Picture yourself watching college bball; with Larry Bird making magic on the court, and suddenly, an idea strikes. That's precisely what happened to singer-songwriter David Barrett one fateful night in Ann Arbor. Inspired by the sheer talent and the electrifying atmosphere of the game, Barrett told his friend about this idea for a song that would capture the essence of these pivotal moments. Fast forward through some writing, a dash of serendipity, and a sprinkle of CBS Sports executives' interest, and voilà, "One Shining Moment" was born.

The song wasn't just written; it was practically destined to be intertwined with the fabric of March Madness. It's like the peanut butter to the tournament's jelly – a perfect match. The anthem debuted in 1987, and since then, it's been the melodious bow that ties up the entire event,

One Shining Moment is played after the college national championship game, as the highlights roll.

A Tune That Transcends Time

From the original dulcet tones of David Barrett himself to the soulful renditions by Luther Vandross, and even the modern twist by Ne-Yo, "One Shining Moment" has seen various artists put their spin on it. But no matter who's belting out all the lyrics, the effect is the same: goosebumps. It's the kind of song that makes you want to grab a basketball and recreate your own shining moment, even if your most athletic feat is reaching for the remote.

The song has become such a staple that it's not just basketball fans who get all the feels. Even those who wouldn't know a free throw from a Super Bowl are moved by the montage of triumphs and tribulations set to this powerful track. It's the anthem that wraps up the emotional rollercoaster that is the NCAA tournament, and it does so with a musical hug that says, "Well played, everyone, well played."

The Magic of March Madness

When March rolls around, the madness begins, and it's not just about the basketball. It's the stories, the upsets, the Cinderella teams, and the buzzer-beaters. It's the collective breath-holding of a nation as the ball arcs towards the hoop in the final seconds. And when it's all over, whether your team won or lost, there's a sense of unity as "One Shining Moment" plays.

The shining moment video isn't just a highlight reel; it's a narrative. It tells the story of the tournament, capturing the heart and soul of the game. Watching it is a ritual for many, a way to relive the excitement and acknowledge the journey of the teams and players. It's like Turner Sports and CBS Sports got together and decided, "Let's give every fan a hug in the form of a video montage."

The Lyrics That Echo in Halls of Fame

Let's talk about the lyrics for a second. They're not just words; they're a playbook for life. "The ball is tipped, and there you are..." – it's about seizing the moment, taking the shot, and not being afraid to play the game of life. And when it's played at the end of the NCAA tournament, it's as if every line is a high-five to the players, acknowledging their hard work and dedication.

Sports Illustrated could write a thousand articles, but none would capture the essence of the tournament quite like "One Shining Moment." It's the anthem that has players dreaming of being in that montage, of having their highlights immortalized in a song that's become synonymous with greatness.

The Legacy Continues

Every year, as the final buzzer sounds on the national championship, fans and players alike turn their eyes to the screens, waiting for the familiar melody that signals the end of March Madness. It's a tradition that's as much a part of the tournament as the basketball itself. The song has been played, covered, parodied, and revered, but its spirit remains unaltered.

The shining moment video is a time capsule, a way to remember the games, the players, and the moments that defined the tournament. It's a reminder that in the end, it's more than just a game – it's a celebration of the human spirit, of striving, of achieving, and of sharing one shining moment.

One Shining Moment FAQ Section

Who sings One Shining Moment?

David Barrett is the original singer-songwriter who wrote "One Shining Moment" after watching Larry Bird play and getting inspired.

Has anyone else besides David Barrett performed "One Shining Moment"?

Yes, several artists have performed the song, including the famous Luther Vandross and, more recently, Ne-Yo.

Why is "One Shining Moment" so important to the NCAA tournament?

"One Shining Moment" is the anthem that encapsulates the entire March Madness experience, highlighting the journey, the struggles, and the triumphs of the teams and players. It's a unifying moment that celebrates the spirit of the tournament and sportsmanship.


"One Shining Moment" is more than just a song; it's the heartstring-tugging, tear-jerking, stand-up-and-cheer anthem of the NCAA tournament. Written by David Barrett and performed by legends like Luther Vandross, it captures the highs and lows of March Madness, leaving a lasting impression on basketball fans and players alike. It's a tradition that has endured for decades, and as long as there's basketball, there will be that one shining moment at the end of it all.