Roll into the fast lane of skateboarding perfection with our spotlight on the unsung heroes of your ride – skateboard wheels! Brace yourself for a gripping journey through the wheel wonderland, where every spin defines your skate experience. In this review, we dissect the coolest, smoothest, and toughest wheels in the game, unlocking the secrets to ultimate shred satisfaction. Whether you're craving speed demons for the downhill rush or street-savvy wheels for epic tricks, we've got the inside scoop. Strap in for an electrifying read as we roll through our top 3 picks, dissect the tech, and redefine the meaning of a smooth ride! We aim to help you with:

  • Understanding the importance of wheel sizes, hardness, and shapes can significantly improve your skateboarding experience.
  • Softer wheels are better for rougher surfaces and provide more grip, while harder wheels are preferred for smooth terrains and offer more speed.
  • The right skateboard wheels depend on your skating style, the terrain you prefer, and your level of expertise.

Wheel Sizes Matter

Wheel sizes are measured in millimeters (mm) and can greatly affect your skateboarding.

  • Smaller wheels, typically ranging from 50mm to 54mm, are preferred by street skaters for their quicker acceleration and easier flipping of the deck.
  • Larger wheels, from 55mm to 60mm and above, are designed for longboards and cruisers, offering a smoother ride over rougher surfaces and better stability for carving down hills.

Hardness Affects Your Ride

The hardness of skateboard wheels, measured by the durometer scale, determines the grip and speed of your ride.

  • Softer wheels, with a durometer of around 78A to 87A, are ideal for skating on rough streets and through skate parks with uneven surfaces.
  • Harder wheels, like those with a durometer of 99A to 101A, are perfect for smooth surfaces and are typically used by skaters who prioritize speed and technical tricks.

Shapes Define Your Style

Skateboard wheels come in various shapes, each designed to cater to different styles of skateboarding. The classic shape is versatile and suitable for beginners and all-around skaters. Meanwhile, conical shapes with a wider contact area provide more grip and are preferred by skaters who like to carve and ride ramps. Asymmetric shapes, with a conical side and a straight edge, offer a balance between grip and slide, ideal for technical street skating.

The Right Wheels for Street Skaters

Street skaters often opt for smaller, harder wheels. These wheels allow for quick maneuvers, easier ollies, and the ability to slide when needed. The hardness ensures they don't get caught on the small cracks and pebbles of the streets, providing a consistent ride.

Skate Parks and Ramps

Skaters who frequent skate parks and ramps usually prefer wheels that are slightly larger and softer than those used by street skaters. This combination allows for a smooth roll over the wooden or concrete surfaces of the park while maintaining enough grip to perform tricks on the ramps and bowls.

Longboards and Cruisers

Longboard and cruiser wheels are distinctively softer and larger, which makes them perfect for rolling over rougher surfaces and providing a comfortable ride. Brands like Orangatang and Pig Wheels offer a variety of options that cater to those who enjoy cruising through the streets or carving down hills.

Beginners' Choices

For beginners, it's often recommended to start with medium-sized and medium-hardness wheels. This provides a balance between speed and control, allowing new skaters to get a feel for different terrains and styles without being overwhelmed by too much grip or slip.

Terrain and Wheel Compatibility

The terrain you skate on should directly influence your choice of wheels. Rougher surfaces demand softer wheels for a smoother ride, while smoother terrains are best paired with harder wheels for increased speed and less rolling resistance.

Stock Wheels vs. Upgrades

Many skateboards come with stock wheels that are typically medium in size and hardness to fit the average skater. However, as you develop your style and preference, upgrading to a set of wheels that matches your specific needs can significantly enhance your skating experience.

How We Choose Skateboard Wheels

Choosing the right skateboard wheels is a nuanced art that blends personal preference with performance demands. Our selection process revolves around understanding key factors that cater to diverse riders. We delve into the wheel's durometer, considering the balance between hardness and grip for optimal control on different terrains. Diameter becomes pivotal, as it influences speed and stability. The wheel profile, be it conical or square-edged, plays a role in maneuverability. Material composition, often polyurethane, impacts durability. We scrutinize customer reviews, seeking real-world experiences to gauge reliability. Through this methodical approach, we ensure our readers make informed choices aligning with their skating style and terrain preferences.

