With a softball bag, you can easily carry all your softball gear to your next game or practice. It is difficult to carry everything under your arms or shoulders without a bag.

It's important to choose a good quality bag that will last you for years. There are some factors that should be considered. In this post we will discuss the 3 best bags for carrying all of those important items needed on game day or just about any other time.

How much storage space inside my new favorite accessory?? What material is it made from. And finally... does its design make me look cool?!

Things to Consider for a Softball Bag

So you’ve been thinking about getting a softball bag but don't know where to start? We'll help! Before making your final decision, there are some factors that should be considered; here is our list of what matters:


There are several types and styles of softball equipment carriers. Handheld, shoulder straps, back packs and wheeled bags are the most popular. Choosing one of these types depends on how you like to carry your bag.

The handheld bag has a short handle length, fastens securely, and is padded for easy grip. Shoulder strap bags are the most popular equipment bags because they are flexible and have both a shoulder strap and a handle.

Wheeled luggage bags are considered the best choice for players who doesn't want to carry as much. If you are a coach and have a lot of different equipment like bats and other things, these bags can make your work easier.

Back packs are a new item and now gaining popularity, especially among new players. They look just like school bags. These bags also have a limited capacity for bats, but they provide storage for helmets and gloves.


As with any other softball equipment, it's important to arrange a bag that you can customize. Beginners should choose bags with functional design and style.

It is important to have internal padding and extra cushioning in the bag to help protect the essential items from damage from falls and other impacts.

Some bags may have compartments where name tags or other labeling can be added. Another important thing to note about these bags is that the ideal carriers have straps or wheels that can be removed or attached.

Brand and make

Many brands manufacture equipment bags for softball players. Several brands are known for their high-quality bags with large capacities for carrying, ventilated/mesh pockets, many compartments, and ease of personalization.

Some popular brand names in baseball/softball packs include Easton, Mizuno, Louisville Slugger and Under Armour. These brands use great craftsmanship and impressive skills in designing and assembling their bags. Thus, they are reliable, strong and solid carriers.


Baseball and softball bags can be limited in their use due to the materials they are made from. For example, if the bag's material is not water-resistant or heat-resistant, it may not be used in humid or extremely hot environments.

Therefore, it is advisable to choose a bag made of water-resistant material. Such bags are useful when looking for an all-weather carry-on that can be used in any season without damage.


It is important to ensure that the bag has lockable zippers on all the compartments. This will help ensure that your personal belongings in the bag will not slip away.

Lockable zipper packs allow you to leave the bag and its accessories in the room without hesitation while you are on the field during your favorite sport. The lock opens easily without excessive force to avoid damage.


You will need to consider several factors when determining the ideal size for your softball equipment bag. For beginners, the size of your bag depends on your level of play and the gears you typically bring. For example, if you're a beginner, you're unlikely to carry much luggage and may not need a large bag.

On the other hand, professional athletes carry a lot of stuff and gear and therefore need bigger bags. They also need larger bags for personal items like water bottles, cleats, cell phone chargers, etc.


Other considerations, such as color, have no practical role in choosing the best bag. Color is purely a matter of personal preference, and you can choose any color bag you like.

However, if the bag is likely to be used in dusty or dirty environments, you may consider choosing a lighter-colored bag that is less likely to show dirt stains. When choosing colors, just ensure you get a bag you feel comfortable using.


Baseball and softball equipment prices vary by brand. Some brands have bags that cost a few dollars, while others cost hundreds. For this reason, you should have the budget to buy a bag that can meet your needs.

How we chose the best Softball Bag

If you're on for another softball season, and you realize that you don't have a bag to carry your gear in. It's not easy finding the perfect softball bag. You can spend hours online searching for reviews, or you could just read ours.

After reading dozens of Amazon reviews and comparing different bags on the market, we've found the 3 best softball bags for you. Our picks are perfect for  all players.

🏅Best Overall

Easton Ghost NX Softball Bag

Easton Ghost NX backpack

❤️ why we love this bag

It will be perfect if you want a functional bag for getting to and from the field. This bag has a wide main compartment opening that enables you to access the main storage section easily.

