Hey there, fellow skateboarders! Have you ever heard of a nightmare flip? You might have seen it in a skate video and wondered what it was. Well, wonder no more! In this post, I'm going to break down what a nightmare flip is, how to do it, and some tips to help you perfect it.

First off, let's define what a nightmare flip is. It's a trick that combines a double kickflip with a backside 180 body varial. It's a pretty advanced trick that requires a lot of practice and control, but once you land it, it's a total rush.

To start practicing this trick, you should have a solid foundation of kickflips and 180s. Start by practicing your double kickflips and working on getting them higher and more consistent. Next, practice your backside 180s. Once you have both of these tricks down, you're ready to start attempting the nightmare flip.

When attempting the nightmare flip, start by setting up your feet in a kickflip position. Pop the board like you would for a double kickflip and scoop the board with your backfoot. As the board starts to flip, begin to rotate your body 180 degrees backside. This will create the body varial part of the trick. As you catch the board with your front foot, use your back foot to guide the board around and complete the trick.

It's important to remember to keep your shoulders and hips aligned with the board throughout the trick. This will help you maintain control and keep the board from flying away from you. It's also helpful to give the board a little extra flick with your back foot to help it complete the second flip.

One tip to help you perfect this trick is to practice it in slow motion. This will help you focus on your foot placement, body position, and the timing of the trick. Another tip is to practice it on a mini-ramp or quarter pipe. This will give you more air and make it easier to catch the board.

The nightmare flip may be a challenging trick, but with practice and determination, you can add it to your bag of tricks. Remember to start with a solid foundation of kickflips and 180s, keep your body aligned with the board, and practice, practice, practice!

Happy skating!