A cricket batting cage is a must for any serious player. It not only allows for consistent and uninterrupted batting practice, but also provides an opportunity to work on specific skills and techniques. By using a cricket batting cage, players can improve their accuracy, power and timing.

Whether you are new to the sport of cricket or a seasoned veteran, you need a quality cage to ensure quality time for your practices. Low-quality batting cages will tear and aren't usable for long. Using our reviews, you can check out the below recommended cages to focus on your practice rather than chasing after balls.

How we choose the best Cricket Batting Cages

So you want to start getting in more practices, but you don't know which cage is right for you. It really depends if you are looking for an easy setup or if you may have a tight budget.

After reading dozens of reviews, we've narrowed it down to help with your search with our picks.

These 3 cricket batting cages will offer durability and high performance. You will enjoy using them for your training or practice sessions. Here's our top picks for the best cricket batting cages available:

Mobile batting cage

Fortress Mobile cricket batting cage

🏅 our Gold Medalist

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The Fortress Mobile cricket batting cage is here for those who wants portability. The cricket net has 6 anti-temper and heavy-duty wheels to deliver portability across playing surfaces of any kind. The portability of this cage can be your only reason to choose it.

Not only this, the Fortress net has an elite rust-resistance frame construction with robust steel materials to offer high strength. It is a freestanding gear that's still easy to move. So, all you need is an extra person to give you a helping hand to move it to your convenient place. It's an outstanding cricket betting cage for use on flat surfaces, indoor or outdoor.

🏏 features

● reinforcement frames to deliver robust stability
● galvanized body construction for longevity
● UV-resistant gear to save from rot and sun damage
● 2.5 mm steel body construction

Why we ❤️ this cage

There are some batting cages that you have to use only for a specific reason. But the Fortress cricket batting cage has multi-purpose functionality. You can use it for different purposes like a club, home, professional, and many more.

Besides, it will last a long time, enabling you to use it every season. So, we think it will value your investment the best.

Fixed batting cage

Fortress Cricket Net Cage

🥈 Medalist

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If you want a good batting cage with a fixed position, the Fortress net cage is a good pick. It is one of the top cricket batting cages to leave out year-round. So, you can fix it in the field and use it in anytime you're ready for practice.

When you decide to practice in a backyard, go with this batting cage with its fixed poles. It will be ready for you to get out there batting and pitching. This cricket batting cage will be your best partner to improve your performance. As a result, you can make your practicing time safe and enjoyable.

🏏 features

● perfect for both bowling and batting purposes
● superb net for catching the ball for all levels of play
● thick green mesh with netting delivers a strong shield for ball catching
● strong black poles; made with an 8" ground spike and 1.6" steel pieces to ensure the cage is taut and tight
● split into 4 pieces to allow you to store away easily
● batting net has the guy cords in terms of PVC-coated steel to provide the best possible support for the poles

Why we ❤️ this cage

The main purpose of having a batting net is to help you practice alone where you'll need no other bowler. Consider what happens if your batting net cannot stop the ball perfectly while rolling! Your practice time will be spoiled.

But, the Fortress batting cage will give support to stop your cricket balls from rolling. So, this removes your necessity for wicket-keepers or fielders and let you practice alone. Use the Fortress net cage to bring your performance to the next level.

Backyard ready cage

CW Cricket Batting Net Cage


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Players with professional skills always prefer to practice outdoor. If you also want a high-quality net that is well-fitted for outdoor backyard practices, the CW will offer you a suitable practice area. The CW cricket batting net cage is specially designed to suit the outdoor backyard practice for the players.

Besides, it is usable in all types of weather. Since the weather won't affect your training or practice session, you can practice for a long time, whether you're a bowler, batter, or all-rounder.

🏏 features

● premium quality nylon for long-term use
● exclusive wooden poles are included  
● 100' x 10' in size
● 1000g weight
● brilliant oval shape
● wooden robust body construction
● perfect net cage for a training session

Why we ❤️ this cage

It will ensure your complete safety while you practice bowling or batting. You don't have to get any helping hand for practicing while using the CW batting net cage. You no longer have to worry whether you have someone to help around during your practice. This net is 100% capable of blocking your ball from travel in long distances. So, practicing for hours without interruption.

Batting Cage: Buying Guide

If you like to practice alone, a cricket batting net may be perfect for you. The batting net or cage is a must if you want to develop your batting, bowling, or wicket skipping skills.

Some of the factors you must consider while buying a cricket batting cage:

Net Quality

The first thing you should consider is the quality of the net. If the quality is below standard, your batting cage will tear up soon. But how will you identify the best quality cage? Well, if you find the following features available in your batting cage, the cage must be high quality.

