The Stitches

There are 108 precisely-placed double stitches around the circumference of a baseball.

These stitches help give the ball its shape and make sure the cover stays in place. Each stitch is just one millimeter apart from each other and is made with waxed red cotton thread that is 84 inches long. The wax helps keep the threads strong and flexible—important qualities for any hard-hit ball!

The Core

At the very center of every baseball lies its core—the part that gives it its bounce. This core is typically made from cork or rubber, which has been tightly wound with yarn or string before being encased inside two pieces of leather. This leather gives the ball its signature “bumpiness” while also providing padding against hard hits.

The Cover

Finally, there’s the cover—the piece that gives each ball its signature white color. This cover is usually made from two separate pieces of cowhide that have been tanned and treated before being sewn together. This cover helps protect the core and give it shape while also providing players with a better grip when they’re throwing it.

All in all, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to a baseball! From its 108 precisely-placed double stitches to its tightly wound core, every element works together to create an amazing piece of work we call the baseball, that can withstand years of use (and abuse!). So next time you see someone playing America’s favorite pastime, take a minute to appreciate all that goes into making a single baseball—it really is something special!

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