🏅 Spitfire Skateboard Wheels

Spitfire 52mm Skateboard Wheels

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Why we ❤️ these wheels

We absolutely love the Spitfire 52mm Bighead White/Red Skateboard Wheels paired with the Bones Bearings for certain reasons. First off, the Spitfire wheels boast a versatile 99a durometer, ensuring a perfect balance between grip and slide, making them ideal for both street and park skating. The iconic Bighead graphic in white and red adds a stylish touch to your setup. Paired with Bones Bearings - 8mm Bones Reds, you get unmatched precision and durability. These bearings are known for their smooth and fast ride, enhancing your overall skateboarding experience. The combination of Spitfire's reliable performance and Bones Reds' precision creates a setup that's perfect for skaters of all levels. Whether you're cruising, flipping, or grinding, this dynamic duo delivers top-notch performance, making them our go-to choice. Upgrade your ride with these wheels and bearings, and you'll understand why we love them!

🛹 features

Introducing the ultimate skateboarding combo: Spitfire 52mm Bighead Skateboard Wheels paired with the renowned Bones Reds Bearings. This dynamic duo is a skater's dream come true. The Spitfire wheels, sized at 52mm and featuring the iconic Bighead graphic in White/Red, offer a versatile 99a durometer for optimal grip and slide on any terrain. Paired with the precision-engineered Bones Reds Bearings, your ride becomes smoother, faster, and more reliable. This bundle is a must-have for enthusiasts and pros alike, ensuring top-notch performance with every trick. Elevate your skate game with the Spitfire-Bones combo – where style meets substance, now available in a convenient 8-pack!

🥈 Powell Peralta Dragon Formula Skateboard Wheels

Powell Peralta Dragon Formula Skateboard Wheels

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Why we ❤️ these wheels

Powell Peralta Dragon Formula 93A Skateboard Wheels are worth loving for a budget-friendly ride that doesn't compromise on quality. These wheels are a game-changer, offering a perfect blend of durability and grip with their 93A durometer rating. What sets them apart is the Dragon Formula, providing a smooth and controlled ride, especially on rough surfaces. The love for these wheels extends to their versatility, making them suitable for both street and park skating. With a design that screams style and a price tag that won't break the bank, these wheels are a solid choice for skaters looking to upgrade without draining their wallets. Say goodbye to flat spots and hello to an affordable, high-performance skating experience.

🛹 features

Experience the next level of skateboarding with Powell Peralta Dragon Formula 93A Skateboard Wheels. The revolutionary Dragon Formula (DF) Urethane ensures a superior ride, effortlessly conquering rough terrains while maintaining the grip and slide capabilities of higher durometer wheels. These wheels are built for speed, boasting an industry-leading 18-20% higher rebound than hard wheels, ensuring you roll smoothly and swiftly across various surfaces. Dragons excel in both grip and slide on diverse terrains, thanks to a meticulously developed formula refined over a decade. Beyond performance, these wheels prioritize durability, offering longevity without compromising on movability. Choose from a range of sizes and colors, from 52mm to 64mm, in either White or Green. Elevate your skating experience with the perfect blend of speed, versatility, and durability – Powell Peralta Dragons are not just wheels; they're an investment in an exceptional ride.

