Do you have a little one starting out in football?

If grip is key to having a successful game, then it's important to have the best football gloves for your child. In this article, we will review three of the best football gloves for grip on the market.

We will also provide some tips on how to choose the right pair of gloves for your child. So, if you have a kid just starting out in football, read on to learn more about the best football gloves for kids!

How we choose the best  🏈 gloves

As a parent, you want to do everything you can to help your child succeed. This includes finding the right gloves for them to build their confidence in catching the ball.

You might have read a few reviews and tried a few different gloves, but it can still be hard to decide which one is best for your child.

After reading hundreds of reviews, we’ve found the 3 best gloves for kids. These gloves will help your child have a better game by giving them a better grip on the ball.

Favorite Pick

Franklin Sports

🏅 Gold Medal

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❤️ why we love these gloves

Looking for a little help catching those passes? Check out our Franklin Sports Youth NFL Football Receiver Gloves! These gloves are designed to help improve your grip on the ball, so you can make those big plays. Plus, they look just like the professionals wear, so you'll feel like a pro out there on the field. Durable and high quality, these gloves will last you through many games and practices.

🏈 features

Franklin Sports Youth NFL Football Receiver Gloves are officially licensed by the NFL with authentic team logos and colors. The one-piece tacky silicone palm with extended thumb and forefinger coverage makes these gloves super sticky to make snatching footballs out of the air a breeze. The contoured neoprene wrap-around wrist closure ensures a tight customizable fit to your hands for maximum comfort and performance. The lightweight polyester hand back is designed to be flexible and breathable for a full range of motion and comfortable dry hands. Franklin Sports Youth NFL Football Receiver Gloves are perfect for game day - wear at a tailgate, in the backyard, or as part of a costume! Franklin Sports has everything you need to make the game day fun.

Best Budget Gloves


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❤️ why we love these gloves

Looking for a pair of kids football gloves that are both fun and functional? Look no further than the SPOMAT youth football gloves! These gloves feature a cool design that your kids will love, and a silicone grip that will help them catch anything that comes their way. Made from a durable material, these gloves will stand up to any abuse your little ones can dish out. And they're available in a variety of sizes to fit any hand. So get your kids the SPOMAT Youth Gloves and let them show everyone what they're made of!

🏈 features

SPOMAT youth gloves are the most budget-friendly gloves out there. They make an excellent gift to kids and are great gloves for football with a highly durable silicone grip that allows you to enjoy the game to the fullest. The compact fit and ergonomic design make them comfortable to wear, while the premium quality construction ensures that they will last for many games to come. So if you're looking for a great pair of football gloves that won't break the bank, SPOMAT youth football gloves are a perfect choice. Thanks SPOMAT!


🥉 Bronze medal

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❤️ why we love these gloves

Looking for a pair of gloves that will help you grip the ball like never before? Look no further than the Nxtrnd G1 Pro football gloves! These gloves have been designed to provide an excellent grip, while also being extremely comfortable to wear. Made from high-quality material, these gloves will conform to your hands and feel like a second skin. You'll never have to worry about the ball slipping out of your hands again with these gloves on!

🏈 features

Nxtrnd's G1 Pro Football Gloves may look ordinary at first glance, but don't be fooled - these gloves pack a serious punch. The silicone palm is infused with NXT-Grip formula, offering consistent stickiness throughout the entire season. And the skin-tight fit? Their unique 4-way stretch fabric molds to the shape of your hands, minimizing finger twists and increasing dexterity. But they didn't stop there. The G1's lightweight design also features mesh finger gussets to ensure maximum airflow throughout the glove. And their unique palm design? The palm of the glove is double stitched and wraps around the player's pinky finger for a larger and more durable catching surface. So whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, Nxtrnd's G1 Pro football gloves are sure to help you step your game up.

Grip football gloves for kids FAQs

Your child loves playing football, but his hands keep slipping off the ball. You don't want him to stop playing, but you also don't want him to get injured.

It's frustrating when your kid is trying hard at something and keeps coming up short because of a simple obstacle. Not being able to grip the football can make it really tough for kids to play well.

Football gloves with grip are the perfect solution. These gloves have a special grip material that will help your child hold on to the ball better, so he can concentrate on playing his best game.

How can I make my football gloves more grippy?

There are a few things you can do to make your football gloves more grippy. First, make sure they are clean and dry. Second, use a glove conditioner or grip enhancer. Third, try wearing snugglier thinner gloves.

Grip boost solution:

Do football gloves lose grip?

Yes, football gloves lose grip the more they are used. This is because the gloves become covered in dirt and other debris, which reduces the amount of friction between the gloves and the ball. Over time, this can cause a player's grip on the ball to weaken, potentially leading to dropped passes or fumbles.

There are several ways to help maintain a strong grip on a football while wearing gloves. One is to regularly clean the gloves with a wet rag - this will help remove any built-up dirt or grease that may be reducing friction. Another is to apply a small amount of stickum or another grip enhancer to the palms of the gloves; this will create a sticky surface that will help keep the ball in place.

What material makes football gloves sticky?

Football gloves are sticky because they're coated with a material called silicone. Silicone is a synthetic polymer that's known for its water-resistant and adhesive properties. When it's applied to the surface of football gloves, it helps create a grip that allows players to catch and hold on to the ball.

What are footballs gloves made of?

Football gloves are typically made of synthetic materials like polyester or nylon. The material is chosen for its durability and ability to wick away moisture. The palms of the gloves may be reinforced with a sticky material to help grip the ball.

Do gloves help you catch?

Yes, gloves can help you catch a ball more easily. They provide additional grip and padding, which can help you secure the ball. Gloves can also help protect your hands from getting bruised or injured if you miss the catch.

Can I wash football gloves?

Yes, you can wash football gloves. Just make sure to use a mild detergent and cold water. Avoid using hot water or putting them in the dryer, as this can damage the gloves.

Do football gloves lose grip?

Football gloves can and do lose grip, but there are ways to prevent this. One way to prevent your football gloves from losing grip is to apply a grip enhancer to the gloves before you play.

When do football gloves lose grip?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on several factors, including the type of football glove, the quality of the material, how often the gloves are used, and how they are cared for. However, generally speaking, football gloves will lose grip after extended use and may need to be replaced after the season.

The Best Grip Gloves for Kids

What’s the verdict? After hours of research, we believe that the Franklin Sports NFL youth gloves are the coolest gloves for kids. They have an excellent design with a customized NFL team logo. It provides a great grip and they are also comfortable to wear. If you want your child to look cool and perform at their best on the field, make sure to get them a pair of these gloves. Check out the above reviews on this website to find other great options as well.

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