat

Best for players of all Levels

FORTRESS Cricket Bat

🥉 on the podium

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When you want to refine your batting capabilities, you deserve the FORTRESS bat. It will help you focus on middling on your cricket ball. So, your performance will be more than what you can imagine.

The blade of the FORTRESS cricket bat is designed to emphasize contact with the cricket ball. The fiberglass sheet technology is another addition to this bat to make it high-quality. Also, the fiberglass sheet made it a highly protective bat to use in the field. It is featured with the premium KASHMIR willow for players’ comfort.

It’s an outstanding addition to building up your hand-eye coordination and can contact the ball properly. And, this feature is a huge opportunity for you. The FORTRESS is accurately crafted using its amazing high-quality Kashmir Willow to get control of a bat.

Why we ❤️ this bat

This bat is ideal for cricket practicing for beginners as well as professionals. Practicing with this bat will seem like you practicing with your regular bat. It’s safe to use for a long time with all its outstanding features.

Most importantly this bat is usable for all levels of players. Your everyday practicing life will become easier once you start using the FORTRESS cricket bat. This FORTRESS cricket bat will be your perfect match to take preparation for your match day.

Key Features

● black chevron-style technology for making supreme grip as same as the regular cricket bat.
● available in 3 different sizes:  short handle, size 4, and size 6 respectively to ensure all ages of players are covered.
● 2.8" extensive bat face will let you contact the ball properly.
● color combination with a black handle and brown body gave it a graceful look.

Cricket bat Buying Guide

Choosing the right type of cricket bat is a must in order to develop your skill. Not all cricket bats on the market are perfect for you. You must have good knowledge about cricket bats; like which type of bat would be better for you. Here are 10 top factors to think about if you want the right one.

identify the type of Ball you use

Cricket ball comes in various types, for example, they can be a tennis ball, foam, leather, or rubber type ball. Not all types of balls suit all types of bats. Identifying a fitting bat is essential here.

If the ball is of rubber or leather, your bat should be thicker and heavier since the rubber and leather ball are comparatively heavy. In that case, choosing a lightweight bat will be a completely wrong decision.

A tennis ball, on the other hand, is lighter in weight and doesn’t require a heavy bat to handle the ball. Choose a lightweight bat if you play with a tennis ball.

Bat Weight

Although you will choose the bat weight according to your ball type, still you may have some other issues to consider before deciding on the bat weight.

The excessively weighted bat will hamper a player’s performance. You’ll lose control over your bat if it becomes heavier considering your physical weight. And, your performance will be bad in the end.

Therefore, you’ve to focus on your physical strength as well as the type of your ball before you buy a cricket bat. There can be three types bat-like, nimble, speedy, and small. If you want a powerful bat, choose the speedy or nimble bat, and the small bat is for average practice.      

Right Size

Focus on your height to get the right size of the bat. Focusing on the player’s height is the proper way to choose the bat’s size. For instance, a 6-size bat is perfect for a player ~5 ft tall. And a LH-handled bat is perfect for players who are over 6ft tall.

Handle Type

Check out the grip while choosing a bat’s handle. If it provides enough comfort handling the bat, it will be the right one. Make sure the bat handle can absorb the shock and impact of the ball.

Handles come in two types in most cases where one is oval and another one is round. If you want a high directional control, the oval handle is the right one. But, keep in mind the oval handle won’t get you that comfortable grip.

And, if you want to control from both the bottom and top hand, the round handle is perfect. The round handle is much more suitable for power hitters than the oval handle. We recommend you choose the round handle bat if you’re a beginner.

Batting Style

Another important matter to focus on is your batting style because it is another significant thing to consider choosing a perfect cricket bat. Not all the player’s batting styles are the same.

So, it requires the players to choose the bat depending on their batting style. But how would you decide on on your batting style? Well, look at the 3 types below:

Front Foot Batters

If you play mostly off your front foot, you should use a medium bat. A medium bat is a combination of a low and high bat. The medium positioning bat means the “sweet spot” is right in the middle of the bat. And it is highly suitable for the average batters who play off their front foot.


A low bat will be better if you hit hard drives and straight shots. The low bat will contain the “sweet spot” in the lower part of the bat that is away from your hand.
Using a low bat will enable you to hit the drives in the right way. You’ll enjoy hitting the ball on the low spot.

Hook Shots

We recommend the high or medium-high bat for the players who like to play on their back-foot. The high or medium-high bat positions the “sweet spot” up towards the bat. This “sweet-spot” positioning will help you hit more powerfully with ease.

cricket bat FAQs

How many types of cricket bats are there? What are the types?

Well, you’ll find 4 different types of cricket bats available:

  1. Training Cricket Bats
  2. Soft Ball Cricket Bats
  3. English Willow
  4. Kashmiri Willow

What is “Sweet-Spot” in a cricket bat?

The sweet spot is the part of the cricket bat where a cricket ball can obtain the highest acceleration. But, not all the bats get the sweet spot in the same place of the bat. It varies according to the bat types.

If the bat is low bat type it will keep the sweet spot in the lower-mid areas at 10 to 15cm. Again, a bat can get its sweet spot in at 20cm where the handle joins the shoulder from the handle base

Why does the cricket bat often keep vibrating?

Each of the bats gives a specific pattern of vibration based on where the bat is hit, and its speed and angle. It’s because the system generates a specific amount of voltage and creates a vibration.

What are cricket bats made of?

Cricket bats are made of willow. Willow is a type of tree that is found in the UK and parts of Europe. The willow tree has been used to make cricket bats for many years because it is light and strong.

What weight should a cricket bat be?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the preferences of the individual player. Some people prefer bats that are heavier, while others prefer bats that are lighter. Ultimately, it is up to the player to find the weight that feels best in their hands.

The Best Cricket Bats for you

There are several key factors to consider if you want to choose the right cricket bat. We hope that we’ve helped lessen your research time considering all those factors listed in this article.

The 3 best cricket bats that we’ve reviewed for you will get you on your way to high performance and help you develop your skills. All you need to do is to check out which one is best for your needs.

All the best for your next Cricket Match!