🥉 Orangatang Stimulus Skateboard Wheels

Orangatang Stimulus Skateboard Wheels

🥉 Podium pick

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Why we ❤️ these wheels

Dive into the world of longboarding with the Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4), and discover why these wheels are stealing the spotlight. Clocking in at 70 mm, they strike a sweet balance between speed and control, making them the ultimate choice for riders of all styles. The square-edged lips ensure a consistent slide and hookup, perfect for those who crave the thrill of freeriding. Crafted with a specially formulated urethane, these wheels deliver a smooth and predictable slide, guaranteeing an exhilarating yet controlled ride. With a set of four wheels, durability and bang for your buck are a given. And let's not forget the snazzy color options that effortlessly amp up your board's style. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie to longboarding, the Orangatang Stimulus wheels promise a dependable and enjoyable journey. Take our word for it – once you roll with these, you'll quickly join us in the love affair with this outstanding set!

🛹 features

Elevate your longboarding experience with the Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4). These wheels redefine versatility, excelling in freestyle tricks, dancing, and freeriding. Sized perfectly at 70mm, they effortlessly carry speed, roll over debris, and remain light for tricks and slides. The rounded lips and stone-ground contact patch guarantee consistently smooth and predictable slides, right from the first ride to the wheel's longevity. Crafted with the renowned Happy Thane urethane formula, these wheels offer a plush, grippy feel and a buttery-smooth slide. Supported by a robust core, they ensure a smooth ride, crisp slides, and even wear. Unleash the potential of your ride with the Orangatang Stimulus – where performance meets perfection!

Skateboard Wheel FAQs

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions section for skateboard wheels to enhance your riding experience. From choosing the right durometer to understanding wheel sizes, these answers cover crucial aspects, ensuring you make informed decisions for optimal performance on any terrain.

How do I know which skateboard wheels are right for me? 

Consider your skating style, the terrain you usually skate on, and your level of experience. Beginners should start with medium-sized and medium-hardness wheels, while more experienced skaters can choose based on their preference for speed or grip.

Can I use the same wheels for both street skating and skate parks? 

While you can use the same wheels for different terrains, specialized wheels will perform better. Street skating typically requires smaller, harder wheels, while skate parks and ramps benefit from slightly larger and softer wheels.

How often should I replace my skateboard wheels? 

The lifespan of your wheels depends on how often you skate and the surfaces you ride on. Inspect your wheels regularly for flat spots, uneven wear, or significant reduction in size, which are all signs that it's time for a replacement.

What durometer is best for street skating, and why?

Street skating demands harder wheels (95A and above) for durability and reduced friction on rough surfaces, providing better control and slide ability.

How does wheel diameter affect performance?

Larger diameters offer higher speed and smoother rides, suitable for cruising and downhill. Smaller diameters enhance maneuverability, perfect for technical tricks and street skating.

Can I mix different durometers on my skateboard?

While possible, it's not recommended. Mixing durometers affects balance and handling. Consistent wheel hardness ensures uniform performance and a stable ride.

What's the impact of wheel shape on riding style?

Conical wheels provide a balance between street and park riding, while square-edged wheels offer stability for ramps and bowls. Choose based on your preferred terrain and riding style.

Are softer wheels suitable for skateparks?

Yes, softer wheels (78A-87A) absorb impacts better, providing a smoother ride on ramps and transitions. They're ideal for park skating, ensuring a comfortable experience without sacrificing performance.

How often should I rotate my skateboard wheels?

Rotate wheels regularly to ensure even wear. Aim for every 2-3 weeks of consistent riding. This prolongs the lifespan of your wheels and maintains optimal performance.

What's the difference between urethane and rubber wheels?

Urethane wheels dominate the skateboard market due to their durability, grip, and performance. Rubber wheels, though rare, offer a softer ride but are less common due to wear issues.

Can I use skateboard wheels on longboards, and vice versa?

Generally, yes. Longboard wheels on a skateboard provide a smoother ride, while skateboard wheels on a longboard enhance tricks and slides. Ensure compatibility with your board's setup for the best results.

Best Skateboard Wheels for You

Skateboard wheels are a crucial component that can help make your skating experience. By understanding the nuances of wheel sizes, hardness, and shapes, you can choose the perfect set of wheels to match your style, terrain, and level of expertise. Whether you're a street skater, a trickster, or a longboard cruiser, the right wheels will help you skate better and enjoy every moment on your board.

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