In football, there are a multitude of moves and techniques used by players in order to gain yards or avoid getting tackled. One such move is the stiff arm, an incredibly effective technique that can be used to fend off defenders and get you some extra yards and closer to the end zone. Let’s take a look at what the stiff arm is, why it works so well, and how to execute it like a pro!

What is the Stiff Arm in Football?

The stiff arm is essentially a move used by ball carriers when they’re running with the football. As its name implies, the player will use their arm to push away any defenders that are trying to tackle them. By creating distance between themselves and their opponents, they can continue running for extra yards.

A stiff arm is a popular move among football players that involves extending an arm out while running with the ball to push away would-be tacklers.

Why Does It Work?

There are several reasons why this maneuver works so well when executed properly. First of all, it takes advantage of momentum; since your body is already moving forward when you use the stiff arm, it gives you an extra burst of speed as you push away your defender. Additionally, since most defensive players will instinctively reach for the ball carrier’s waist or legs in order to tackle them, using the stiff arm allows you to keep them at bay while still keeping your eyes on your goal ahead of you. Finally, it places less strain on your body than other more aggressive maneuvers like lowering your shoulder or spinning around; this means that not only will you be able to conserve energy while running with the ball but also that you won’t risk injury from overexertion.

How To Execute It Like A Pro?

Now that we know what a stiff arm is and why it works so well let's learn how to execute it like a pro! The key here is timing; if done too early or too late then it won't have nearly as much of an effect on would-be tacklers. When deploying this move make sure that your arms are extended straight out from your body with elbows locked and palms facing down towards the ground - this will give you maximum power and leverage against would-be tacklers. As for where exactly on the defender’s body should contact be made? Aim for either their chest, shoulder, or face - these areas provide excellent leverage points for pushing back against potential tacklers.

Stiff arming can be an invaluable tool for any player who wants an edge over their opponents during a game of football — whether they're trying to gain extra yards or simply elude tackles altogether!

Make sure that when executing this maneuver you do so with proper timing and technique — extended arms locked at the elbow with palms facing down towards ground — in order for maximum effectiveness on would-be tacklers.

So next time you find yourself running downfield with open space ahead don't forget about using this powerful move. 💪🏽

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