🎒️ features

Polyester material is used to make this softball bag. You can get these bags in different colors.

This is the no. 1 fastpitch softball bag of the Easton brand for the players. It features a metallic printed helmet holder, which provides external storage giving more space to keep your equipment in the bag.

To hold the necessary softball equipment like batting gloves, fielding gloves, cleats etc., it has a patent pending gear Klip on the external sides. Moreover, it also has two full-length bat sleeves that provide protection and stability for your bat during transport.

🥈Silver medal

Easton Game Ready Backpack

Easton Game Ready backpack

❤️ why we love this bag

This bag is made for young softball players. The players will always be ready to go for the game carrying all their necessary gear with this bag. You can carry this bag easily and comfortably because of its padded back and shoulder straps.

🎒️ features

This Easton brand produces this baseball and fastpitch softball bag. The Blend material is used to make these bags. Its dimensions are 16" x12" x8".

This bag has a main storage section to keep the ball glove and batting helmet. It has two mesh side pockets that are comfortable for keeping your water bottle or bat.

There is also a front pocket for any personal item you want to keep separate from other stuff. You can hang your bag in the dugout or keep it off the ground as it has a fence hook.

🥉 Podium pick

Shappy 8-set Softball Drawstring Bags

softball drawstring bag

❤️ why we love this bag

This bag is reusable and durable. It is not easy to fade or break it, making sure that it will last for a long time. You can wash this bag repeatedly. Moreover, you can fold it in parallel to carry it easily.

🎒️ features

This bag package consists of eight softball drawstring bags. You can share this quantity with your family and friends or replace the bag daily. This bag is made of polyester material. You can easily store softball gear in this bag and take them out.

This bag shows wear and tear resistance and can't be wrinkled easily. It comes with a drawstring to easily open and close it. With this bag, you can keep all your stuff safe and not miss any of your softball items.

The double drawstring design helps you reduce your shoulder's burden and release your hands. Moreover, you can use this bag to keep other stuff like small electronics, clothes, umbrella, shoes, etc. It can be your best choice for outdoor activities like travel, sports, supermarkets, etc.

Softball Bags FAQs

Softball players have a lot of equipment from gloves, bats, softballs, to sunglasses. So you might be looking for the best way transport all that gear? And don’t want your possessions getting damaged either right?! Well luckily there's softball bags designed with our convenience in mind! The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about these bags:

Why is a bag necessary?

Having a softball equipment bag, you can keep all your softball accessories in it, and you will not have to worry about missing something.

Can you wash a softball bag?

You can wash a softball bag, but you should take care to avoid damaging the fabric.

The best way to clean a softball bag is by hand washing it in cold water and using a mild detergent. Be sure to rinse the bag thoroughly and allow it to air dry. Avoid exposing the fabric to direct sunlight or heat, as this can cause it to fade or shrink.

How to carry a softball bag?

It depends on the type of softball bag. Some bags have straps that go over the shoulder, while others are like backpacks that strap on your back.

If your softball bag has shoulder straps, it is best to hold the bag like you would a suitcase, with the strap on your weaker hand and the bag resting on your non-dominant arm. 

Can we use a softball bag for baseball?

The softball bag size for the adults is roomy, and they can keep their baseball gear in it too.

What to put in your softball bag?

A few things that you'll want to make sure to have in your softball bag are a gloves, softballs, water bottle, and sunscreen. You may also want to bring a cap or sunglasses depending on the weather.

It's also a good idea to pack snacks and lunch for the day so you don't have to leave the field to get food. Some good options for snacks are trail mix, granola bars, or fruit. You can also pack sandwiches or salads for lunch. Whatever you choose to pack, make sure it's something that will give you enough energy to last through the game or your practice.

What's in your softball bag?

After careful consideration and plenty of online research (you’re welcome), we think that the Easton Ghost NX Backpack is your best option. It offers a lot of storage space, comes in different colors, and has a cool design. Plus, it’s made from durable materials that will last for years. If you’re looking for the best option with all the features you need, then this is the bag for you! We hope you enjoyed our post. Be sure to check out the reviews above. Happy Playing!

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