Have you ever seen someone carving around with their skateboard and thought, “That looks like so much fun!”?

Skateboarding is an exciting way to get around town, have some fun, and even learn some new tricks. If you’re just getting started, however, it can be intimidating.

Don't be a Skateboard Square, Learn How to Turn!

Well, my little skate padawans, after you've gotten comfortable gliding on your skateboard, what's next? It may be time to add a bit of pizzazz to your moves and learn how to turn!

But don't worry, you don't have to be a pro or a mathlete to make it happen. We'll break down a couple ways to turn and give you some tips on how to master them like a skateboard boss. But before any new jedi gets on their board...

Safety First!
Before you start turning on your skateboard, make sure that you have the right safety gear. 

You should always wear a helmet and protective pads while skating in order to protect yourself if you fall or make a mistake. You may also want to invest in some knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and even shin guards depending on how serious of a skateboarder you are. Once you have all the necessary safety gear on, it’s time to start turning!

Get Comfortable on Your Board

The first step in learning how to turn is to: get comfortable standing and balancing on your board without actually moving it.

Place your feet in the middle of the board and practice shifting your weight from side to side until you feel confident that you won’t fall off. Once you feel comfortable, it’s time to move onto actual turning!

Turning Basics

There are couple primary ways of turning on a skateboard - pushing down with one foot or using body weight shifts.

Carving Turns

Carving turns are like the slow dance of skateboard turns. They're smooth, fluid, and give you a chance to show off your style. Carving turns involve leaning your body and shifting your weight to initiate the turn.

To execute a carving turn, begin by bending your knees and leaning slightly in the direction you want to turn. Then, shift your weight towards your toes or heels and use your body to guide the skateboard in a curved path.

Shift your weight slightly towards either side of the board while keeping both feet firmly planted on either side of the center line.

Remember, the tighter your turn, the more you'll need to lean and shift your weight. Try to keep your movements fluid and relaxed, and you'll be carving like a pro in no time.

Kick Turns

The kick turn is like the pivot of the skateboard turn world. It's a quick and snappy maneuver that involves lifting your front wheels and turning direction on your back wheels while keeping your weight evenly distributed.

To start, roll forward and lean slightly in the direction you want to turn. Then, lift your front foot and pivot on your back truck. As you complete the turn, land back on all four wheels and continue to ride. Practice makes perfect, so keep practicing your kick turns until you can do them seamlessly.

Tips and Tricks

Whether you're practicing kick turns or carving turns, there are a few key tips that can help you improve your form and technique.

  • Make sure you're comfortable on your skateboard and have a good sense of balance before attempting turns.
  • Keep your eyes focused on where you want to go, not on your feet or the ground. This will help you anticipate the turn and make smoother adjustments.
  • Practice, practice, practice! The more you practice turning, the better you'll get at it.

Common Mistakes

Turning may seem simple, but there are a few common mistakes that beginners should be aware of.

One mistake is leaning too far or too quickly, which can cause you to lose control and fall.

Another mistake is not keeping your weight evenly distributed, which can make it difficult to complete the turn smoothly.

Finally, beginners often forget to turn their front wheels in the opposite direction during kick turns, which can cause the skateboard to spin instead of turn.

Turning like a skateboard pro doesn't have to be scary or complicated. With some practice and a few tips under your belt, you'll be carving your way to glory in no time. Don't be a skateboard square, get out there and start turning like a champ!

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