  1. A high-quality batting cage comes with a lightweight frame.
  2. In general, the best nets are made of fiberglass poles and steel body construction.
  3. Another clever way to identify the quality net is its assembling process.
  4. The high-quality net comes with an easy assembling process and a carrying bag.


Cricket nets come in different sizes according to the height and age of the player. Also, check out whether the targeted zone is located in the correct region.


Choose a nice material for the next as well as the frame. The net material and the frame material are not the same. We recommend you select the net material that comes with nylon or polyester. It will maintain the quality.

And in terms of the frame material, the best value may be the powder-coated steel or fiberglass because fiberglass and steel are robust and sturdy materials for cricket batting cages.


Choosing a lightweight batting cage is the most ideal thought. If you don't need to fix the cage in one spot, you may carry it in different places at different times according to your necessity. So, a lightweight design will be the best decision.


Choosing the features carefully is another essential factor to consider before you buy your cricket cage. Features like wheels, shape, UV resistance, dust resistance, etc., are recommended.

Cricket batting cage FAQs

How can I build a cricket batting net on my own?

You can make a batting cage when you don't want to spend on buying a new cricket batting cage. And creating a batting cage will also be handy gear for your everyday practice. Here's how you can make your own:

Check out the area where to build your batting net. Make sure you don't need any construction permits before you fix on a spot.

Clean the spot and get it ready for making your batting net.

While the spot is ready, measure accurately and level the base. And then get the entire required component accordingly.

Get the base coat ready, but you can choose Astroturf instead if you want. The base coat or the Astroturf will get you a smooth training period.

Assemble the net and poles to get a secure cricket batting frame. You're done! 

This is the cheapest way to build your batting cage. This process will also require a very small amount of budget. Needless to say, if you make your cage following this method, you can use it for cricket practice for a long time.

How Can I Assemble My cricket Batting Cage?

Well, newbies think the assembling process for a batting net cage is tough. But you easily do it, if you go through the proper methods. Follow the given factors below and make it trouble-free:

  1. Make sure you take all the equipment out carefully from the packaging and lay them on the floor/ground before starting assembling.
  2. Now assemble the poles with robust locking trait; you'll be given 6 main poles to assemble the batting cage /net.
  3. Spread your batting net widely on the ground and determine all the corners and their ending and beginning points.
  4. Connect the two poles using a 10ft cable wire.
  5. Spread the entire net over all the connected poles.
  6. Identify the exact location of the corner and fix the 2 guy ropes over the poles.
  7. At this stage of your batting net assembling, ensure all the ropes are fixed accurately. But, you've to check whether all 4 ropes are at a 10ft distance.
  8. If the ropes are placed at a 10 ft distance, insert them into the ground.
  9. Repeating the same process, you can finish assembling the rest of your batting net frame. It's quite an easy process to assemble a cricket batting net.

How much can it cost if I want to build a cricket batting cage myself?

Well, it completely depends on what material you use for which size. The size and materials are huge factors in determining the cost of making a batting cage. 

But if you want it to make high quality and more durable setup, the cost will increase. Materials like artificial grass, astroturfs, or a bowling machine can make your cage-building expensive.

How long should my cricket batting cage be?

The length of a cricket batting cage will depend on the size of the area you have to work with. If you have a large backyard, you may want a longer cage so that you can practice your swings. If you're working with a smaller space, a shorter cage may be more appropriate. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what length will work best for your needs.

How much space do you need to build a batting cage?

A batting cage can be as small as 10 feet by 10 feet, but it is typically at least 20 feet by 40 feet. It can be built indoors or outdoors.

What's the possible price for a cricket net?

There's no fixed price we can specify to you. The price of a cricket batting net comes based on brands, features, quality, and design. The better the quality, the higher the price.

Is 10 feet wide enough for a batting cage?

No, a batting cage ideally should be at least 12 feet wide. The wider the better.

How much slack is in a batting cage net?

The amount of slack in a batting cage net depends on how the net is hung. If the net is hung loosely, there will be more slack. If the net is hung tight, there will be less slack.

best Cricket batting cage for you

Millions of people of different ages all over the world play cricket. It's one of the top popular sports like football. So, practicing is significant when you need to participate in any cricket match nationally or internationally. But, practicing with your partners isn't always possible when you think about a cricket batting net or cage.

Cricket batting is an essential gear for cricket practicing anywhere without bowling or batting partners. In this cage, you understand the depth of the best cricket batting cage. To help you get the best one, we have made our top list with only the 3 best cricket batting cages. Since the list is small, you can easily decide on the best fit. Hopefully, our top list has come in handy in all ways.

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